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5| Presidents Message

7| Reliability in Taking

Water Samples

9| Life of a New Worker

11| Change is Happening

in Mali

21| What Does Being a

Leader Mean?

22| Operator Certification


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29| Water Security


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the Tap, Toilet

and Beyond

Ever had the feeling that you have no words in

you? I have been struggling for the past couple

weeks on what I wanted to say to you all this

first issue of the new year; but I think I finally

have it so here we go.

March is the month we recognize water a bit

more as a world than any other time of year.

World Water Day is coming up and it generally

means that the population as a whole takes a

bit more interest in water even if it is a fleeting


For the rest of us water is so much more than

what comes out of the tap it means a sense of

accomplishment knowing that we are

providing the best possible taste out of that

tap, to those who deal with the toilet side of

things it’s the same kind of goal to provide the

best kind of job to our respective communities.

It’s the “beyond” part of things I want to talk

about. How do we continue to provide the best

possible service to our communities? Well, it

starts with making sure you are up to date on

all your training. The SWWA offers a lot of

opportunities to maintain your CEU’s for

certification through the spring workshops and

the annual conference. I have had a few people

ask why only certain locations are being used

this year and that is because we like to move

around with the hands on classes like Hydrant

Operation and for the in class workshops we

choose the city we get the most registrations

at, which for some reason seems to be

Saskatoon that gets the most attendance.

Another way is to make sure you know what

you are responsible for, understand what the

permit to operate says, know what it means to

have operators working under you who aren’t

certified yet, know where you have

responsibility and always be sure to train with

safety and best practice standards for all

situations that may be encountered.

A lot of our communities are getting new Water

Plants, lagoon upgrades, new Wastewater

Plants, infrastructure changes and so on. Make

use of the supplier portion of the SWWA

website, simply type in the items you are

looking for and the site will give you the

options for the suppliers currently listed. This is

a great way to support the suppliers who come

to the tradeshow every year and it is also a

great way to let them know you want them to

continue attending so you can see the latest

technologies and the systems and services they

have to offer.

My own community has been doing a lot of

things we have run a pilot study and are in the

midst of making a decision of what type of

plant and system and supplier we will be using.

Be sure to stay tuned as I sharpen my pen to tell

you all out the adventures in Kipling and

changes being done.

As always the SWWA website is always the

place to look for all the training that is currently

being offered. We even opened the conference

registration two months early – February 1 it

was up and running usually we start offering

the registration in April. We also have

workshops scheduled for April, May and June

so be sure to check out the details in this issue

and under the events section of the website.

For all you golfers out there registration is open

and we have 15 early birds who have already

registered for the event. I have a feeling this is

going to be a good year for the turn out for golf.

Be sure to check out the website for the details

on the hotel being used for golf and be sure to

use the block code if booking a room. So grab

your group and get registered today so you

don’t forget, after all we are all getting older

and have lots of things on our plates and you

will not want to miss out on all the fantastic

prizes. I would say mark your calendar but it

already is if you are using the SWWA calendar

from the conference last year.

So until I see you in June in Swift, have a great

spring hopefully it will get warmer than the -41

it is today.


SWWA EXECUTIVE___________________


City of Swift Current

Work: 306-778-2725 Fax: 306-778-1634

Email: t.cox@swiftcurrent.ca


Town of Kipling

Work: 306-736-8805 Fax: 306-736-2396

Email: glokel@sasktel.net



Work: 306-694-3941 Fax: 306-694-3207

Email: rynette.moore@saskwater.com


Town of Langenburg

Work: 306-743-2219 Fax: 306-743-2453

Email: karlisvc@sasktel.net


Town of Biggar

Work: 306-948-5136 Fax: 306-948-5136

Email: corden@sasktel.net



City of Saskatoon

Work: 306-975-2534 Fax: 306-975-7906

Email: susan.dobrowney@saskatoon.ca


Town of Nipawin

Work: 306-862-9866 Fax: 306-862-3076

Email: b.crowley@nipawin.com


Town of Outlook

Phone: 306-860-7575

email: townofoutlookwater@hotmail.ca




Water Security Agency

Work: 306-787-7911

Email: kelly.neuert@wsask.ca




Email: wshutko@cleartech.ca






2018 is well underway and we’re looking to hit the reset switch. After tidying up all of

the loose ends 2017 conference, it’s time to reboot and get back into the swing of

workshop and event planning for the upcoming year. A list of the April workshops has

been uploaded to the website, www.swwa.ca, starting with Emergency Preparedness

on the 11th, followed by Hydrant Maintenance at two different locations later in the

month, RO in May and Due Diligence the day before the golf tournament.

As far as upcoming events go, the annual golf tournament has been booked and the

individual ‘hole sponsorships’ are flying off the shelf, in a manner of speaking. As was

discussed and approved during the conference planning meetings, the annual SWWA

golf tournament will now include a permanent 5 course rotation. Hopefully this will

give you, our members, more than enough room to plan attendance. The 2018 event

will take place on Saturday, June 2, in none other than my hometown of Swift Current

at the Chinook Golf Course. That should give me a decided advantage, although it has

been pointed out on many occasion, the ability to golf plays very little role in enjoying

this tournament!!

A lot of last years’ workshops and seminars focused on the area of succession planning,

whether it be for your local department, business, or your municipality itself. The

SWWA has taken a page from this, and began the stages of strategic planning to

improve the functionality of the board and the membership as a whole. Every

community, business, or organization can definitely benefit by stepping back, and reevaluating

the direction of its future. We hope to better serve our membership and

prepare any new members as to what the SWWA has to offer.

