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9am Traditional Communion Service

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April/May 2018


Have a Go with your

FREE seeds

see page 12

Sunday March 25

Easter worship

at St Chad’s


Celebrate Easter with us at St Chad’s

Details of our services, events & activities inside

11am Lifted Family Service

Thursday March 29


10am Our weekly service of Holy


Friday March 30


10am Good Friday Family Service

(especially for children)

1-3pm Meditations Around the Cross

Sunday April 1


9am Easter Celebration with

Holy Communion

11am Family Service with

Holy Communion

Come and celebrate the risen Jesus!

WELCOME to Impact - the magazine of St Chad’s Church,

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St Chad’s Church is committed to serving you - the people of

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Here’s where to find us:

Abbey Lane

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Abbey Lane


Camping Lane

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Cover photo by Cameron Russell

( under Creative Commons licence 2.0


Independent family Funeral Directors

A A personal family service at at all all times

We We will visit you in in your own home to to

make all all neccessary arrangements

Pre-paid funeral plans available

0114 274 5508

36 36 Abbey Lane, Sheffield, S8 S8 0GB

“Thank you so much for the work you did in totally renewing my bathroom,

I am so very pleased with the overall result. You were 100% professional,

it was a pleasure to have you working in the house. I have no hesitation of

recommending you to my friends and neighbours.” Stella Stacey, S8

t: 0114 220 3299 or 07908 898 827


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Sunday March 25

Thursday March 29

Friday March 30

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, W odseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

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Tel: (0 14) 274 5086

Easter worship

at St Chad’s





9am Traditional Co munion Service

1am Lifted Family Service

10am Our w ekly service of Holy

Co munion

10am G od Friday Family Service

(especia for children)

1-3pm Meditations Around the Cro s

Sunday April 1

9am Easter Celebration with

Holy Co munion

1am Family Service with

Holy Co munion

Come and celebrate the risen Jesus!




few years ago, whilst on holiday in Wales, I stopped

at a place that claimed to be the wettest place in

Britain (there are in fact quite a few places that

make that claim!). The name of it escapes me,

and I suspect that I couldn’t pronounce it even if

my memory was better, but I can remember it well. It was a

narrow valley leading to a river, and from top to bottom it was

green. Not green as in a lawn or even a well-stocked forest.

It was lusciously green – the leaves were green, the bark was

green and the stones were green. Whether or not it really was

the wettest place in Britain, it certainly did not lack for water.

It is odd that our national colours are red, white and blue

because really I think that we are a nation of green. We prize

our lawns; we enjoy our fi elds, we cherish our trees (particularly in

Sheffi eld….) and we can get very hot and bothered when our precious

greenbelt is threatened.

And yet our relationship with our countryside is such a perverse one.

As a nation we were among the fi rst to recognise that our landscape

could be beautiful as well as threatening. Yet whilst the Lake Poets were

rhapsodising about the sublime Cumbrian hills, not that far to the south

the sprawling conurbations and mills of Lancashire and Yorkshire were

consuming and polluting the countryside. Our capital city was one of the

fi rst to have large public parks planned within it (“the Lungs of London”)

and yet at the same time the River Thames was utterly dead. The

novels of Thomas Hardy and the paintings of John Constable continue

to hold the public imagination long after the bucolic idylls they described

have been torn up and replaced by mega-fi elds with their ubiquitous and

uniform crops of oil seed rape and sugar beet. Our Green and Pleasant

Land is part reality, part myth, part longing for another world that never

really existed.

It is that longing for another world that I think strikes the human heart

when we fi nd ourselves on one of those (rare) summer days in a park,

garden, hill or valley when the sun gently bathes the land and those

rather hackneyed words of Robert Browning seem almost true: “The

Lark’s on the wing, the snail’s on the thorn, God’s in his heaven and all’s

right with the world”. We know of course that all isn’t right in the world,

even in the little patch of heaven that we temporarily fi nd ourselves in,

but perhaps we momentarily get a glimpse of what it might be like if that

really was the case.

At its best these moments do point us to a truth about the

reality of heaven: a harmony of humanity and nature held

together by God. The Bible calls this the New Creation

– a world where human wrongdoing needs no longer

pollute or destroy God’s good world. The promise of the

Bible is that at the end of all things God will create a new

earth and that new creation begins in our lives whenever

we accept the love of God and allow his love to work

within us.

Rev Toby Hole, Vicar, St Chad’s, Woodseats

February/March 2018

Have a Go with your

FREE seeds

see page 12

Celebrate Easter with us at St Chad’s

Details of our services, events & activities inside


This Green & Pleasant Land

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


John Heath & Sons

Meadowhead Funeral Home

An Independent Family Business

for Over 135 Years

Our premises have been purpose built

internally and we have several chapels

of rest. It is a modern funeral home

whilst being sympathetic to traditional


Pre-paid Funeral Plan Service


John Heath & Sons

Meadowhead Funeral Home | 362 Meadowhead | Sheffield | S8 7UJ

0114 274 9005

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


“I missed it. Which one came first?”

How do bees get

to school?

On the school


What do you

call a cow on a


A milk shake!

A young snake asked his mother:

“Mum, are we poisonous?”

“Why do you want to know?”

she asked.

“Because I

just bit my tongue!”

Why are fi sh so smart?

Because they live in


Why did little

Jenny always

tiptoe past the

medicine box?

She didn’t want

to wake the

sleeping pills!

A driver is

stopped by

a policeman

who sees two

penguins in his


The shocked

offi cer tells him:

“You’ve got to

takes those two

to the zoo right

away!” The

man agrees

and leaves.

The next day

the same police

offi cer stops

the man again

and sees the

penguins are

still there.

“I told you

yesterday that

you had to take

them to the

zoo, didn’t I?”

he says.

“Yes,” replies

the man, “I did

and we had a

great time.

