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CIS Annual Report 2016-17

PROGRAMS don’t change

PROGRAMS don’t change people – RelATIonShIpS do! 9

Who We Serve CIS provides comprehensive, compassionate case-management services to address the whole student. Working intensively one-on-one, we serve the students who are most vulnerable to dropping out and are often considered the most unlikely to succeed. 100% 3 ciS Student ethnicity 3% 4% 2% we Serve StudentS in pre-k through community college CIS Case-Managed Students are Identified as At-Risk of Dropping Out of School * AT-RISK STUDENTS MEET ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA Has failed two or more classes Failed to advance to the next grade level or received unsatisfactory scores on Assessment tests Has Limited English Proficiency Is pregnant or parenting Has foundation skills two or more years behind their grade Has previously dropped out of school Recieves free/reduced lunch Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) recipient Suffering from familiy or emotional crisis Has been placed in an alternative education program Is homeless 65% 26% 2% 2 26% 65% 3% 4% OTHER AFRICAN AMERICAN HISPANIC ASIAN WHITE ciS demogrAphicS Limited English Proficiency Free/Reduced Lunch Receive Public Assistance 41% 92% 92% * CIS is a Texas education Agency (TeA) administered program, serving at-risk students who meet the state’s and/or the legislature’s criteria. 10

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