Enjoy the last few months of winter, it’ll be gone before you know it.

Tim Cox

SWWA President

we want


Get involved

We are looking for SWWA members who

would like to be involved with various SWWA

events from networking events to the annual




Reliability in Taking

Water Samples





Toby Bird

Business Development Consultant


T 403.571.6688

C 403.993.9269

Kayden Industries has experience in Dredging, Desludging and

Mechanical Dewatering of municipal lagoons. Kayden prepares prior to

the job commencing by properly surveying the lagoon, laboratory testing

the material, then proposing the most e cient equipment and chemical

package. At the end of the project we deliver a post dredge scan to prove

our performance.


24/7 SUPPORT: 1.855.571.6688

Manfacturing Plant:

Sales & Executive O ce

3348 58 TH Avenue S.E.

1630 801 6 TH Avenue S.W.

Calgary, AB, T2C 0B3

Calgary, AB, T2P 3W2


Kayden’s success over the past 20 years has been built on

manufacturing one of the largest, most reliable and most

e cient horizontal decanting centrifuges available in the

dewatering industry.

These high capacity centrifuges are specically designed

for dewatering, and when combined with the most e cient

dredges built in North America they create a mechanical

desludging and dewatering package unsurpassed in the


Kayden can assure all clients that our technology will deliver

industry leading results in the hands of trained operators

who follow best practices in operation and technology


There is no more important task that an

operator performs every day than

taking water samples. When we are

taking a water sample, we are

confirming that the water in our

community is safe. To ensure that we

have reliable and accurate results, this

task must be performed in exactly the

same manner each day and for every

sample. The old adage, “garbage in =

garbage out” definitely applies to

taking water samples (or any sample for

that matter).

When taking a water sample there are

several things to think about. Am I

taking a representative sample? Am I

maintaining the integrity of the sample

by ensuring that all of my equipment is

clean and free of contaminants? Am I

following the written procedure and

ensuring that I am taking each sample

in exactly the same manner? Am I

preserving the sample in the manner

prescribed by the lab or the analysts?

When we are performing analysis like

free and total chlorine in the field we

need to confirm that our equipment is

calibrated regularly and in a clean state.

Our standards must be checked for

expiry dates and our reagents must be

fresh. All of these steps must be

confirmed before we can rely on the

results that we are reporting. The

physical state of our equipment must

be in good order. For example, reading

turbidity from a scratched and dirty vial

is not going to give accurate results.

Chain of custody forms must be filled

out correctly. This form is not only

information for the analyst at the

laboratory, but is also a legal document

proving who had access to the sample

at all times. It is important to take the

time to fill out all of the information and

to be sure that it is accurate.

When we are performing tests that we

don’t do routinely, it is imperative to

refer to the Standard Operating

Procedure (SOP) or the instructions for

the test unit. It is crucial to the accuracy

of the results to follow the instructions

in order and to allow the proper

amount of time for each step. When

performing titrations or pH analysis it is

helpful to perform a series of tests to

show reproducibility of results.

Some tests, like jar testing, take a great

deal of practice to become proficient at

and to interpret the results. If you are

required to perform these types of tests,

it is advisable to perform them several

times a year when you are not in an

emergency situation with your process.

The practice will help you to become

efficient and allow you to achieve

reliable results when you are under


There are many good resources

available to assist you with developing

SOPs for the testing that you do. Your

sales representative or the company

doing your equipment calibration is

one resource. They will have standard

procedures for each test that your

equipment performs. For tests like pH

there are procedures available on-line

or in the instruments user manual. If

you are performing jar testing there are

several publications that can assist you

to perform this analysis step by step, or

you can take a workshop that will

provide you with the hands-on training

and a reference manual.

Laboratory websites have resources

that can direct you in good sampling

techniques. Many of them have videos

showing the proper methods of taking

a bacteriological sample (e.g. removing

the screen, disinfecting the spout,

handling the sample bottle, etc.). Your

analytical lab is also a great resource if

you are having trouble with sampling

techniques. They can talk you through

the procedure over the telephone or

send you a written resource to keep on

hand. If you have to preserve your

sample, the lab will send you

instructions on how to fill the bottles

and which preservative to use.

Consistency in technique and

procedure is the key to accurate

sampling and results. Keeping

equipment calibrated, clean and in

good condition will help to guarantee

that results are accurate and free from

bias. The operator is the one person

who can guarantee the integrity of the


Dawn Dierker


Mission is Simply More Intelligent

Advanced Monitoring • Low Cost • Managed SCADA

Life of a NEW worker




• Alarms dispatched to all

your devices—phone,

tablet, computer, fax,


•Customize notifications

to be simple or


•Convenient alerts

Secure Data

• Defense-in-depth security


•Multiple security measures

layered to protect your


•Securely access your data

in the office or field

• State-of-the-art web portal

features live data, multiple

windows, and more




•Standardized RTUs are

economical to buy, install,

and operate

•Advanced remote-control

business logic

•New MyDro RTU—smart

and expanded I/O, LCD

screen, enhanced






•All resources for no


• U.S.-based technical

support 24-7-365

•Live weekly webinars,

newsletters, instructional


•Audit trail for



• Comprehensive reports

that display your data at

a glance

•No software or cellular

carrier relationships to


•Continual system


• Everything necessary is

included—no hidden fees

City of


What the?