So today

I’m taking



Fun and Laughs

Anderson Tree Services

Bill Anderson

131 Holmhirst Road

Sheffield S8 0GW

Telephone: 0114 274 9101

Email: 274 5061

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


What’s On

If you have an event you would like

to see included in our What’s On

section, email

Health Walks

•Mondays - 10am: Graves Park.

Meet outside the Rose Garden


•Tuesdays - 10.30am: Ecclesall

Woods. Meet at the Visitors

Centre at Abbeydale Industrial


•Thursdays - 10.30am: Lowedges.

Meet at the Gresley Road Meeting

Rooms, Gresley Road, Lowedges;

•Thursdays - 10.30am: Ecclesall

Woods. Meet at the JG Graves

Discovery Centre off Abbey Lane.

•Fridays - 10.30am: Graves Park.

Meet in the main entrance, Graves

Leisure Centre.

Call 07505 639524 or visit www.


for details about any of the walks.

March 25-April 1

Easter Treasure Hunt

Starts at St Chad’s on March 25

A week-long treasure hunt with

plenty of mental and physical

exercise to prepare you for Easter.

See page 9 for more details.

April 2

Tots on the Farm – The Little

Red Hen

Whirlow Hall Farm

10-11.30am; and 1-2.30pm

Take your little ones to listen to

the story of The Little Red Hen,

take part in related activities and

visit the farm animals. For children

aged up to fi ve years. Booking is

essential at www.whirlowhallfarm.

org. The cost is £5 per child,

accompanying adults and under

2s go free.

April 4 and 5

Easter Lambing

Whirlow Hall Farm


Enjoy the wonder of new-born

lambs, and take part in an Easter

Egg Hunt Trail, pony riding,

face-painting, craft activities

for children, Punch & Judy and

storytelling. Entrance to the farm

is £4 for children under 14, £5

adults, families £16 (two children

and two adults), and under 2s get

in free.

April 6 and 13

Easter Egg Hunt

Whirlow Hall Farm


Children can solve clues, carry

out tasks, fi gure out an anagram

and search all around the farm for

eggs. All children will receive a big

chocolate egg at the end of the

hunt, as well as mini eggs. There

will also be Easter-themed crafts

and an interactive story corner.

The hunt takes place hourly and

costs £10.

Call in for a Cuppa

at Church House, 56 Abbey Lane

10am to 12noon

on the last Saturday of each month

Bring & Buy (new items)

Handicrafts and Home Baking

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


Send details of your event to or write to: Impact,

St Chad‟s Church Offices, 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB.

Thursdays – 10.30am:

Lowedges. Meet at the Community

Wing, Lowedges Junior School.

Call 0114 203 9337.

April 7

National City Of Sheffield Council for Youth Divorced,

Single Orchestra and Widowed

Tuesdays Sheffield 8-11pm Cathedral

Norton 7.30pmCountry Club

Club City offering Sheffield friendship Youth and Orchestra social

activities. brings young musicians from in

and Call around Magdalen Sheffield on 0114 together to

2394326. perform orchestral works.

January April 8 and 30 - 22, February and May 5 13














Leisure Centre


World ranked players compete

The regular open days at








Call 0114 283 9900.

April 14

February Book Sale 5

Book 36 Crawshaw Sale Grove, Beauchief


Crawshaw Grove, Beauchief

10am-12pm Good quality second-hand books

Good for sale quality in aid second-hand of the Alzheimer’s books

for Society. sale in Donations aid of the Alzheimer‟s

of good

Society. condition Donations paperback of novels paperback or



or biographies

are welcome.

in good

condition April 16are welcome (but not

larger Attercliffe books to due Wincobank to space and

limitations). Back – The Story of Mary Ann


February Bishops House 5

Free 7.30pm Environmental Activities

Millhouses A talk by Penny Park Rea giving a brief


history of Mary Anne Rawson and

Obstacle the Read course family and of Wincobank stream

dipping Hall who activities campaigned for 8 - relentlessly 13 year


Call 0114 263 4335.

Call 0114 230 8842.

February 12

Free Environmental Activities

Millhouses for the abolition Park of slavery and


supported many other social

Nature causes. quiz trail, stream dipping





hunting activities for 8 - 13


The Old


Weird Albion

Bishops Call 0114 House 263 4335.

7.30pm for 8pm start

February Justin Hopper 12 and Sharron Kraus

Free with Chris Environmental Jones. An evening Activities of

Ecclesall prose, poetry Woods and Sawmill music.


Tickets are £7 in advance or £8 on

Nature the door quiz (includes trail, stream a free dipping glass of

and wine). bug hunting activities for 8 - 13

year olds.

April Call 28 0114 235 6348.

Norton Farmers Market

February St James’ 20 Church, Norton

Why 12-4pm Not Try A Bike

Greenhil Park

10am-2pm May 6


Pedlar’s Corner

your cycling

Flea Market

skills in







rangers will


provide a bike, helmet and

A mixture of general flea market

instruction. Meet at the Bowls

stalls and specialist antiques,


vintage, retro,




crafts, makers

Booking and salvage is essential. stalls.

Call 0114 283 9195.

Beauchief Abbey Abbey holds holds a variety a

of variety services of services. and anyone For is more

welcome information to attend. see page For 23. more

details see the Abbey notice


What’s On

have been a

Roger de B

the Countes

himself ther

thirty three v

caracutes a

eight acres

pasturable w

Edward the

manor was

silver (£5.33

shillings (£2

Sheffield, tw

five caracut

this land is s

the land of t







extent of the

being owned

so that he co

tax he could

served as a

economic an

The name

not adopted

- the huge, c

which the su

irreversible n

collected, le

it to the Last


when people

Book of Life

before God


collect and r

thousands o

England. Th

t Chads Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats


hurch Offices: 15 Camping Lane, Sheffield S8 0GB Page 6 website:

el: (0114) 274 5086

St Chads Church

Church Offices: 1

Tel: (0114) 274 5

0114 453 4716

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Scouts’ Growing Project

Last spring St Chad’s Scouts

were looking for community

projects they could become

involved with, and at the

same time Woodseats

Allotment Society was looking for

community groups to use beds on

its Community Hub plots.

