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THE MOMENTUM | E-ZINE, APRIL 2018 FINISHING STRONG ///////////////////////////////////// T he excitement and thrill of stepping into the new year has gradually faded away. Life is going back, settling down and resetting itself to the default it has always been. And many of us have probably made a lot of resolutions, setting goals and mapping out targets we hope to hit for the year. Right now, we seem to be energetic; on re, ring on all cyclinders, and it looks like we just might be able to pull of the stunts in all that we hope for. But along the line, during the tortuous journey for the year, there seems to be a problem that besieges us. Suddenly, we zzle out, lacking the drive to continue. We suddenly do not have the desire anymore and in fact we begin to rationlize, thinking there isn't meaning to all of it all. Other times, we become distracted, embroiled in the exigencies of life, pining and whining away or getting carried away by the next available fun of the moment. But do not worry, do not fret; there's no need to pretend that we're all super gods and goddesses without rough edges. is piece is an allay to that fear and here are the ways to keep your re burning. 1. Make your life a need to e problem of a zzling momentum or a dying drive begins with a lot of us making goals and resolutions because we had to and not because we needed to.We had to because of the spur of excitement for the New Year and it is only habitual to make goals and resolutions for the year. Aer all, our friends and those around usdid and so it's the “normal” thing to do. Here in lies the problem. A “needing” is certainly pivotal than a “having”. Imagine you're suffocating or somebody is choking, you see the desperation with arms ailing for breath; you see the ght for oxygen. ere's a “need” for that individual to have oxygen otherwise death is certain. So, make everything about your life a need (something you can't do without). When all that matters, including your goals and resolution, becomes a need, there's a “drive” to get it. 2. Make your life a healthy competition How? You may wonder. I do believe we're familiar with the statement, “overtaking is allowed”. is statement isn't an attempt to brew us into individuals who would use vicious and ungraceful methods to bring down those ahead of us. Rather, it is like a “chi”to see our livesas competitive and to take responsibility for it. Look around, Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter; Telecom giants like Globacom Telecommunications and MTN are always rivaling each other in a bid to outdo the other. What this does is to mold these brands into having the constant drive and momentum for success. And they're successful because of the competitive spirit fostered in them. Emulate this as well. 3. Surround yourself with success oriented individuals You cannot y with the eagles when you're scratching with the turkeys. In order words, you cannot hope to succeed when the bulk of persons around you are opposite of what you hope to be. No, it doesn't work that way. Because eventually, you'd be dragged down, reduced back to pebbles, de ated by such persons even though you have the drive or momentum to be different. You need to realign and readjust your circle of in uence with those who have the mindset to be different. When you do, you'd surely have the re to keep burning. 4. Surround your life with materials Momentum is the product of mass and velocity but there is certainly a “force” needed to produce the velocity that would propel the mass forward. And so, materials in form of written, audio and visuals are one of such forces. Invest your time into poring books that would increase your mental capacity. Watch and listen to men and women who are masters of success for they can teach you in minutes and hours what took them aarduous life time to learn. When you study materials, there's an unconscious transfer of knowledge and what was difficult and herculean to do, would suddenly become a stroll in the park. With these four nuggets at your nger tips, I'm assured you're going to have a momentous experience this year. And what's more, a successful individual in the end. If not, then something is wrong somewhere. Sort it out. ///////////////////////////////// 01

THE MOMENTUM | E-ZINE, APRIL 2018 road to success As Youths the struggle in between our Visions and their Actualizations is in the distinguishing between; a. Relevance to Self b. Relevance to Humanity. Now, if these two are realized and dealt with accordingly and in time, REALIZATION OF VISION will be but common ground for Youths in this generation. So now let us demystify the subjects we faced with. RELEVANCE TO SELF Feeding, Clothing and other personal welfare cannot be excused in the daily lives of humans speci cally youths and must in fact be acquired. But then there is a thin line between working to survive and working to impact. Over time Youths have worked to survive in the acquisition of Cloths, Feeds and other welfare materials but have failed in recognizing that this ought to be but a short moment in our lives while we anticipate our call to Primarily Impact, hence we work to survive till we age and die. You might want to ask the question; But how can one impact without survival, I will tell you the truth, 'Survival is but an offshoot of Impact, when the latter is prioritized in the mind'. A Banker who is looking at Impacting his generation will not barely wake up and run to work with just his scheme of work in that particular bank in mind to achieve but will start to dig deep into possible systems by which the Bank Industry as a whole, can be reformed to t current demands from customers thereby setting himself up for an innovative recognition, which is key to promotion in that particular bank and even recognition at the State and National level, depending on how far he is looking and what he is looking to see. A youth who is 'relevant to self ', whether he aspires to be such or not, is one who barely wants to be rich without de ning the source to that riches. It is in this generation you nd children and Teenagers who are more conversant with What they want to HAVE other than What they want to DO, basically misplacing, and mistaking both for each other. Now a society with a yesterday of such Children and Teenagers, have inevitably produced a today, with a bunch of youths, myopic and sel sh in vision'. 'Relevance to self ' as we have therefore understood above, is a trap of poverty and smallness clothe in the fake attire of 'e Products Of Relevance To Humanity', hence many is a victim of the disguise, rendering them almost useless to the 'SELF' they were trying to protect and cater for, a forehand'. e matter however, is not out of hand yet, as reading this now, is a proof of your desire to be great. To Impact is an inevitable route to greatness, so follow me. RELEVANCE TO HUMANITY Reading from top, I believe you must have made a choice between 'Relevance To Self ' and 'Relevance To Humanity', so let us go on a journey through the latter. To make Impact is to be relevant to Humanity, but at a glance, this may seem really ambiguous. You must be thinking by now, ' But how can I handle the idea to be relevant to Humanity as a whole, when as a matter of fact, I have only been exposed to but a small part of the world, thereby in uenced by just a particular Race and Tribe?' Well, I got an answer to your question; God, did not design man to be relevant to the whole world, and even God himself as Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth designed a manual (the Bible), for man but never trampled on man's Self Will, hence just a fraction of humanity accords the Bible, a worthy manual for life. Relating this to You also, your vision for relevance cannot be useful to every human on earth but when you succeed in that vision you can be recognized by all of Humanity, marked by an achievement. For example, Michael Jackson is a musician whose music is not relevant to some pastors and Christians, yet the same pastors and Christians even without patronizing him, recognize him because he has succeeded in his vision and hence is marked by a musical achievement. is takes us to what I term; MARKING YOUR TERRITORY. For you to have yourself the ful lment of a year well spent and gain momentum, You must begin to draw structures that renders you relevant to a class of humans, directly/indirectly in need of your acquired Skill and Talent, by this you have marked and mastered a territory of in uence, which in the long run, you will be recognized by. Begin Today...Have A Great Year! 02

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