New employees need a lot of help when

it comes to working a new job. Each

company is different in a lot of ways,

from policies and procedures, to day to

day operations. In order to have a new

employee trained properly you must have a

good training staff. Some companies may hire out this

position, and some may have an in-house trainer.

Orientations are a key item in any training program to help a

worker become successful in their job. Some of the items that an

employer should have in their orientation is an overview of the

company, policies and procedures, the do’s and don’ts, and all the

company rules. Have the trainer sit down with each employee and teach

them each item and make sure they understand the program. Once they have

gone through all of the items have the employee sign off on all of what they

were taught.

At the completion of the orientation, the employer should have one of the veteran

workers take the worker under their wing and show them how they implement all that

they have learned so far. Teach the worker what to do ho w to do it and ways that might

make things safer in their jobs. Have that new worker shadow their mentor for a period

of time and once the worker has spent the time needed to learn, have management do a

review and make sure that worker is knowledgeable enough to leave on their own. Then

and only then can the employer be absolutely sure that this new employee has had

sufficient training and is deemed capable of working on his own.

At this point in the new worker will be able to their job without supervision. But, in a few

months the employer should take time to evaluate theses workers just to make sure that

things are not forgotten and the employees don’t get complacent. Follow these steps and

you will have a work force that is one of the best in your field.

Sheldon Matton,

Loraas Disposal Services Ltd.

(877) 993-1911 | 123mc.com | sales@123mc.com

Change is


in Mali

More than 3.7 million people collect dirty water out of necessity

every day in Mali. The SWWA is supporting WaterAid’s Mali: Healthy

Communities project to bring lasting change to local communities.

WaterAid has reached more than 205,000 people with clean water and

more than 208,000 people with decent toilets in Mali since 2000.

But there is still work to be done.

More than 3.7 million children, women, and men in Mali’s rural

communities collect dirty water from unsafe, distant sources out of

necessity. Over 4,000 children under the age of ve die every

year due to a lack of clean water, sanitation and hygiene. Tens of

thousands more suffer from preventable diseases like cholera,

trachoma and intestinal parasites.

WaterAid/Basile Ouedraogo

WaterAid launched Mali: Healthy Communities in 2016, an innovative

four-year program that aims to improve water, sanitation and hygiene

conditions for communities in the Circles (municipal districts) of Kati

and Bla. By bringing clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to the

people of Bla and Kati, we will help to unleash people’s potential,

enabling the communities to break free from poverty.

As we’ve seen in previous projects, the presence of these three

essentials has an almost immediate ripple effect, accelerating

real progress in health, education, productivity, gender equality,

economic growth and development.

Working together to bring lasting change

We want our work to spark lasting

change and go far beyond the thousands of

people we will reach directly in this project. To

create lasting change we need to shift the

way people think about water, sanitation

and hygiene. This is why we are working

with local partners and community members,

municipal authorities, schools and health

centers, artist groups and cultural centers,

and women’s and youth groups across the

Circles of Kati and Bla. Our local partners

are crucial to the success of the project.

Their in-depth knowledge of local issues is

essential for the successful implementation

of the program and its sustainability. We

selected partners for this project on the

basis of criteria related to expertise, local

recognition and credibility, management

capacities and their openness to innovation.

Partnership lies at the heart of our

approach to development. This means that

communities and local stakeholders are

engaged in every step of the program. This is

key to fostering long-lasting change.

While a project is underway, the area sees

The Numbers

By 2020 the Mali: Healthy Communities program will:

immediate economic impact. We hire locally

and source materials locally, putting money

directly back into the hands of the

community. After a project is complete,

community members are able to spend the

time they used to collect and transport water

being productive in other ways: studying in

school, developing a businesses, and caring

for their families.

WaterAid and its local partners return

to the area post-intervention and ensure

that the communities continue to enjoy

the project’s benets. A follow-up study of

WaterAid’s previous intervention projects in

Mali revealed that 95% of our infrastructure

was still operational after seven years. This

is a remarkable accomplishment, particularly

when compared to the average success rate

of 30 to 50% in the sector.

More and more often, WaterAid boosts

the local economy by creating opportunities

directly related to our programs, like

new soap-making ventures. As a unique

element of the Mali: Healthy Communities

program, we will also be offering nancial

and entrepreneurial training as well as

• Reach 35,600 people with clean water, 24,360 with decent toilets and another

72,500 people will learn about the importance of good hygiene.

• Support 13 groups of women in establishing water and sanitation-related small

businesses (e.g. soap making) through micro-credit.

• Provide hygiene kits to 17 schools and 7 health centers, including hygiene promotion

materials and handwashing devices.

• Build and rehabilitate 43 water points at schools, health centers and public spaces.

• Set up 39 local committees and train them on how to operate and maintain the new


• Build and rehabilitate 42 toilet blocks in schools, health centers and public spaces,

specially designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

• Equip 175 of the most vulnerable households with toilets, and encourage thousands of

people in 45 villages to build their own household toilets.

microloans to support small businesses. This

will all drive economic growth.

The Bottom Line

Let’s be clear: there’s no quick x, no

magic bullet that will solve the water and

sanitation challenges in Kati and Bla.

