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PRESSES 700mm Sheet

PRESSES 700mm Sheet Metal Folder Vice/Bench Mounting 910mm Floor Standing Sheet Metal Folder 10tonne Bench Type Hydraulic Press • Capable of bending a 2mm steel sheet, of limited length, up to and beyond a 90° angle. • Unique patented endless design and removable folding plate allows the user to fold any length of sheet metal up to 1mm thick. • Adjustable fold plate to help achieve the cleanest fold possible. • Capacity: 20 Gauge Sheet, Ø1mm Rod. • Model No. TS01 • List Price £149.95 8pc Press Pin Set £109.95 £131.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT Economy Floor Type Hydraulic Presses OR • Manually operated and suitable for folding up to 22 gauge sheet. • Model No. DF910 • List Price £317.45 £249.95 £299.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT • Table Aperture: 115mm. • Working Table Width: 335mm. • Ram Stroke: 180mm. • Overall Height: 1060mm. • Supplied with pressure gauge. • Model No. YK10B • List Price £329.95 30tonne Floor Type Premier Hydraulic Press £229.95 £275.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT Model No. YK20ECF • Set of eight press pins, 2-20tonne capacity, with ram adaptor all with a yellow phosphate finish. • Suitable for the following Sealey model numbers manufactured from October 2008 onwards; PPB15, YK15BP, YK15FFP, YK20F, YK20FAH, YK209F, YK20FFP, YK30F, YK30FFP, YK30XF, YK309FAH, YK509F, YK50FFP, YK509FAH, YK759F, YK759FAH. • Model No. YKPP8 • List Price £141.95 £99.95 £119.94 Floor Type Hydraulic Presses EXC. VAT INC. VAT • Economy models suitable for the serious enthusiast or occasional professional use. • Made from a high quality steel with a powder coated paint finish to help corrosion resistance. Model No. Capacity Table Aperture Working Table Width List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT YK10ECF 10tonne 82mm 418mm £269.95 £169.95 £203.94 YK20ECF 20tonne 94mm 500mm £384.95 £239.95 £287.94 Floor Type Air/Hydraulic Presses with Foot Pedal • Table Aperture: 165mm. • Working Table Width: 550mm. • Ram Stroke: 155mm. • Sliding hydraulic ram assembly gives 200mm of off-centre lateral travel pressing applications. • Frame head fitted with ram pressure gauge. • Supplied with flat pressing plate/V-blocks. • Model No. YK30FFP • List Price £1539.95 £1149.95 £1379.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT OR OR Model No. YK30 Model No. YK509FAH • Steel frame construction. • Working Table Width: 550mm. • Supplied with gauge. • Sliding hydraulic ram assembly. Model No. Capacity Table Aperture Ram Stroke List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT YK20F 20tonne 105mm 185mm £639.95 £359.95 £431.94 YK30F 30tonne 164mm 150mm £1239.95 £779.95 £935.94 • Steel frame construction. • Side mounted air motor powering hydraulic pump unit. • 2-Speed manual operation. • Fitted with ram pressure gauge. • Supplied with flat pressing plate/V-blocks. Model No. Capacity Table Aperture Working Table Width Ram Stroke List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT YK309FAH 30tonne 164mm 550mm 150mm £1439.95 £979.95 £1175.94 YK509FAH 50tonne 235/185mm 730mm 200mm £2749.95 £1799.95 £2159.94 YK759FAH 75tonne 201/251mm 800mm 250mm £3849.95 £2349.95 £2819.94 18 sealey tools @sealeytools sealey tools sealeytools

MACHINE SHOP Ø150mm Bench Grinders • Fitted with induction motor drive. • Fitted with stone guards, adjustable eye shields and spark arrestors. • Supplied with BS standard plug. Heavy-Duty Trolleys • Four large castors, two fitted with a brake. • Size (W x D x H): 760 x 410 x 900mm. Model No. BG150XD/99 Model No. BG150XW/99 Model No. CX102 Model No. CX103 Model No. Motor Power Supplied With List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT BG150XD/99 450W Stones (x2) £124.95 £84.95 £101.94 BG150XW/99 450W Stone, Wire Wheel £139.95 £94.95 £113.94 Model No. Type Capacity List Price Exc. VAT Inc. VAT CX102 2-Level 80kg/Level £103.95 £79.95 £95.94 CX103 3-Level 55kg/Level £124.95 £99.95 £119.94 Heavy-Duty Professional Cast Iron Fixed Base Vices 200mm Throat Professional Bandsaw Ø200mm Sharpener with Honing Wheel • Super quality cast iron construction. • Replaceable steel jaws. • Features an anvil. • 2 Year guarantee against breakage. Model No. Jaw Width Jaw Opening List Price 300mm Horizontal Bandsaw with Hydraulic Arm Model No. CV200XT Exc. VAT Inc. VAT CV150XT 150mm 150mm £165.45 £109.95 £131.94 CV200XT 200mm 200mm £259.95 £179.95 £215.94 • Throat Depth: 200mm. • Max. Cutting Height: 80mm. • Dust Extraction Diameter: Ø40mm. • Fully approved to current CE directives. • Bearing mounted blade wheels and direct drive induction motor provide smooth operation. • Features rip fence, mitre gauge and push stick. • Model No. SM1303 • List Price £181.95 £129.95 £155.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT • 180W Induction motor. • Adjustable tool rest. • Leather Honing Wheel: Ø200 x 30mm. • Grinding Wheel: Ø200 x 40mm. • No Load Speed: 95rpm. • 220 Grit wheel. • Easy carry handle. • Model No. SMS2101 • List Price £197.95 150mm 3-Speed Metal Cutting Bandsaw £139.95 £167.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT • Fully CE approved. • Heavy-duty power bandsaw with hydraulic cutting arm control for a smooth cut. • 300mm Capacity at 90° and 170mm at 45°. • 550W/230V Motor. • Fully guarded and fitted with pulley cover safety switch. • Saw arm fitted with hydraulic damping to prevent the arm being dropped onto the workpiece and to ensure smooth cutting performance. • Supplied with bi-metal blade. • Model No. SM35CE • List Price £1519.95 £1099.95 £1319.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT • Heavy-duty cast base and cutting arm. • Oil bath gear box and life lubricated bearings for quiet, smooth operation. • Full guarded blade and magnetic no-load voltage switch. • Complies with CE directive. • Model No. SM5 • List Price £471.45 £319.95 £383.94 EXC. VAT INC. VAT 19