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PURE ACTION GYM WIPES Autumn SPECIALS Catalogue $56 1200 Wipes 1200 WIPES + STAINLESS STEEL DISPENSER COMBO Includes 4 rolls of 1200 wipes size 20cm x 15cm and one dispenser. • Stand out quality and versatility • Creates trust and wellbeing to gym users. • Can be used for multiple wipe applications such as commercial kitchens and washrooms. • Stainless Steel dispenser features a large base for added stability and has access door at rear for used wipes. • An elegant & efficient way of dispensing wipes. $37 800 Wipes Large Dispenser Dimensions: 320mm dia x 915mm tall NEW $497 COMBO *Not included in combo deal $56 RapidClean Dispenser RapidClean Dispenser Dimensions: 265mm L x 240mm W x 310mm H 1200 WIPES: PM1200WIPR 800 WIPES: PM800WIPR RAPIDCLEAN DISPENSER: PM1DISWHTR COMBO CODE: PM1KITR GALA POWER-CUT MICROFIBRE DEEP ACTION CLOTH These extra heavy duty cloths help to cut through excessive and stubborn dirt and stains. Featuring a double faced super wipe aggressive texture on one side for more durability. BLUE: BM3500BL Available in Green, Blue and Red RED: BM3500RD GREEN: BM3500GN $2 Each 10

6OZ WHITE PLASTIC CUP PRODUCT CODE: PLC06 6oz white plastic cup is ribbed for easy holding, ideal for water dispensing equipment and single use facilities. Packs of 50 X 20 per carton $24 Per Ctn PREMIUM QUILTED DINNER NAPKINS PRODUCT CODE: NQDW-GT A beautifully presented range of white napkins in a variety of styles and sizes perfect for all food service applications from fast food to fine dining. FEATURES • Strong and highly absorbent. • Soft feel and easy to fold. • Stylish empbossing prevents ply separation. • Several pre-folded options available. • Easy custom printing available. Packs of 100 X 10 per carton Premium Quilted Dinner Napkins $30 Per Ctn 11

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