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ACCOMMODATION COENS has more than a decade of Residential management experience and extends total support to clients in their endeavor to manage housing for their workforce at competitive costs. We offer the largest selection of privately owned, fully furnished apartments and houses. Our highly skilled staff are happy to provide viewings of all available properties. You can also view the properties online, on our website* The accommodations are secure, ideally suited for the location of the yards, and adept to meet the occupants’ needs. We act proactively to make life easier for the occupants by addressing every little detail. * 10

T ECHNICAL SERVICE COENS Technical Service has in-depth technical knowledge and field experience through participating in offshore and shipbuilding projects. We are committed to providing the highest quality of various technical service and highly skilled manpower to overseas clients and shipyards in line with recognized project standards and requirements during the construction stage. We offer a variety of engineering/technical service as a total solution to our clients and shipyards: Inspection Service Maintenance Fabrication Service Rental Service Repair Service Completion Service Punch Closing 11

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