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Collections RECLAIMED

Collections RECLAIMED Undeniably natural. Inherently historic. Our Reclaimed Collection is a nod to those that truly want Mother Nature in its rawest form. Made from 100% pre- or post-consumer (your choice) recycled material, our clients have the option to install a beautiful hardwood floor without cutting down a single tree. Coming from a variety of sources such as barns or fenceposts around the U.S. and beyond, our Reclaimed Collection is guaranteed to provide a truly one-of-a-kind product that is dripping with historical allure. 90 | PID FLOORS RECLAIMED

ALBRIGHT (unstained) SKU: CHL101 Reclaimed White and Red Oak CHAPMANVILLE (unstained) SKU: CHL103 Reclaimed Corral Oak DELBARTON SKU: CHL104 Reclaimed White and Red Oak ELLENBORO SKU: CHL105 Reclaimed White and Red Oak FLEMINGTON SKU: CHL106 Reclaimed Corral Oak GASSAWAY SKU: CHL107 Reclaimed White and Red Oak HUTTONSVILLE SKU: CHL108 Reclaimed White and Red Oak MARLINGTON SKU: CHL109 American Chestnut RECLAIMED PID FLOORS | 91