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Lec4_Piled Raft

20-Oct-15 Design

20-Oct-15 Design Philosophy of Piled Rafts Conventional Pile Design Method • Disregards the capacity of Pile caps/Rafts • Increased number of piles or length of piles • Very small allowable settlement • Pile factor of safety (FS ≈ 2) Piled Raft Design Method • Raft is the main bearing element • Design for full utilization of pile capacity (FS ≥1) • Piles are Settlement reducers • Consideration of the optimal location of piles to decrease the differential settlement and bending moment of raft. Prof. V.S.Raju Consultants 3 Concept of Piled Raft : • A very good reference “The Piled Raft Foundation for The Burj Dubai – Design and Performance “, IGS-Ferroco Terzaghi Oration – 2008, by Prof.Harry Poulos. Prof. V.S.Raju Consultants 4 V.S.Raju Consultants 2

Load (t) 20-Oct-15 Raft Piles Settlement (mm) Fig. 1 Load settlement curves for piles and Raft on cohesion-less soils (sands & non plastic silts) Prof. V.S.Raju Consultants 5 ‣ World’s tallest building. ‣ 160 storey high rise tower. Schematic Model of Burj Dubai Prof. V.S.Raju Consultants 6 V.S.Raju Consultants 3

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