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IT00011 - IT Assets Disposal Policy v1.1 - Des 2017

3 Procedure to purge

3 Procedure to purge information on computer assets The KillDisk procedure is used to purge all information on the disk. Active@ KillDisk is a tool that is used to clear Hard Drives and conforms to four international standards for clearing and sanitising data. This procedure ensures that a disk is wiped and cleared of sensitive information. Process: 1. With the laptop or desktop switched off, insert either the Active@ KILLDISK bootable CD disk into your CD-ROM drive. 2. Start the PC by turning on the power. The screen will display the Microsoft DOS prompt. 3. At the DOS prompt, run Active@ KILLDISK for Hard Drives by typing: KILLDISK.EXE The Detected Physical Devices screen appears... IT 0011 Version: 2017/v1.1 Page 8 of 13 CONFIDENTIAL THIS DOCUMENT IS THE PROPERTY OF TWK HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD. ILLEGAL USE AND COPYING OF THIS DOCUMENT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

All system physical devices and logical partitions are displayed in a list. 4. Change the position of the cursor in the list using the keyboard [Down] and [Up] arrow keys. A list of commands is displayed below the device list. Hard drive devices are numbered by the system BIOS. A system with a single hard drive shows as number 0. Subsequent hard drive devices are numbered consecutively. For example, the second device will be shown as Hard Disk 1. 5. Select a device and read the detailed information about the device in the right pane. Below the device, select a logical partition. The information in the right pane changes. As well, the list of commands changes. 6. Be certain that the drive you are pointing to is the one that you want to erase or the one you want to wipe. If you choose to erase, all data will be permanently erased with no chance for recovery. 7. After parameters have been set, move the cursor down to CONFIRM AND ERASE. IT 0011 Version: 2017/v1.1 Page 9 of 13 CONFIDENTIAL THIS DOCUMENT IS THE PROPERTY OF TWK HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD. ILLEGAL USE AND COPYING OF THIS DOCUMENT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

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