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MOPA 2018 Letter to Dr. Evans regarding STPAs

MOPA 2018 Letter to Dr. Evans regarding

MISSOURI PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION 1051 S. Fremont Avenue Springfield, Missouri, 65804 P 417-227-0960 F 417-832-0601 March 18, 2018 Arthur Evans, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer American Psychological Association RE: Improving advocacy by improving integration of the state associations with APA Dear Dr. Evans: I appreciated the opportunity to speak to you at PLC about the crisis that many of our state psychology associations are currently experiencing. I believe that our crisis is your opportunity. The state psychology associations are critical to APA in their advocacy work I think it is safe to say that almost everyone is extremely pleased and impressed with your work to integrate and make more flexible APA’s 501(c)3 and (c)6 programs. You have been quoted in the press as helping APA make a move to a more advocacy-centered organization. I have heard the word, “visionary,” used to describe this initiative and I would agree with it. Nevertheless, I find this conception of APA to be incomplete. I would suggest to you that APA has three critical parts to its structure: its (c)3 program, its (c)6 program, and the state associations. The integration of the (c)3 and (c)6 programs will certainly aid APA’s advocacy work. The integration of the state association with these components however will make it even more effective. It is the state associations that are most often fighting for whatever is APA’s current agenda. In Missouri we have passed legislation to allow psychologists the H&B codes. We have re-structured our post-doctoral requirements in line with that suggested by APA. We have worked with our state Medicaid program to be able soon to reimburse interns under Medicaid. Because scope of practice and reimbursement issues are most often determined at the state level, much of what is most important to APA occurs at the state level. In the case of Missouri we have asked one of our board members, who is an administrative at a local community mental health center, to advocate with a particular senator, whose is only interested in community mental health centers, not psychologists. Shaping the Landscape of Missouri Psychology

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