The hub comprises two full-size

plots which had originally been

developed by a charity working

with young adults with learning

diffi culties.

Following a chance conversation

between representatives of both

the Scout Group and the Allotment

Society, it was agreed that St

Chad’s Scout Group would take

over one of the vacant beds.

Unfortunately, it was almost the

end of the planting season when

we started, but the Allotment

Society came up trumps by

providing suffi cient plants for our

fi rst season.

The Scouts visited the allotment

on several Wednesday evenings

to plant, weed, and tidy the plot.

The Cubs also joined in, planting

bedding plants, and setting some

lettuces they had grown from seed.

In the summer, when Scouts

traditionally break for the school

holidays, leaders attended on

Wednesday evenings to give any

young people in the group who

were at a loose end something

they could take part in, and a few

of the Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, and

parents took advantage of this.

When autumn came we had a

session for them to clear and tidy

the plot ready for the winter.

The Scouts reciprocated by

helping members of the Allotment

Society move wood chippings to

the Community Orchard on the

site, and by providing an event

shelter for one of their open days.

One of the community hub plots

There were three high points.

First was seeing young people who

had no experience of gardening

develop an interest in growing their

own food. Second was ‘harvest

night’ when all the vegetables

were picked by the Scouts, and

taken home for consumption. Third

came Halloween when seven Jack

O’ Lanterns were made using

pumpkins grown on the allotment.

We have already made plans for

the next season, with the young

people (under a little guidance!)

choosing what to plant. We intend

to grow all the vegetables and fruit

from seed where possible, using

greenhouse space generously

made available by the Allotment

Society. We see the allotment as a

long-term project, and hope to be

there for years to come.

We have to acknowledge, with

grateful thanks, the support and

practical assistance we have

received from members of the

Allotment Society. Without their

help the project would have

remained a passing thought and

never actually got off the ground. It

is also true to say that without their

help watering the plot during the

hot summer evenings (remember

them?) the vegetables would have

not got off the ground either!

We look forward to a long and

fruitful connection with Woodseats

Allotment Society.

Nigel Ross

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


Do you like treasure

hunts, challenges and fun?

Do you like treasure

Join us for our Easter treasure hunt, where 6 clues

will take you through the story of Easter to the final

location...and hunts, the challenges treasure! and fun?

Join us on Sunday the 25th of March at St Chads

Church Join us to for receive our Easter the first treasure clue to hunt, set where you on 6 your clues

way. will take you through the story of Easter to the final

If you


can’t make




you can join in anyway! Simply

plug Join coordinates us on Sunday ‘N53 the 20.400 25th of W1 March 29.180’ at St Chads into

Google Church maps to to receive find the first location clue to set (clue you = on feeling your

bored?). way. Find a container to reveal the next location’s

co-ordinates If you can’t as make well as it, a you hint can to join help... in anyway! Simply

Tackle plug one coordinates clue per day ‘N53 or a 20.400 few in W1 one go, 29.180’ it’s up into


Google maps to find the first location (clue = feeling

bored?). Find a container to reveal the next location’s

We co-ordinates hope you enjoy as well treasure a hint hunting to help... in Woodseats!

Tackle one clue per day or a few in one go, it’s up to




We hope you enjoy treasure hunting in Woodseats!



Please put






back exactly


as you

found LOCATION! them and try to be stealthy!


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Linden Avenue, Woodseats.

NB: Join Please us put at St any Chad’s containers on back March exactly 25 as at you our

found 11am them service and try to to be receive stealthy! the first clue.

Find out more at

Join us on Sunday 25th March - Palm

Sunday - to receive the first clue!

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email: offi


Join us on Sunday 25th March - Palm

Sunday - to receive the first clue!

Why Just Eat Your Greens ?

We’re told that

vegetables are good

for us, but in what

way? How much

veg are we talking?

Vegetables in which form? Do

smoothies count?!

Vegetables offer us a variety of

benefi ts, broccoli for example is

full of Vitamin C, K and folic acid;

green beans are a good source

of Vitamin C, folic acid, iron and

potassium; and carrots are rich in

beta-carotene, vitamins A and K

and potassium… I could go on.

We know that vegetables are

a wonderful source of vitamins

and minerals which support our

immune system, our central

nervous system, our cognitive

function and maintain healthy teeth

and bones amongst other things.

These essential nutrients perform

hundreds of roles on the body,

convert food into energy and repair

cellular damage.

So vegetables are full of nutrients

that keep us healthy. They are also

predominantly carbohydrates which

provide our bodies with energy,

and all get broken down into sugar.

So whether we consume sweets,

fruit, rice, vegetables etc, they all

become sugar, a carbohydrate’s

most basic form. Vegetables may

get turned into sugar in our bodies,

but unlike sweets, they give us

an abundance of nutrients in the


There are a few ways to get the

most nutrition from your veggies.

One of the best ways to eat fruits

and vegetables is to eat them raw.

Vitamins are sensitive to heat; for

example, cooking tomatoes for

just two minutes decreases their

vitamin C content by ten per cent,

and when broccoli and watercress

are cooked an important enzyme is

damaged which means the potency

of helpful anti-cancer compounds

glucosinolates, are reduced.

Conversely, cooking carrots and

asparagus enables our bodies to

benefi t from beta-carotene (which

we convert to vitamin A) and ferulic

acid, both protective antioxidants.

By steaming vegetables they

retain their high water content and

the more water your vegetables

retain, the better their nutritional

value. Stir frying, as it is a quick

process, does this also.

Eating raw fruit and vegetables

will also fi ll you up more as, when

raw, they tend to contain more,

therefore are bulkier and more

fi lling. When immersing vegetables

in water to boil them, nutrients

leech out of the vegetables into the


How can we include more green

eating in our diets?

