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Introduction I sank back

Introduction I sank back in my chair, my head in my hands, wondering what on earth I was going to do. My business was struggling, the bills were piling up, and the birth of my third child was accompanied by the news that she had suffered serious brain damage and would need round-the-clock care for the rest of her life. Think about that for a moment. The prospect of losing your livelihood, facing rising debt and having to deal with a situation so formidable that no amount of time, effort or money could ever resolve, all in one fell swoop! My head told me to save my business as this was our sole source of income. Indeed, this is what others suggested too. It seemed logical. Common sense. It would mean committing my energies and time to work, instead of to my daughter and family. I needed to provide and this should come before everything else. My heart told me I should personally support my wife and daughter when they needed me most. I should be there beside them to give them strength, love, care and hope. This should be my priority, my sole focus. And God would provide. My heart won. External, worldly thinking versus inside, other worldly thinking. External thinking relies on external conditions, situations and circumstances. They control you. Internal thinking relies on your deepest heartfelt emotions, conscience and spiritual nature. You control you. What Everybody Seeks

A Better Life You see, we have been brought up to believe that our thoughts, beliefs and actions are determined by the outside world, when in truth, the outside world is determined by our thoughts, beliefs and actions. "If each of us devoted our time and energies to improving ourselves, we could improve the world without even trying. It all begins inside!" — John Weaver Disability is a great sorter of people and we quickly discovered who our real friends were. We also learned that blood is not always thicker than water. But the most important and hardest lesson I learned was that I could only depend on one person to help my little family rise above our predicament. Me. Unfortunately, due to the hand that I had recently been dealt, ‘me’ had become apathetic, pessimistic, negative and fearful of what the future held. I had become an observer instead of a participant in my own life. Reactive instead of proactive. Then one day, when I sat beside my little girl on intensive care at the hospital, unsure about whether she would pull through, I knew I had to nd solutions for my own life if I were to nd solutions for her, my wife and other two children. I realised this wasn’t about me…it was about them! I read every self-help/growth/improvement book I could get my hands on. I studied personal development and I diligently applied my newfound knowledge to my life. I removed the word ‘problem’ from my vocabulary and replaced it with the word ‘challenge.’ I replaced ‘can’t’ with ‘can’ and ‘won’t’ with ‘will’ and so on. And when, despite her pain and suffering, my little girl greeted me with a smile, I reminded myself how lucky I really was. Suddenly, all the money worries and material needs paled into insignicance. Compared to my daughter’s needs, mine were nothing! What Everybody Seeks

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