WaterAid’s extensive experience in Mali,

and indeed throughout the developing

world, shows that permanent improvement

is only possible through a longterm,

integrated approach focused on building

trust and partnerships, supported by our

eld-tested and proven technologies and


Mali: Healthy Communities is a piece in a

much larger puzzle. In many sub-Saharan

countries, a high proportion of local and

national budgets, as well as the budgets of

many humanitarian agencies, is allocated

to immediate health care, often treating

Tahirou (13, second from the left) and his friends going to fetch water

with jerry cans in hand, in Kati-Malibougou in the Circle of Kati, Region of

Koulikoro, Mali. WaterAid/Basile Ouedraogo

deadly, but entirely preventable, diseases.

Imagine the effect on societies when that

money – billions of dollars across Africa –

is re-directed to economic development,

strengthening institutions and delivering

needed infrastructure projects that can help

prevent illness at the source.

The human need for clean water

is critical for survival. What does require

encouragement is the effort to shift decades

and sometimes centuries old perceptions,

habits and expectations. By promoting

awareness and demand for careful water

management, sanitation and good hygiene –

key components of this project – we will

help set these communities on a new

path toward self-su ciency and vitality.

To learn more about WaterAid and the

Mali: Healthy communities project,

visit www.wateraidcanada.com.

Tyler Klath

Cell: (306) 203-3800

TF: 1-888-554-0638


A.H. McElroy Sales & Service (Canada) Ltd.

Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nunavut

Website: www.ahmcelroy.com

Since 1958

Trevor Eden

Western Canada Territory Manager



12945 - 78th Ave, Surrey, BC Canada V3W 2X8

Tel 604.591.8811 Cell 778.836.7490

1.800.663.6553 Fax 604.591.5288




Sales Representative

Flocor Inc.

503 47th Street East

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Canada, S7K 5B5

Tel: (306) 242-6788

Fax: (306) 242-5089

Cell: (306) 229-5208

TF: (800) 667-3002

Email: lvanelsakker@ocor.ca




Providing Complete Solutions for

Water & Wastewater Challenges

Dillon Petrucha, Technical Sales Manager

Phone: 306-231-3688

Toll-Free: 1-855-682-6125

E: dpetrucha@sapphire-water.ca

Box 3615 Highway #20 North

Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0











3807 Arthur Rose Ave.

Saskatoon, SK S7P 0C7

PH. (306) 242-4155

Direct Line (306) 651-4782

Cel. (306) 222-2114

Fax. (306) 242-6020

• Manhole Restoration

Toll Free 1-866-242-4155

• Concrete Repair and

E-mail: jerry@topshotconcrete.com


Website: www.topshotconcrete.com

• Shotcreting

• Concrete Pump Sales & Service

Adam Speed

Mid Continental Pump Supply Ltd.

Pumps & Valves Fire Protection Municipal Industrial











Reverse Osmosis

Bulk Handling

Solutions for

Water Treatment

Don Burgess

Bay 110, 44 Riel Drive

St. Albert, AB T8N 5C4

Ph: (780)460-8433 Fax (780)418-2227


Low Fouling, High

Productivity, RO


Allan Miskolczi - Technical Sales Rep

Cell: 306-381-9244 • Toll Free: 1-877-624-5757

Email: amiskolczi@johnbrooks.ca


Alex McGregor

Territory Manager - Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan


Edmonton, Alberta


Water Softeners and

Specialty Metals Removal

On-Site Chlorine


Manufacturer Representatives For Quality Water Treatment Equipment



David Tidy

Senior Regional Sales Manager

Metcon Sales & Engineering Ltd.

15 Connie Crescent, Unit 3

Concord, Ontario L4K 1L3

P 905.738.2355 x 230

M 416.346.1764

F 905.738.5520

E davidt@metconeng.com

W www.metconeng.com

Water and Wastewater Products

CORIX Water Products provides quality service and solutions

from waterworks and HDPE supplies to water meters,

engineered products, and packaged systems.

Visit us in booth 96 at the SWWA Tradeshow.


Established in 1939



Industrial Composite


Commercial & Industrial Services Ltd.

1035 Mission Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R2J 0A4

P: (204) 233-0671

C: (204) 981-2200

F: (204) 233-6938



Kyle Monette

Director of Sales, Manitoba/Saskatchewan


C 306.536.4456 T 306.525.0548

F 306.565.8808

410 A Henderson Drive

Regina, SK S4N 5W9

atstraffic.ca | Since 1966





P 800.387.7503

F 888.281.8109

24 HR EMERGENCY 306.664.2522


Keith MacCharles

Email: keith@airmastersales.com

P: (204) 944-7446 C: (204) 781-5199 F: (204) 632-9747

Toll Free: 1-800-788-6805

400 Keewatin St. Winnipeg, Manitoba R2X 2R9


P.O. Box 92173

RPO Meadowbrook

Edmonton, AB

T6T 1N1


Regional Manager - Western Canada

Cell: 780-910-1717

Fax: 780-449-5300







Go to nexom.com/saskatchewan to


Nexom’s Sales Manager

for Saskatchewan.




9-30321 Fraser Highway




OFFICE: 604-857-9660

FAX: 604-857-9674

TOLL FREE: 1-877-808-1088

CELL: 403-615-7655

EMAIL: astanley@galaxyplastics.com

Why advertise in the


Because it can



Measurement and Control Equipment

advertising works. . .

CORIX Control Solutions provides measurement and control

equipment to the oil, gas, industrial, and municipal market

sectors in Western Canada.

