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On the Beat - Senior Edition - April 2018

Food For Thought…

Food For Thought… Let’s talk about MENTAL illness Why is this subject taboo? If it wasn’t, why is the mention of a mental health doctor something to joke about? If not stigmatised, why are the people suffering from it terrified to even mention their struggles to others? Mental disorders are real, with more than 200 types listed. Still, these people try everything in their power to hide it and act normal to AVOID drawing attention to the problem – they may already feel embarrassed or confused about it themselves. I feel this is a very relevant issue: most of the personality or mood disorders show face during late teenage years or early twenties. There may be dozens walking amongst you and your friends. Even someone you encounter throughout everyday life, you would not be aware of their mental disorder. overlap with the criteria of another possible diagnosis. My message for now is: just because you have mood swings that leave your friends scratching their heads, doesn’t mean you are bipolar. Anorexia is about much more than food. When having an off day, you are not “depressed”. Mental disorders have one thing in common: they affect the person’s life to such a degree that they find it hard to focus on anything else. The illness becomes the larger part of their day and permeates their every thought. On the outside it may seem fine – but on the inside, it’s living hell. If you liked this article, you might find these videos interesting: The symptoms of a mental disorder are a bit like the features of Down syndrome. We may showcase one or two signs, but it takes a set number of symptoms to occur before the person is considered to have the condition. It may take months or years for the diagnosis, because the symptoms Depression: The Misunderstood Epidemic Dr. Harry Barry: Understanding Generalised Anxiety Disorder What Is a Bipolar Manic Episode Like? | Mood Disorders -Anonymous

How well do you know your country? 1. How many public Universities are there in South Africa? a) 16 b) 10 c) 26 d) 32 3. Which of the following is false? a) Being the first country to perform a heart transplant. b) Being the first country to develop the CAT scan. c) Being the first country to develop a low radiation dose X- ray. d) Being the first country to perform a successful penis transplant. 5. How many democratic heads of state has South Africa had? a) 3 b) 5 c) 4 d) 6 2. Which of the following is not a national symbol of South Africa? a) The king Protea b) The blue crane c) The Galjoen d) The boabab 4. South Africa’s three capital cities are? a) Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein b) Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Johannesburg c) Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town d) Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Cape Town 6. On which koppie are the Union Buildings built? a) Marijke b) The Union mountain c) Meintjieskop d) Arcadia heights 7. Which language is spoken most in South Africa? a) Sepedi b) isiZulu c) English d) Afrikaans Answers: (1) c, (2) d, (3) b, (4) a, (5) b, (6) c, (7) b

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