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How To Make The Best Use Of This Kit This "Facts of Your Life" kit can help you accomplish two important tasks. First, it helps you decrease the stress of record keeping in your daily life by providin a one-stop resource for basic family information. Secondly, completing the elements will ease the paperwork stress on your family in the event of a disability or death. How successfully these tasks are accomplished depends largely on the completeness and clarity with which the booklet is filled in. Complete the information as if this is the only guide available to someone who will never be able to check with you directly on any of the information. 1. Scan the whole booklet. You may find it easiest to go through the first time and note the information that is readily available, then go back and fill in the missing pieces. 2. If a section does not apply to you, indicate that it does not apply and go on to the next section. Your family will know that you did not unintentionally leave something blank. 3. Take the time to find all the information and fill out the forms completely. You know where to find the answers, someone else who must use the information may not. 4. Modify the pages if you need to, e.g. if you are unmarried but have someone you would like to include, cross through "spouse" and replace it with a term that describes their relationship to you, such as "lifetime partner" or "special friend". 5. Print or type legibly. 6. Keep the forms up-to-date. Make a date with yourself and your family to change them the same time every year, e.g. when you file your taxes. 7. In filling in line-by-line elements keep these factors in mind: Name - full name, spelled correctly Address - city, state, zip code Phone - area code and phone number Location of records - signed, dated and, if applicable, witnessed copies 8. If you store any of this information on computer note the computer location, file location, type of software used, and name of the file. Make sure to keep a copy of back-up disks in a safe place. 9. Photocopy any of the forms for additional family information. 10. Keep this kit in a safe and easily accessible location. Make your family aware of that location. 6

Documents: What to Keep Where to Store When to Shred The financial services industry certainly produces a lot of paper! Here’s what you need to keep and when you can trash it. Start by stacking all the paper in one big pile. Check your drawers (home and work), filing cabinets, folders, boxes, glove compartments, even your safe deposit box. Then separate the papers into these five groups: 1. Originals you rarely need 2. Originals you sometimes need. 3. Other Documents 4. Tax Documents 5. Investment Documents 1. Originals you rarely need Store in: Shred after: Give copies to: Adoption papers Bank safety deposit box Never discard Executor, lawyer Citizenship papers Bank safety deposit box Never discard Executor Divorce decree Bank safety deposit box Never discard Lawyer Lawsuits Bank safety deposit box Never discard Lawyer Household inventory Photos of possessions Bank safety deposit box Never discard Insurance Agent Bank safety deposit box Never discard Financial advisor Military discharge Bank safety deposit box Never discard Never discard Veteran’s papers Bank safety deposit box Never discard Never discard 7

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