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6 We focus on developing

6 We focus on developing solutions that support critical stages in the business process ABOUT US Conread’s flagship products include our custom brand online communities, the geo-triggered mobile survey app, our RDD CATI, the online focus group platform, and our dashboard development services. Leveraging a technology based research platform will be the cornerstone to any program Conread would develop for clients Company Overview | 2017

Market Development Market Segmentation • Market acceptance • Data Mining / Customer Analytics • Advertising Communications • Concept testing • Ad/Campaign testing • Awareness testing Social Media Strategy Social media listening • Brand communities • Pricing Strategy • Price sensitivity • Brand price trade off Customer Advocacy Customer Satisfaction /Engagement • Customer Experience • Net Promoter Assessment • WHAT WE DO Product Development • Ideation • Concept testing • Product testing Corporate Character Corporate reputation measurement • Corporate social responsibility • Assessment • Employee engagement • Brand Health Management • Brand identity • Brand tracking • Brand image • Brand activation • Brand compliance (Mystery Shop) Company Overview | 2017

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