Try keeping fruit and vegetables

where you can see them, that

way you’ll be more likely to eat

them. Perhaps a counter top fruit

bowl, or vegetable sticks cut up

and prepared on an eye-level

shelf of the fridge. Explore the fruit

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


and vegetable aisle and choose a new

vegetable or fruit to buy every time you

shop. Order a seasonal vegetable box to

be delivered or grow your own! Have you

ever heard the saying ‘eat the rainbow’?

Variety is the key to a healthy diet, and

you may just fi nd something you really


When following a recipe, double the

suggested volume of vegetables in the

ingredients list, or serve your regular

meals with either a salad or a side of

steamed veg, mange tout, sugar snap

peas, baby corn…

As a go-to snack, vegetable smoothies

are easily made and widely available

to buy; aim to keep the smoothie as

vegetable-dense as possible, with just

one portion of fruit to sweeten. Vegetable

juices and smoothies will not give you

as many health benefits as eating the

vegetable whole, it will be less fibrous but

still a lot more nutrient-dense than a bag

of crisps and a can of pop.

So there we have it, a small snapshot

of the benefi ts of vegetables. Eat a

rainbow of vegetables and fruit, and feel

the difference.

Helen Everatt is a qualified

nutrition coach. To find out more visit

Every Wednesday

from 9.30-11.30am

Here’s how little it costs

to advertise in

Adverts are priced

at the following rates for

one year (six editions):

1/8 page: £110

1/6 page: £155

1/4 page: £225

1/2 page: £445

Full page: £915

Call St Chad’s Church office on

0114 274 5086

or email

for more information

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


Have a Go Show 2018

It’s nearly time to get planting,

sewing, baking and painting!

Yes, our community ‘village’

show is back again this year on

Saturday, September 8.

And it’s an excellent chance

to ‘Have a Go’ at something

new, show off your many talents,

challenge a friend or neighbour to join in

and have some fun.

You can enter one or more of the

schedule’s 40 categories, which will be

listed under the headings of Vegetables,

Fruit, Floral, Preserves and Baking,

Handicrafts, Art and there will be three

categories in the children’s section too!

The full schedule will be printed in the

next Impact and available on St Chad’s

website at the same time. It’s a great day

and we do hope you’ll consider joining



You will no doubt have

noticed we have fixed a

packet to this edition

of Impact. It contains

three courgette seeds.

These are for you

to sow in small pots

sometime towards the

end of April through into

May. Then, when they

are big enough, plant them

outside in large pots or in the

garden. Each plant in the garden

needs about 1m diameter of space and

plenty of water.

Each plant can produce many

courgettes, ideally harvested when they

are approximately four to six inches


There are lots of expert instructions

on the internet if you are ‘Having

a Go’ for the first time. Look

out in the next Impact for

the Vegetable and Baking

categories in the show -

you and your courgettes

could be the proud

owners of a red First

certificate or even the

much sought after ‘Best

in Show’ medal! Last

year’s best in show was

a beautiful quilt entered in

the Handicraft section.

Remember the date –

Saturday, September 8 – a ‘must do’

for your social calendar!

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Green Tips...

Here is some energy and money-saving advice from

the Energy Saving Trust...

You can save

around £30 a year

just by remembering

to turn your

appliances off

standby mode

Use a bowl to wash

up rather than a

running tap and

save £25 a year in

energy bills

Only fill the kettle

with the amount of

water that you need

and save around £7

a year

Spending one

minute less in the

shower each

day will save

up to £7 off your

energy bills each


Turn your lights

off when you’re

not using

them. If you

switch a light

off for just a few

seconds, you will

save more energy

than it takes for the

light to start up again

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Playing on the Green


Billiards evolved in the 15th

century from a game played

outside on lawns. The name

billiards probably originating

from the French for stick,

‘billard’ or ball, ‘bille’. It was played

indoors on tables covered in green

baize to simulate grass. The tables

were not a standard size and had

flat walls, or rails, around the edges

to prevent the balls rolling off.

Billiard balls were pushed around

the table using large-headed

mallets or ‘maces’. The balls were

originally made of ivory, an average

elephant’s tusk only providing three

to four balls (fortunately for the

elephants the invention of plastics

meant billiard balls could be made

from this).

Whilst playing, it was difficult to

strike a ball with the large head of

the mace when a ball was near

the rail. Some players would turn it

round and use the handle, known

as the ‘tail’ or ‘queue’ in French.

Hence, we now know it as the cue

and it was further developed in the


Mary Queen of Scots was said to

enjoy a game of billiards. In 1586

her castle in Scotland was invaded

and she was forbidden to use her

billiard table. It is reported that after

Queen Mary was executed her body

was covered by her billiard table


In the 18th century captain

Minguard, an Infantry Officer in the

French army, was credited with

the invention of the leather cue

tip whilst being held prisoner for

“political outspokedness”.

Carbonated lime, blackboard

chalk, was rubbed on the end of the

cue to increase friction. The “chalk”

used now is made of fi ne abrasives

and doesn’t contain chalk at all. By

1835 slabs of slate were used on

the bed which forms the playing

surface (a full-sized table requires

five slabs). Ten years later, around

1845, the invention of vulcanised

rubber meant it could be utilised on

the rails to form cushions.

Around 1870 billiards was popular

with the British Army. Sir Neville

Chamberlain, then a serving offi cer

in the army, devised a game which

combined the rules of similar

games. He called it after the military

term for inexperienced or fi rst year

personnel: Snooker.

The cloth now used on snooker

tables is not baize, as is generally

supposed. Baize is used in

furnishing, lining drawers and on

card tables etc. The cloth on

snooker tables, woollen worsted,

is far superior and seems to

improve year by year.

This cloth generates less

friction, allowing the balls to

travel further on the table. It

gives players better control of

their shot; such as back spin or

screw, top spin, and side spin.

Snooker became extremely

popular after 1969 when David

Attenborough commissioned ‘Pot

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Baize at St Chad’s

Black’ to demonstrate the potential

of colour television. Interest

increased when in 1978 the World

Snooker Championship was first

televised in full, it having been

fi rst played at Sheffield’s Crucible

Theatre the year before. Nowadays

there are many professional

tournaments internationally and the

Chinese have entered the game in

a big way producing their own very

proficient players.