Visit us in booth 95 at the SWWA Tradeshow.



Matthew Martin

Branch Manager


Plastics For Today’s Industry


3926 Arthur Rose Avenue

Saskatoon, SK

Canada S7P 0C9

Tel: 306.955.6005

Cell: 306.280.7170

Fax: 204.694.7876 Fax: 204.694.7876 Fax: 204.694.7876 Fax: 204.694.7876


ClearTech Introduces the Lovibond PVT

Series of Process Turbidimeters in Canada

ClearTech is the Canadian factory authorized

service centre and stocking distributor for

the new Lovibond PVT Series of Process

Turbidimeters in Canada. Lovibond, a leading

manufacturer of water analysis products

designed these turbidimeters to monitor

Wherever there’s water

See Turbidity

in a New Light

Introducing the

PTV Process Turbidimeters

by Lovibond


Easy to Use

Low Maintenance

the low levels of turbidity found in drinking

water. The PVT Series received US EPA

approval as listed the USA Federal Register /

Vol 82 / No. 143, in section 40 CFR 141.74(a)

(1), published on Thursday, July 27, 2017.

“This is a big milestone,” says Michael Sadar,

Lovibond’s Research and Develop Manager.

“We worked hard to develop a system that

was not only user friendly, but that is able

to achieve the level of accuracy that the

operators as well as the regulators expect

from a system like this. We’re really proud of

what we were able to accomplish, and we

think that operators are really going to like

the simplicity of the overall design of the

instrument as well as the data management

tools that the mobile interface provides.”


With an emphasis on simplifying processes,

data management, and reducing water

usage, the design of the PTV Series

considered every aspect of process turbidity

workflow. The system is configurable to offer

operators a variety of options including

integrated flow indication and bi-directional

Bluetooth® communication between the

sensor and a mobile device. Additional

accessories to assist with installation, sample

management and routine procedures such as

calibrations and cleanings are also available.

As a stocking distributor and factory

authorized service centre, ClearTech

offers complete installation and ongoing

maintenance service on the PVT Series


To order and for more information about

the PVT Series, contact ClearTech at

1.800.387.7503 or orders@cleartech.ca.

For more about ClearTech’s commitment to

water treatment visit www.cleartech.ca.

See the New PTV Process Series by




being a



What does the word leadership

mean to you? Does it mean being

good at your job, being well liked,

or being in charge of everyone?

Every leader in the world aspires

to be a good leader, but how can

you be a good leader, if you don’t

understand what leadership

really means?

Leadership is not like some

clothing where one size fits all

and there is no magic force that

will instantly make you a great

leader. It takes time, dedication,

and patience to learn how to

make and achieve goals you set,

and how to inspire others to

follow you and do the same.

Everyone has different ways of

doing this, whether through

small rewards (donuts and

coffee), or allowing more

freedom for employees, or

working in the trenches with the

said employees. All approaches

however you chose to execute

work but you need to take time

to figure out what kind of leader

you are and the style of

leadership that will work best for


Every exceptional leader has

developed and not stopped

learning how to develop their

leadership to obtain success.


Being a good leader is tough; it can be hard to find a balance between creating

and supporting others to execute jobs successfully. Making a bad decision can

affect you as a leader with the pressures you receive from those above you

whether council; mayor or your plant manager and can impact you and your team.

Being the leader of a team requires a resilient mindset. Resilience is the key to

dealing with the leadership challenges effectively while at the same time allowing

you to thrive in your leadership challenges.

Every leader needs to learn flexibility, it does no-one any

good to sit there and complain about changes to things or

challenges you dislike, instead you need to be able to adapt

and change to accept the new situation and work with what

you have.



Like a marriage or any kind of relationship communication is always key. It is

important for you to be able to communicate effectively with those you are

leading. You are the only one who knows what is going on in your head and

unless you can communicate what you are wanting effectively your employees

will not know what you are wanting. If you promise something follow through,

be a man/woman of your word; in the long run that will save you.




It takes courage to stand up for something you believe;

but a great leader needs to be able to stand-alone even

when it is hard to do so. Having strength and courage to

fight for what you believe is sometimes a hard thing to

do but it is also the sign of a great leader.

It takes courage to stand up for something you believe; but a great

leader needs to be able to stand-alone even when it is hard to do so.

Having strength and courage to fight for what you believe is

sometimes a hard thing to do but it is also the sign of a great leader.

Ever hear the phrase a kind word can make a world of difference. In todays

world it is often overlooked how much a simple thank you means. When you

have an employee who goes above and beyond working and maybe not

receiving any reward for the time dedicated to a project often times a simple

thank you can mean more than an actual award. People need to know they

matter and are appreciated – those who feel it from their leaders are often the

ones who will go above and beyond for their leaders when it is needed.

Being a good leader is not all sunshine and flowers, it can often look like a broken

hydrant or water main, cold and potential storm on the horizon. Sometimes you need to

make difficult or unpopular decisions. Positivity is your best defense even when you

don’t feel it. It is on the days when everything is going wrong that your character and

leadership will shine through. Your style of leadership when combined with a few of

these characteristics will be your key to success as a leader.

The Operator


Board is Online

We’ve been working hard to update and reorganize

our website. It’s user friendly and has all the latest

information for your certification needs:




Did you know you can send your new

application, your upgrade and your

renewal electronically to the OCB?

We know you’re busy and we want

the process to be as easy as we can

make it.

