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PIONEER SA-9800 circuit


()rrloNEErr" STEREO AMPLIFIER 9BOOHG The basic performance of the HG type is the same as the KU type. The KU type has a wooden cover, while HG type employs metal. This additional service manual is applicable to the HG type, please refer to the KU type service manual with the exception of this supplements. SPECIFICATIONS The specifications for HG type is the same as the KU type except for following sections; Semiconductors Transistors ....15 Preamplifier Section TAPE 2 (DlN connector) REC(Level/lmpedance) .... 30mV/80kilohms PLAY (Sensitivity/lmpedance) . . . 150mV/50 kilohms Hum and Noise (DlN, Continuous Power/50mW) PHONO1MM. ....72d8162d8 PHONO2MM. ....72dB 162d8 TUNER, AUX, TAPE pLAy 1 ,2 . . g0dBl62dB Power Amplifier Section Continuous Power Output at I kHz (both channel driven) T.H.D. 0.002%,8 ohms . . 100 watts per channel Micellaneous Power Requirements 220V 1240V , 50l60Hz PowerConsumption ..... 850W(max.) Dimensions . a20(W)x150(H)x425(D)mm 16-17 I 32(w ) x s -2s | 32 (H) x1 63 I a(D\in Weight (Without Package) . . . 18.0kg (39 tb 11oz) CONTRAST OF MISCELLANEOUS PARTS P.C. BOARD ASSEMBLIES Symbol Description KU type Part No. HG type Remarks PA-L assembly PA-R assembly Power supply assembly EO assembly Input terminal assembly Tape terminal assembly DIN connector assembly Tape switch assembly GWH-119 GWH-120 AWR.191 GWF.16 GWX.261 GWX-262 GWS-172 GWH-125 GWH-126 AWR-196 GWF-18 GWX-291 GWX.292 GWX-293 GWS-183 PIONEEFI ELECTFICINIC CCIFIPCIFIATICTN 4 1 Mesuno 1-chon,e, MesL,.o-ku, rokyo 1ss, Japan U.B. FIONEEFI ELECTFICINICA QCIFTPOFIATION A5 Oxto.d Dl ve. Moonach,e, New Jensey A7O74. U.S A PIONEEFI ELECTFIONIC (EIJFIOPE N.\,. L'rchagen-Hawen 9, 2O3O A,rcwe.p. E}etg,um PfONEEFT ELECTFICINIC€i AU€lTFlALlA PYY. LTEI. 178 184 EloL,ndany Road. Elnaes,de. V,.ilon,a 3195, Arrstnat,a y o FEB. -1979 printed in lapan

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