Although pool is very popular,

many amateurs still like a game

of snooker and there are many

clubs throughout Sheffield, one

being at St Chad’s Church House

where I enjoy playing. St Chad’s is

a member of the Church League of

Snooker Players and we are happy

to say we have won the League

Cup in previous years.

The table is full sized and situated

on the fi rst fl oor (heaven knows how

they got it up there).

We always welcome players and

would be pleased to hear from

anyone who would like to join us. To

find out more leave a message for

me at the church offi ce by calling

0114 274 5086.

Dave Harris

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


Services at St Chad’s

Sunday Services





Sunday Services

The 9am Service



Traditional 9am Service




The ● • Traditional Traditional 9am Service in style in style

● Includes Holy Communion, a sermon & hymns

● • ● Includes Traditional Includes refreshments

Holy Holy in style Communion, afterwards

a sermon a sermon & hymns and hymns

• Includes Taken


from refreshments

Common Worship: afterwards

● Includes Holy Communion, a sermon Holy Communion

& hymns

● • Taken Taken from from Common Common Worship: Worship: Holy Holy Communion Communion

● Includes refreshments afterwards

● Taken from Common Worship: Holy Communion


Lifted, the

the – the

11am Service

11am 11am Service service







in style

Lifted, the 11am Service in style

● Informal and relaxed in style

• An An emphasis emphasis on on families families

● An emphasis on families

• ● Includes Informal Includes music, and music relaxed led played by in a style band by a band

● • ● Includes An Refreshments emphasis music, on served led families served by from a band from 10.15-10.45am

to 10.45

● ● Refreshments Includes music, served led by from a band 10.15-10.45am

● Refreshments served from 10.15-10.45am





Weekday Services

Weekday Services

Morning Prayers

Morning Prayers

Morning Prayers

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayers

Evening Prayers

Evening Prayers

Monday to Thursday at 9am

Monday to Thursday at 9am

Monday to Thursday at 9am

• Monday to Thursday at 9am - a half-hour service

of prayer and Bible readings in church

Monday to Thursday at 5pm

• Monday Friday at to 9am Thursday - up to at an 5pm hour of prayer, blessing

for Monday the community to Thursday and at prayer 5pm ministry if requested

The Thursday 10am Service

The Thursday 10am Service

The Traditional Thursday in style 10am Service service


Taken from




Worship: Holy Communion

• Taken Traditional in

from style

Common Worship: Holy Communion

• Includes Taken from Holy common Common Communion, worship Worship: a sermon Holy Communion & hymns


Held in the




Chapel at the sermon

back of church


• Includes Holy Communion, a sermon & and hymns hymns

Held in the Lady



at the



the back

of church

of church

Held in the Lady Chapel at the back of church

Other Services

Other Services

Prayer and Praise

Prayer Prayer and and Praise

Sunday, February 13 at 7.30pm











Ash Wednesday Service

Ash Wednesday Service

Wednesday, March 9 at 7.30pm

Wednesday, March 9 at at 7.30pm

St Chad’s St Chads Church, Church, Linden Linden Avenue, Avenue, Woodseats Woodseats

email: email:

Church St Church Office: Chads Offices: Church, Linden 15 Avenue, Linden Camping Avenue, Sheffield Lane, Woodseats Sheffield S8 0GA S8 0GB Page 1614 website: email:

Tel: (0114) Church Tel:




274 Offices: 5086 274



Linden Avenue, Woodseats


Church Offices: 15 15 Camping Camping Lane, Lane, Sheffield Sheffield S8 S8 0GB 0GB Page Page 14 14 website: website:

Tel: Tel: (0114) (0114) 274 274 5086 5086












































Sunday March 25

Easter worship

at St Chad’s


9am Traditional Communion Service


Lifted Family Service

Thursday March 29



Our weekly service of Holy


Friday March 30




Good Friday Family Service

(especially for children)

Sunday April 1

Meditations Around the Cross




Easter Celebration with

Holy Communion

Family Service with

Holy Communion

Come and celebrate the risen Jesus!

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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The Natural Beauty of O

Did you know we have an Urban

Nature Park in our area? In

fact it is the largest in Sheffi eld,

created by the council

some three to four

years ago from the remains

of the abandoned council

tree and shrub nursery.

It can be found on

Beauchief Drive on the

right hand side beyond

Beauchief Abbey but

before Beauchief Hall.

The Nature Park now

consists of approximately

60 allotments, a wildfl ower

meadow, community orchard, three

ponds, a council wood store and a

large area of woodland. A footpath has

been created round the whole site, half

of which is surfaced and suitable for


The council provided the allotments,

all securely fenced, a surfaced car park

and funding for the orchard and path

surfacing. The ponds were sponsored

by the charity Pondlife.

Beauchief Environment Group

has been involved from the start by

establishing the wildfl ower meadow,

planting and maintaining the orchard

and creating footpaths. Most recently

the group planted an area of scrubland

with about 100 native tree


The Environment Group

is a long-established local

organisation of volunteers

who manage the wildlife

habitats of Beauchief,

Greenhill and Bradway

with the guidance and

permission of council

experts. We have

welcomed the chance to use

our expertise in the Nature Park.

The meadow was created from

what could be described as wasteland

by clearing rubbish, rocks and stones

and digging out brambles. It was then

harrowed and wildfl ower seed sown to

produce a profusion of summer fl owers

including corn marigold, poppy, corn

cockle and cornfl ower to name but a


The meadow was mown in autumn

and the grass cleared in normal farming

practice; a quantity of seed being saved

for use on other sites. Now in its third

year the perenials such as yarrow,

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Our City



visit us

oxeye daisy, clover, birdsfoot trefoil and

wild carrot are becoming established

and taking over, so the summer is less

‘gaudy’ but still a feast for the bees

and insects. It is well worth a visit for

the fl owers alone in June, July, and


The orchard has been planted over a

two-year period with some 60 trees in

place. The fruits include apples, pears,

plums, cherries and nuts. All the trees

were staked to allow them to become

established but the area requires to be

mown just like any orchard. So far the

fruit has been small and sparse, which

is to be expected, but watch this space

in future years.