Forms are available on our website to

download, print and send back to us

without ever leaving your house or

paying for a stamp. You can send your

credit card payment too, by

completing the authorization form

and including it with your


CEUs to submit with your

renewal? No problem. Scan your

certificates and send them with your


Phone: 306-789-3430

Fax: 306-789-3429


Operator Certification Board

Email: info@saskocb.ca

Website: www.saskocb.ca

Board Meeting Dates

Need the Board meeting dates and


Our website has all the upcoming

dates and cut-offs for the year, so you

can get your documents to us in

time, with no worries about your

certification expiring.

CEU Courses &


Is there a course you are considering

for Continued Education Unit credit

and not sure if it is an approved

course? Check out the link on our

website and view all approved

courses. This list is updated

whenever new education is

approved, so check back often.

c/o Mailroom

3211 Albert Street

Regina, SK S4S 5W6

Saskatchewan Operator Certification Board

Is there a course you

want to take but it’s not

on the list? Send us an

Evaluation Form

(available on the website)

and the Board will review

it. If it’s approved it will

be added to the list and

updated on our website.

Your Operator


Your information is available to view

on our website. Head over to the

Operators page and do a search.

You can check out your community,

certification areas, original

certification date and expiry date.

Is there anything

you’d like to see on

our website?

Drop us a line in the Contact Us area

and let us know. The website is

always being updated and new

information added whenever


Check us out . . .




Sask Operator Certification Board

. . . even the dancing was good!



Pumps, controls and people - for every application

Innovative technologies mean we can offer you the

highest total efficiency in wastewater pumping

solutions. Whatever your unique pumping or

treatment challenges may be, Grundfos can

help you succeed.



Path to Improvement

The strength of any device is only as strong as the weakest link. This analogy also holds

true for organizations. Opportunities exist for improvement. WCWEA is one of the member

agencies of Western Canada Water. WCWEA has experienced several challenges and has

significant opportunities. Some of the challenges include increasing awareness of

resources available to water professionals, increasing participation in WCWEA, and

providing training sessions for water professionals. These were some of the issues that

WCWEA wrestled with during the strategic planning session in 2017. I’ve embarked on a

new journey in 2018 to assist WCWEA to address these challenges.

Water Environment Federation (WEF) is the parent organization of WCWEA. I have taken on

the role as the Delegate representative to link WCWEA to WEF. WEF has a House of

Delegates (HOD) workgroup that work on several important issues for water professionals.

HOD has representatives from member agencies, similar to WCW, from across Canada and

the United States. HOD is working to promote operator initiatives as well as the profession

of working in the water industry. These include:

1) development and

distribution of

promotional items

which include


Ingenuity Award,

training sessions,


challenges, and

training manuals;

2) complete survey

of member

agencies and


development; and

3) prepare operator

orientated articles

for member



There are a number of water related events that are creating problems for various

geographic locations. Problems with the artisan wells creating a water supply shortfall for

the community of Swan River, Manitoba; shortage of water for Cape Town, South Africa;

flooding of the Quill Lakes in Saskatchewan; stormwater flooding of Paris, France in early

2018; extreme precipitation and flooding of Houston, Texas in 2017; and a spring runoff

event in 2013 creating flooding in High River and Calgary. Trying to understand the reason

for these types of events as well as how to deal with them is of significant importance to

all water professionals. WCWEA is working on putting a seminar together to explore

stormwater occurrences. I am assisting with the arrangements for a Canada Stormwater

Institute seminar in November in Calgary.

I’m enjoying the many challenges and opportunities of working with WCWEA.

You’re always welcome to participate.

Timo Jansen

WCWEA Delegate

water supply







water events


upcoming events





CEU Value – 0.6 CEU

ABSTRACT: The workshop will be presented by various

Water Security Agency staff and will meet the needs of

all levels of water and wastewater operators as well as

administrators and consultants. The main focus of the

workshop will be Waterworks Emergency Response

Planning and updates on the Saskatchewan Water and

Wastewater Works Operator Certification Standards.

The workshop will also touch on other topics within the

water and wastewater area including: an overview of the

Water Security Agency, legislation updates, disinfection

by-products and emerging substances, and Downstream

Use Impact Studies.

Due Diligence

June 1 - Swift Current Home Inn & Suites

CEU Value - 0.6


• Culture, Types of Health and Safety Offences,

What is Due Diligence?

• Duties of Employer, Duties of Contractors,

Duties of the Supervisors

• Duties of the Workers, Inspections, Accident/

Dangerous Occurrence, Investigations and


• Rights of Workers, Harassment

Interested in putting on a

technical session or workshop

for the 2018 SWWA conference?

We are now accepting papers. Please include

a presenter bio and abstract when submitting,

only those submissions with both items will be

accepted for review. Email to: office@swwa.ca


Operation &


Yorkton April 24, Swift Current April 26

CEU Value - 0.6


• Why do we study valves and hydrants?

• AWWA Standards / Applicable associations

• Gate Valves design, operation,

maintenance and troubleshooting.

• AWWA C502 hydrant Specs

• Common Western Canada Fire Hydrants

• Installation Issues

• Analyzing Hydrant Defects

• Inspecting a Fire Hydrant

• National Fire Code

• Setting up a Hydrant and Valve

Maintenance Program.

• Safely tearing down a hydrant for

maintenance and inspection.

• Tools required for maintenance.

• Parts of the fire hydrant.

