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Copper Lakes March 2018


Copper Lakes News... Yard of the Month Program Started Effective January 1, 2018 Each month a winner will be chosen and will receive a yard sign for the following month as well as a gift card. Reminder Residents must submit ARC applications to the HOA when make modifications to the exterior of the property in Copper Lakes. Fences, pools, patios, trees (add or remove), play structures, roofs, painting, statutes, sheds…. This is just to name a few modifications that need approval. If the owner is in doubt, please call the HOA at 281-870-0585 and ask for the ARC department or email for clarification. You can find the ARC application on, complete and return to Please note that the fence guidelines have changed. Please check the website for the updated guidelines. WCA Wednesday and Saturday Holiday Collection Schedule 2015 to 2025 2018, July 4 th , Wednesday: Next scheduled collection day. 2019, December 25 th , Wednesday: Next scheduled collection day. 2020, January 1 st , Wednesday: Next scheduled collection day. 2020, July 4 th , Saturday: Next scheduled collection day. 2021, December 25 th , Saturday: Next scheduled collection day. 2022, January 1 st , Saturday: Next scheduled collection day. 2024, December 25 th , Wednesday: Next scheduled collection day. 2025, January 1 st , Wednesday: Next scheduled collection day. Daily Servicing Hours Collection of refuse will not start before 7 AM or continue after 6 PM on the same day. Copper Lakes Bagged Clippings And Yard Waste It has come to the attention of the HOA that many residents/homeowners place bagged yard clippings on the curb prior to the appropriate time when such items can be placed there for trash pick. As pointed out in Section 6.6 of the Deed Restrictions: “...container may he placed in a designated area for garbage or trash pickup no earlier than six o’clock p.m. on the day preceding trash pickup of such garbage...” If you cut your own grass and bag the clippings please leave them at the curb in accordance with the day and time of the deed restrictions. If you have a service cut your lawn and they bag your clippings, please consider asking them to mulch the clippings instead of bagging. If they 4 do bag, please do not leave the bag at the curb unless it is in compliance with Section 6.6 of the Deed Restrictions. Most experts agree that it is better to leave the clippings on your lawn as they return nutrients and it is much easier than bagging. By mulching your grass clippings you are also saving time for you and the trash pick contractors as well as preserving landfill space. The Full Text of Section 6.6 is below: SECTION 6.6. RESTRICTIONS ON GARBAGE AND TRASH - No refuse, garbage, trash, lumber, grass, shrub or tree clippings, plant waste, compost, metal, hulk materials, scrap, refuse or debris of any kind shall be kept, stored or allowed to accumulate on any Lot except within an enclosed container of a type, size and style approved by the Board and appropriately screened from view, except that any such container may he placed in a designated area for garbage or trash pickup no earlier than six o’clock p.m. on the day preceding trash pickup of such garbage and trash and shall he returned to an enclosed structure or an area appropriately screened from view no later than midnight of the day of pickup of such garbage and trash. Copper Lakes Tennis Courts Many residents are already enjoying the refurbished tennis courts. This summer, we replaced the chain link fence and resurfaced the courts. New nets were purchased and the light posts were painted. We also plan to install new benches. If you have not yet seen or enjoyed them, check them out. Remember, the courts are for Copper Lakes residents and guests. They must be relinquished for scheduled league matches of Copper Lakes teams. To preserve them for everyone, it is important that the courts be used for tennis only. They are not for soccer, skateboards, skates, etc. Access is with the same card you use for the pools. Newsletter Deadlines All articles should be in by the 10 th of every month for next month’s issue. Any dated events scheduled during the first 10 days of the month should be in the preceding month’s issue. Anything not received by the deadline cannot be guaranteed to be in the next issue. The Official Copper Lakes Website (Currently under development) Check out What’s New! Community Calendar • Add Events • Access HOA Information Neighborhood Activities • Add Pictures • School District Information Search Homes For Sale • Get Houston News Place Classified Ads • Refer a Vendor & Much More! March 2018 | Copper Lakes

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