The Environment Group created

a wheelchair-friendly path round the

south side last year and this winter

completed the circle with a footpath on

the north side through meadow and

thick woodland.

The Urban Nature Park is for the

benefi t of all, so do come along and

enjoy a walk round. There is a vehicle

barrier across the entrance as security

for allotment holders but access is

always available for walkers.

John Gilbert


High quality tuition in street dance, pop singing and

musical theatre for ages 2-18 years!

Limited places available:

Saturday 21 st April

Call the Razz team on 07979189177



7 Dale View Road, Sheffield S8 0EJ

‘Phone 0114 235 6002

Mobile 07853 350 085


Specialists in...


Flat Roofing

Ridge Pointing

Replacing Damaged

Slates and Tiles


Storm Damage - Insurance Work


24 Hour Call-Out Service

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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100 Years On

Sunday November 11

will mark the 100th

anniversary of the

signing of the armistice

that brought to an end

the fi ghting of the First World

War. At St Chad’s we will be

remembering and honouring

those from Woodseats who died

during that confl ict.

If you have any information,

photographs, memorabilia,

relating to any of the men on

our war memorial we would love

you to get in touch.

Our November Impact

magazine will have a special

focus on this anniversary.

Write to us at St Chad’s

Church Offi ce, Linden Avenue,

Sheffi eld S8 0GA or email


Is your child aged

between two-and-a-half and

school age?

St Chad’s


St Chad’s


St Chad’s Pre-school

Opposite Abbey Lane School

56 Abbey Lane, Woodseats S8 0BP


Monday/Tuesday/Friday 8:45 - 11:45

Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:45 - 3:15

• A fun and exciting environment for your child

• Experienced and qualified staff

• Learning through play to help your child reach their potential

• Free early learning funding for eligible children

Pop in for an info pack or call 07526

100755. We would love to see you!

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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On December 13 the new

Bishop of Sheffield Rt

Rev Pete Wilcox led

a service at St James’

Norton in which the

churches of St James’, St Chad’s,

St Paul’s Norton Lees and St

Peter’s Greenhill pledged to work

together for the good of God’s

kingdom across the S8 district.

As a recognition of this the four

vicars (Geoffrey White, Toby Hole,

Murray Brown and Ned Lunn)

were all licensed to one another’s


We are also really fortunate

to have a new member of staff

working for us, Jo Edwards,

who is our Mission Partnership

Development Worker. She will

be based in St Chad’s parish

office but will be working for

all four churches helpfully coordinating

them and their vicars

and providing us with well needed

administrative support.

This ‘Mission Partnership’ has

been in the pipeline for a few

years. It has come about as a

recognition that church life can

no longer be a case of one vicar

doing everything (and, in fairness,

this has thankfully never been the

case at St Chad’s!) but that all of

God’s people have a role in telling

and showing others what God’s

love means and looks like.

We already have a number

of people in our churches who,

although not vicars, have been

licensed by the Bishop to preach,

take services, visit the sick and do

many of the things that once were

the preserve of men in dog collars.

As our Mission Partnership

develops so we are hoping for

more people who feel called to

serve in this way.

This has been described to me

as a bit like a maypole – different

coloured strands being woven into

a pattern without losing their own

unique identity.

The four churches of Norton,

Woodseats, Norton Lees and

Greenhill are all quite different

and will remain different, but as

we work more closely together

we hope that our difference will

form a pattern that will bless our

communities and be more effective

in bringing the good news of Jesus

to those around us.

Rev Toby Hole

Working Together in S8

The Bishop of Sheffield Rt Rev Pete Wilcox with Revs Geoffrey White,

Toby Hole, Ned Lunn and Murray Brown, and Mission Partnership

Development Worker Jo Edwards.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

Page 21



The Green Man

Half hidden in the walls of

many old churches can be

found a strange fi gure, a

face surrounded by leaves.

We call him the Green

Man, though his original name (if

he ever had one) is lost in the mists

of time. He can be found in most

of our cathedrals, hiding beneath

a misericord or gazing down at us

from the choir roof. Green Men do

not appear in England until the 12th

Century but they were around in

Imperial Rome more than 400 years

before Christ.

Who is he? What was his original

meaning? Why is he usually found

in churches? Nobody knows,

though many have tried to guess.

Some say he is The Lord of the

Greenwood and have linked him

to Robin Hood, though the only

connection I myself can see is

that Robin wore a tunic of Lincoln

Green. Woods were unsafe places

in medieval times, thought to be

populated by fairies and demons.

If the Green Man were to be a

guardian of the forest, I would

like to think of him more as Tom

Bombadil from Tolkein’s Lord of the

Rings than Robin Hood.

Because he is sometimes

portrayed with horns, some have

been led to believe he is the

Devil or a Forest Demon; while

others think the horns belong to

the classical god Pan. Indeed, in

Worcester Cathedral, there is a

Green Man with horns and pointy

ears, which some locals think

depicts Pan. But, as we only see

the heads of Green Men, we shall

never know if he has furry legs and

cloven hooves.

Green Men with branches

sprouting from their eyes appeared

in the late middle ages following the

Black Death. Wise and venerable

heads ceased to be carved and






















TEL/FAX: 0114 2817022

M: 07929188450


Family optometrist and

contact lens practitioner


• Free sight test and glasses for all under 16s

• Private and NHS sight tests

• Contact lenses for children and adults

• Rayban glasses and sunglasses

• Home visits by appointment

• Prescription sportswear

• Use your two-yearly Westfield allowance

• Ample free on-street parking

Terminus Road, Millhouses S7 2LH

0114 262 1955

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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instead, new and horrific versions took

their place. Many of the heads are

obviously dead and the tendrils sprouting

from their eyes, nose and mouth could

be worms as easily as branches. Or

they could be the roots of a churchyard

yew which were said to extend into

the mouth of every sleeper in the

graves. Many of the most horrific

depictions can be found in

the West Country where the

Black Death first came ashore.