• Common troubleshoots



May 2 - Saskatoon

Hilton Garden Inn

CEU Value - 0.6




Operator 2

Swift Current Waste Water

Treatment Plant.

Sponsor a

Hole for the

2018 SWWA

Golf Tournament

June 2, 2018 in

Swift Current

Contact Calle at


What led you into your current field?

Was it planned or a detour?

I was a lift Station Operator for the first

few years of my employment with the

City and liked the job. I wanted to better

myself, so I applied to move up to the


Is there someone who has been a

mentor to you in your professional life

and personal life and why?

My dad has been my mentor in my life.

He gave me my first job working for him

in his upholstery shop, and it was his

work ethic that help me to get where I

am today.

What is the most rewarding part of

your job? What is the least rewarding?

The most rewarding part is helping keep

the environment clean. Cleaning human

waste is the least rewarding part!

What type of education do you

currently hold?

I have my level 2 Wastewater Treatment

and level 2 Wastewater Collection.

Looking ahead – is there anything you

would like to accomplish in your


I would like to obtain my level 3

Wastewater Treatment.

If you could give advice to someone

looking to get into the industry or to a

student looking into a future career

what would you say?

It’s a good job that will always be there.

Knowing that you can help the

Environment is a good reason to be

involved in our industry.

What ways do you currently

incorporate to help combat stress and


I go fishing on weekends to get away

and unwind. Also I go camping with


Tell us about you, what makes you tick,

what are you passionate about?

I have been married for 7 years, I have

two boys that are 5 & 7 that take up

most of my time. My passions are

Hunting and fishing with my family.




and get

on the


Can anyone

TOP Wynyard's



Now I all know we have seen

and heard of FATBURGERS

that love to clog our sewer.

I’m also very sure that we

have all seen a rubber duck

floating by too, along with

numerous other thing we‘d

much rather not see. But

December 27th 2017 at the

Wynyard Lift Station must

take the cake.

Upon returning to work after

my much needed Christmas

vaycay and heading out to

check the lift station I

stumbled on something

new. I looked once, looked

twice and thought to myself,

either I need more coffee or

maybe some more sleep but

I'm certain that's a fire

extinguisher stuck down

there?! So down went Terry

Morrow to pull it out and

sure enough that's exactly

what it is. A ten pound fire

extinguisher, fully intact,

hanging out at the bottom.

Certainly that’s not an

everyday flushable, and

Wynyard does not

have any household or

even industry sewer

mains that would be

able to fit such a thing

down them; our only

guess is someone

lifted a man hole lid

and threw it on down.

With a further

inspection of the

extinguisher we found

out that it was from

2010, giving us a slight

time line of how long

it could have been in

there; however how it

made any twists and

turns to make into the

lift station is anyone’s


Frankly we would

love your theories, if

you have any inkling

let us know!

Water Security Agency

Environmental Services Section

The Environmental Services Section is

comprised of seventeen Environmental

Project Officers (EPOs) and two managers

who are located throughout the province.

Some of their main duties include the


Operational permitting, inspection and

compliance of regulated waterworks and

sewage works in Saskatchewan to ensure

safe drinking water and protection of

human health and the environment.

Delivery of effective preventative

compliance assurance functions by

Environmental Project Officers with

compliance related assistance from

Conservation Officers with the Ministry of


Provision of technical advice in the event

of waterworks/sewage works system

emergencies, system failures or upsets to

protect human and environmental health

that these problems may represent. Issues

Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory

when situations or reports indicate a

potential problem with regulated drinking

water supply. Provides water and

wastewater treatment and system

management advice and response in the

event of a waterborne disease outbreak.

Provides guidance to waterworks owners

to manage and resolve concerns in the

event of adverse water quality monitoring

results. Tracks and monitors compliance

with drinking water quality standards (e.g.:

bacteriological water quality, etc.) that can

have direct, short or long term health


The EPO contact list as well as an EPO

boundary map are available in the

Drinking Water Information Binder located

at www.saskh2o.ca












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$ /,!-.!0 !









1! "/!

3# ,(-).()-&/&

45 ,(-).&&)/&)$






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$ (2#


















$.%! %'









1! "/! " ,(-)./%/-/%-

7 ,(-).//%%/$ 6 ,(-).//%%/$

36 ,(-)./%/'-& 0 ,(-).//%%/$

38 ,(-).)*&($-' ,(-).)*&($-'

33 ,(-)./%/-/%- 9 ,(-)./%)$&*'

This is your

CareerDo you know these key

things that can help










Take control: You and you alone are the only person who is responsible for making sure

that you stay certified. Know when you are up for renewal; mark it on your calendar.

Keep good records: Your employer is going to ask for your CEU certificates as

you earn them, make sure you give them a copy and also keep copies of the

records for yourself.

Keep up with technology: this is a changing industry things are always

changing new technologies are always advancing – keep abreast of these

things by reading your Pipeline wither online or on the mobile app, read

news articles, read other industry publications, attend the annual

conference tradeshow – there are lots of companies ready to share all that

they have to offer.


you with your career?

Training: Keep up with the courses being offered – watch

the SWWA website and subscribe to getting the emails from

your association so that you are in the know.


Membership: being a part of the association

gives you a wide range of opportunities for

training and networking events. Knowing others

in the industry will help you do a couple of

things: advance your career, have assistance if

needed from those who have experienced your

current situation, and a group of peers to rely on

and look to if needed for assistance.

