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QUICKIES Minutes 13/2/18

QUICKIES Minutes 13/2/18 6.4 It was proposed and unanimously resolved that the Clerk be delegated responsibility to be able to: • Spend within budget on the Lengthsman scheme • Spend up to a maximum of £1000 in an emergency situation between meetings. Wonder where “emergency” is defined? Question ; Who runs the Parish Council? It is worrying to note that the officially appointed footpaths Officer for Cradley Parish hasn’t even had an invitation to join the Infastructure group. So much for the “communications system” It seems equally worrying that a another pattern is emerging here: Internal Auditor not informed of his removal, clock winder not informed of his removal, footpaths warden not informed that his expertise is not required on the infrastructure group. Spot the pattern PC web site still only lists 14 Parish Councillors despite there being 15 of them Contact the Enquirer with your suggestions of where the missing person is ALL PC meetings and working group (and committee) meetings are open to members of the public so don’t let anyone con you that they are not. Except where matters of confidentiality are discussed

NOT A WIND UP! PC minutes 13Feb 2018 7.5 It was reported that the current volunteer responsible for winding the church clock felt aggrieved that this had been suggested for discussion without his input. It was RESOLVED that he be contacted to enquire whether he wishes this duty to be reassigned. In the event he does require reassignment, it was suggested that an advert be placed on the website calling for volunteers. It was noted that this is a skilled task and training will be required. Enough spin here to keep the clock wound for a century. No he was aggrieved that no one from the council had had the basic good manners to communicated with him on the matter and had to read in the minutes that the job he had carried out diligently for the community for many years was being thrown open for applicants He has a right to look MAD ! it is March and he has been reading well spun minutes

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