Stories of a tree or flower

growing from a corpse are

very old. The dark growth of

a churchyard yew or ivy remind

us of death but also of regrowth

and resurrection. In one early Christian

legend, the tree from which the true cross

was made grew originally from the grave

of Adam.

Many writers and illustrators have

portrayed the Green Man as something

ancient, pagan and magical. Arthur

Racham’s illustrations give a glimpse into

forests of crooked, watchful trees whose

haunting images perhaps inspired a new

generation to think of trees, not just as

a source of timber, but more as living

beings. JRR Tolkein, in The Lord of the

Rings, takes us into a world where old

and powerful Ents, half way between man

and trees, lead lives of quiet wisdom,

watching the eternal cycle of birth,

flowering, death and renewal,

over thousands of years. This

same cycle is written of in the

last chapter of Ecclesiastes:

“Remember now thy Creator

in the days of thy youth ... while

the sun or the light or the moon or

the stars be not darkened.”

In the end, the spirit is returned unto

God who gave it – returned to its starting

point of sun, moon and stars that are not

darkened. So, perhaps that is what the

Green Man truly signifies – the endless

cycle of life: Birth, Flowering, Death and


Sylvia Bennett

Good Friday

30th March 2pm

A Dramatic Passion Reading and Sermon

with musical interludes by the Abbey Lane Singers


April & May 2018

Holy Communion:


Easter Sun 1st 11.00am

Sun 8th, 22nd, 29th 11.00am


Sun 6th, 13th, 27th 11.00am

Thurs 10th 7pm Ascension Day

Evensong ( third Sun 3pm)

15th April, 20th May

Beauchief Abbey is

Open Every Sunday

10 Days of Prayer

We will be open Saturday 19th May 2pm - 4pm for quiet prayer and contemplation

All Welcome

Our Services are based on the Book of Common Prayer, Refreshments are served afterwards


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Services at St Chad’s

The Green of the Bible

is important in

the Holy Land. With

no rain between April

and November, the

countryside is largely

brown for much of the year. In

the 1980s I travelled through the

dry Negev (southern Israel) and

was surprised to see miles of

polytunnels, rows of fruit trees,

plantations of palms and prolific

vineyards. The desert was

becoming green. Another

year I took a leisurely

camel ride in

the Sinai amid



rocks and

sandy wadis.

It was hot

and dusty. I

couldn’t wait

to get to the

lush, green

oasis ahead

beckoning us.

The colour

green is used in

two interesting ways

throughout the Bible:

1. To show the brevity of

life contrasted with God’s


The psalmist says, “As for

man, his days are like grass.

As a flower of the field so he


Peter writes similarly, “All men

are like grass and all their glory

is like the flowers of the field. The

grass withers and the flowers fall,

but the word of the Lord stands

for ever.”

Last year I arrived in Israel

in April hoping to film the

countryside in a blaze of green,

but I was too late. There was

hardly any grass left on the

hillsides. Our lives, too, are

shortlived and we need to

prepare for meeting our Maker

while there’s time.

2. To show how to stay ‘fresh’ all

year round.

The secret is, of course, to

have a constant water supply.

The person who chooses to

go God’s way and delights to

please him is “like a tree planted

by streams of water, which

yields its fruit in season

and whose leaf

does not wither.”

Jeremiah states,

“Blessed is

the man who

trusts in the

Lord…he will

be like a tree

planted by

the waters…

Its leaves

are always

green. It has no

worries in a year

of drought and never

fails to bear fruit.” When

life dries up all around you,

where do you get your resources


One final thought. Creation

starts in a garden with the Tree of

Life and it ends in a garden where

the same tree bears 12 crops of

fruit, one every month – a picture

of constant supply, freshness and

vitality. In Scripture, heaven is

called Paradise three times. It’s a

Persian word meaning a walled

garden. Surrounded by desert, it’s

a haven of tranquility, fragrance

and beauty.

I wonder, are you enjoying

the ‘green’ of God’s ever-fresh

Kingdom now and then forever?

Jeremy Thornton

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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A relaxed and friendly place for a chat

Coffee morning for anyone over 50

Tuesdays 10.15 Tuesdays -11.15am, 10.15 starting -11.15am

25th April 2017

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

No table games, no speakers,

just a good cuppa and a natter!


For more information, contact the church office on 274 5086

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


Protecting God’s World

Have you heard of A Rocha?

No, I hadn’t until a month

or so ago, but what an

amazing organisation it

is. A Rocha, ‘the rock’ in

Portuguese, is a charity founded

in 1983 in Portugal by Anglican

minister Peter Harris.

The world in which we live is

changing fast. Climate change

and pollution are two major

areas of concern facing us all

today, but there are many other

environmental issues with which to

contend. A Rocha dedicates itself

to addressing these issues in its

own way. The organisation states:

“If everyone waits for someone else

to act, nothing will change. Our

aim is to help you to do something

practical as an individual, living

in your community, perhaps as a

member of a local church and as

part of the global community.”

Their fi ve core commitments

are: Christian – protecting a

world which God made, loves and

entrusts to our care; Conservation

– researching to restore the

natural world and run educational

programmes for people of all ages;

Community – developing good

relationships within A Rocha and

local communities; Cross Cultural –

drawing on the insights and skills of

people from diverse cultures, both

locally and around the world; Cooperation

– working in partnership

with a wide variety of organisations

and individuals who share their

concerns for a sustainable world.

A Rocha has a phenomenal track

record of success stories all over

the world – reducing confl ict in

India between humans and wildlife;

mapping tropical forests; improving

the habitat for rare species of

birds in New Zealand and Ghana;

training community volunteers

in Uganda to install water fi lters,

enlarging national parks in parts of

Africa, and so on.