What led you into your current

field? Was it planned or a detour?

I came into this field as a result of

wanting to try something new. An

opportunity came up in the Fibreglass

industry and I found it to be a chance

to be creative and innovative in

helping find solutions for traditional


How long have you been in the


I have been promoting products to the

Water & Wastewater industry doing

business development for over

15years and in the Fibreglass industry

for over 5 years and recently became

the Director of Composite Sales for

Carlson Commercial & Industrial

Services Ltd. in October of 2017

Is there someone who has been a

mentor to you in your professional

life and personal life and why?

My biggest personal mentor was my

father who ran a renovations

company. He was a very smart man

and always put people’s needs before

his own. He worked hard and always

stood up for what he believed to be

right! I have had a few professional

mentors in my life, each with different

skillsets but two who stand out the

most would be from Pritchard

Engineering in Winnipeg. They were

able to see my potential and help me

grow into the person I am today by

being honest and ethical with every

client to create long term


What is the most rewarding part of

your job? What is the least


The most rewarding part of my job is

that each day has a different problem

with a different solution. This allows

me to be creative and innovative with

designing and implementing results

for the Water and Wastewater industry.

The least rewarding part of my job is

the time I need to spend away from

my wife and children but thanks to

technology I can video chat with them

when I am travelling.

What type of education do you

currently hold?

I am a Business Administration

Graduate and have learned many

additional skills, not taught in a book

or classroom, through working with

my colleagues and clients. You would

be surprised at what you can learn just

by listening.

What are your future plans for your


My future career plans are to work

hard, play hard, and grow my

knowledge to allow me to become a

president/owner one day!

If you could give advice to someone

looking to get into the industry or

to a student looking into a future

career what would you say?

I say take the leap and don’t let people

hold you back! People have told me

that the grass isn’t always greener on

the other side and sometimes they are

right, but through it all I have had

some great experiences and great

careers and met many great people. If

you don’t take a risk in life you will not

see any rewards.

What ways do you currently

incorporate to help combat stress

and overwork?

I am an anomaly and normally handle

stress very well. I will admit there are

times where I get stressed beyond

being able to just shrug it off, but my

family and friends help take my mind

off the stressful times and encourage

me to move forward with whatever life

throws my way.

Tell us about you, what makes you

tick, what are you passionate


I enjoy sports, hockey, spongee

(Manitoba sport), golf, and gong to the

lake. I also like to entertain and put on

social gatherings. I am most

passionate about family, I have 3

children (17yrs, 3-1/2 years, and 5

Months) and a beautiful wife. They are

what drives my passion to succeed in

life and to better myself. I try to lead

by example and instill good morals

and ethics so they can grow to better

the world when they get older.




Director of Sales for our Engineered

Composites Division who

manufactures, supplies, and services

various Fibreglass products for the

Water/Wastewater Treatment market.

You Are


to the






6 - 8 /2018




June 2, 2018




Workshops and Technical Sessions:

Rynette Moore-Guillaume


Tradeshow and Conference Information:

Calle Behnke – office@swwa.ca

Early Bird Conference Registration - OPEN NOW!

Golf Tournament 2018

don’t miss the fun - book today!


Attention Suppliers

• To register for the SWWA 2018 Tradeshow

go to www.swwa.ca

New Game Available!

. . . train your kids about the importance of water, your

pipes and how to treat these resources.

Do you have schools touring

your facility?

You can download and distribute these to the groups or

point them to the WEF website for more options.





• click on

tradeshow option

• click on

Register Now

If you have not already you will need to

create a login

to register for a booth

Once you do this a page with the booths

available will show on the screen - SWWA takes

Visa or MasterCard for payment online.


2 reps come with each booth and all rep names are due

Oct. 1, 2018. If your payment is successful you will be

taken to a screen with the option to print your receipt.

If this does not pop up you will need to click on the cart

icon that shows up on the right hand top corner and

retry the transaction.

A game by American Water Works Association and Water Environment Federation





Almost everything we do requires water

but did you know there’s only a set amount of water

on our planet? It’s up to all of us to work together to

make sure we protect our water and use it responsibly,

so that it’s available now and way into the future.

Our friends in the water sector are always working to

make sure that we have the safest and cleanest water

possible. They treat our water and wastewater and

maintain the systems that make it possible for us to

end it on to our neighbors


1. Place obstacles on the “O” squares.

2. Place broken pipes on the “P” squares.

3. Place the start tile on the “S” square.

4. Place the finish tile on the “F” square.

5. You may only use the number of each type

of pipe shown next to the game map.





1. Route the water from start to finish by using

your pipe tiles.

2. Fix each broken pipe on the board by replacing

Ready for an

adventure of

a lifetime?

Join the Kilimanjaro Climb for Life

March 14 – 24, 2018


your spirit of


while bringing

clean water

to the world

Join WaterAid as we walk in the

footsteps of famed explorers and

mountaineers on our way to the top

of Africa’s tallest peak – towering at

5,895 metres above sea level. Hike

through lush rainforests and alpine

deserts. Cross glaciers by day and

sleep closer to the stars than you

ever dreamed possible by night.

For more information:

Andrea Helfer, Vice President, Fundraising


1.800.370.5658. Ext. 229


About WaterAid

WaterAid is an international not-for-prot,

determined to make clean water, decent

toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone,

everywhere within a generation. Only by

tackling these three essentials in ways that

last can people change their lives for good.

Hosted in partnership with:

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