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Lec4_Piled Raft

20-Oct-15 Step 6: The

20-Oct-15 Step 6: The settlements of the raft due to the load shared by the raft are estimated Total settlement of the piled raft = Raft contribution + Pile contribution This should be < 75 mm for cohesionless soils < 100 mm for cohesive soils Subgrade modulus of raft k = Gross bearing pressure on Raft∗∗∗ Total raft settlement (Without piles) *** More appropriate would be to use net bearing pressure. But in the structural Analysis of the raft gross bearing pressure (actual loading from superstructure) is used. Prof. V.S.Raju Consultants 11 Current Practice Method 1 Plate Load Test Prof. V.S.Raju Consultants 12 V.S.Raju Consultants 6

20-Oct-15 Zone of Influence Prof. V.S.Raju Consultants 13 Recommended values in literature Most often used reference is Foundation Analysis and Design book by Joseph E Bowles Soil E s (kN/m 2 ) Sand (Normally consolidated) 500(N+15) Silty Sand Clayey sand 300 (N+6) 320 (N+15) Prof. V.S.Raju Consultants 14 V.S.Raju Consultants 7

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