There’s a most successful project

in our own country, too, not very far

away – the Lea Brook Valley Project

in Dronfi eld. It was begun in 2005

by a small group of volunteers who

wanted to make a difference to an

area where they lived. An enormous

amount of hard work, together with

a wonderful community spirit, has

transformed an unused, rubbishfi

lled space into a delightful green

area much enjoyed by people and

wildlife alike. Lea Brook Valley

is the best place in Derbyshire

to see the purple autumn crocus

and there are now more than 127

species of wild fl owers there. It’s

possible to see at least 85 species

of birds (of whom 45 of these

species are nesting) three species

of dragonfl y, eight species of

butterfl y and fi ve mammal species

too. Water pollution has been

reduced and funding was received

from Yorkshire Water to help

develop a sustainable wetland area,

whilst at the same time reducing

the effects of surface fl ooding in the

area. This scheme is being hailed

as the fl agship for water companies

and fl ood authorities across the UK.

The Living Waters Project

shows how large organisations

can engage with local community

groups. The Lea Brook Valley

aspires to involve local schools and

organisations – these relationships

are currently in development.

Chris Laude

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


Paddington 2

by Anna Wilson

If you have read or watched

Paddington 1 you would be

silly not to read this exciting

sequel. Just when you

thought Paddington couldn’t

get into and more mischief and

adventures, hold on to your

marmalade sandwiches, we’re

going in for more!

Now a fully-fl edged member of

the Brown family, Paddington is

popular with everyone in the local

community, although Mr Curry is

still a little wary!

Aunt Lucy is turning 100 very

soon so Paddington wants to

buy her a birthday gift. It needs

to be something special and so

he embarks on a quest to get a

job and earn some money. As

you can imagine this doesn’t

quite go as planned. He fi nds that

special gift only for it to be stolen.

Paddington chases after the thief

and ends up in a bit of a sticky


As the story unfolds you fi nd

yourself laughing but in the next

sentence feeling sad. It wouldn’t

be right if the story didn’t have

a happy ending, true to form,

Paddington wins over everybody

he meets and ends up being the

one who is treated to a special


If you’re six or 106 you’ll love

this book, it’s for everyone. Let’s

hope there is a Paddington 3!

Joshua Taylor, aged 9

Book Review

Do you have a few hours spare to support our

lovely clients in Sheffield to remain independent

within their own homes?

More about the role:

• Part Time Hours to suit you (2-20 hrs. p/w)

• Full Induction training with Office Support

• No previous care experience necessary

• We welcome applicants of all ages!

An open heart and warm smile is all you need to

become a Care Companion at Home Instead

*Car Driver Desirable

Apply Now! Call 0114 250 7709

Or visit

6 Shirley House, Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 8YL

Glynn Parker

Electrical Installations

17th Edition

Lights - Sockets - Rewires


Home: 01246 410 621

Mobile: 07986 174 125

71 Oakhill Road, Coal Aston, S18 2EL.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Registers 2018

For Weddings

and Funerals

You don’t have to be a churchgoer

to have a wedding in church or

be ‘religious’ to have a dignifi ed and

meaningful funeral service at St Chad’s.

If you live in the Woodseats or

Beauchief area, St Chad’s would be

delighted to help you, whether it is

planning the Big Day or saying goodbye

to a loved one.

For weddings please contact St Chad’s

church offi ce. For funerals please tell

your funeral director that you would like

to have a church service.



8 Freddie Liversidge



11 Emelia Cargill



9 Isabelle Cross (98)

22 Ken Randall (82)


7 Marian Gear (100)

21 Hilda Pocklington (97)

• If you have had a new baby and would

like to celebrate that baby’s birth with

a service in church then please come

to one of our thanksgiving and baptism

mornings at St Chad’s.

The morning will explain the difference

between the two services and give

parents an opportunity to ask any

questions. Please call the church offi ce

on 0114 274 5086 if you are interested in


St Chad’s Church has two

rooms available for hire at

56 Abbey Lane

Healing Rooms

at the Big Tree Pub

Wednesday mornings


1st & 3rd Wednesday evenings

7.45- 9.00

As part of an international

Christian organisation, we seek

to freely serve the local

community in prayer for the sick.

Tel. 0114 3600616 (answerphone)

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi



0800 328 0006

or 01274 760839 may be cheaper from a mobile

Weighed down by


Free debt counselling in your community

from an award winning charity


debt help

t: 01274 760720 e: Registered Office: Jubilee Mill, North Street, Bradford, BD1 4EW

Registered Charity No: 1097217. Charity registered in Scotland No: SC038776. Consumer Credit Licence No: 413528.

Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England and Wales No: 4655175.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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Linden Avenue, S8 0GA

email: offi

If you want to contact the church offi ce and there is no one available, please leave a

message or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Vicar Toby Hole (Vicarage) 274 9302


Assistant Minister for the elderly Yvonne Smith 274 5086


Daren Craddock, Amy Hole,

Pauline Johnson and

Yvonne Smith 274 5086

Youth Worker Nick Seaman 274 5086


Besom in Sheffi eld Steve Winks 07875 950170

Impact magazine Tim Hopkinson 274 5086


Church Wardens Ann Firth 274 5086

Ann Lomax 274 5086

Deputy Wardens Linda McCann 274 5086

Uniformed Groups

Group Scout Leader Ian Jackson 235 3044

Guide Leader Jemma Taylor 296 0555


56 Abbey Lane

Bookings Church Offi ce 274 5086


PLEASE NOTE: The inclusion of advertisements in Impact in no way means the

advertiser is endorsed or recommended by St Chad’s Church.

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Offi ce: Linden Avenue, Sheffi eld S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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email: offi


St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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764 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, Sheffield, S8 0SE

St Chad’s Church, Linden Avenue, Woodseats

Church Office: Linden Avenue, Sheffield S8 0GA

Tel: (0114) 274 5086

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