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HLT 610 Module 3 Discussions GCU

HLT 610 Module 3 Discussions

HLT 610 Module 3 Discussions GCU Or Email us on HLT 610 Module 3 Discussions GCU HLT 610 Module 3 Discussion Question 1 It is important for professionals to conduct themselves according to their discipline’s standards to promote the general good of the discipline. However, adherence to professional standards is not always enforceable. Provide an example that demonstrates this concept. What do think should be done to make the standard enforceable? HLT 610 Module 3 Discussion Question 2 The following websites correspond to your respective disciplines: Public Health: Health Information Management Systems: Health Care Administrators: Please review your respective website and discuss the primary function of the organization and identify professional standards of practice discussed on the website. How do these standards of practice relate to your professional development plan?

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