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lesson here is that

lesson here is that scientist are just as human as politicians and will conform the sciences to their own presuppositions, just as the politicians do!!!, PART1 ff @page { margin: 0.79in } p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; direction: ltr; line-height: 120%; text-align: left; orphans: 2; widows: 2 } a:link { color: #0000ff } The Dynamo Theory vs the 6K year old Freely Decaying Electric Currents Scientific discoveries that have debunked the Dynamo Theory and support the young earth creation record of the Bible: The Secular Sciences and the Dynamo Theory (MIT) The Dynamo Theory as taught in secular sciences is the idea that a large dynamo, or magnetic field generator, exists within Earth’s outer core, where liquid iron constantly moves as the planet cools. This continuous motion is presumed to create electric currents as electrons move through the liquid (where heat from radioactive decay in the solid iron inner core is thought to induce the convective motion of the liquid outer core). Through this theoretical process, the energy of the moving fluid is assumed to produce a magnetic field about the earth (and some planets) that can be sustained for billions of years. There are three requisites for a dynamo to operate: 1) An electrically conductive fluid medium 2) Kinetic energy provided by planetary rotation, 3) An internal energy source to drive convective motions within the fluid. This dynamo generator would produce a sin wave (/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/) in the signature of the gauss strength measurements if the theory were true (as the energy decays and then is bumped up with the various strengths in the energy surges). Based on the most current scientific data the Dynamo Engine Theory has been thoroughly debunked; however, just like the Theory of Evolution being debunked by conditional probability (combinational inflation) as concluded by top scientists in 1966 at the Wistar Convention and evidenced in both the fossil record and the genomic sciences (no evidence of the Darwinian Tree of Life [ToL] in ether), the Secular Humanists that dominate the sciences refuse to let it go because the alternative theory, the 6k year old free decaying electrical currents postulated by Creationists Dr. Barnes and Dr. Humphreys, does not fit into a 4.5 billion year old earth. Creationist Scientists and the 6,000 year old Freely Decaying Electric Currents The Scriptures describe a process by which God first made all astrological objects as bodies of water (the earth, sun, moon, stars, et al) with all the physical properties of water, mass, and motion, including molecular structure (H2O), gravity, orbits, rotation, and magnetospheres. Then he created the solid matters and associated elements (dry land). So in six days, God created the earth within a solar system of many, within a galaxy of many, within a grand universe. Time of creation: The approximate year of creation can be determined by formulating a time line based on the genealogies and chronological events given in Old Testament (as demonstrated in Part 6) which comes to about 6000 years from 2000 AD. Based on this knowledge, the following assumptions were made for the basis of this model:

A. The earth was created about 6,000 years ago. B. While yet in the watery state God created atomic nuclei with their spins pointing in the same direction, thereby creating the force of the original magnetosphere. C. Once the solids and other elements were created, the alignments would immediately decay to random order due to natural thermal collisions; however, large electrical currents (billions of amperes) would be generated due to the laws of electricity and magnetism in the planets’ interior iron core, reproducing the magnetosphere at near the same strength. D. At this point, the electrical currents in the core would start to decay exponentially due to the laws of electrical resistance and entropy. The sciences behind the assumptions of the 6000 year old (6kyo) freely decaying electrical currents circulating in the earth's core as advocated by Creationists Barns & Humphreys are aligned with both Sir Horace Lamb’s 1883 theory and mathematical formula of free electrical current circulating in a conducting sphere and evaluations measuring the magnetic strength and direction of the force by Carl Fredrick Gauss in 1835, both well respected by the secular scientific community. The Dynamo Theory vs the 6kyo Freely Decaying Electric Currents Scientific discoveries that have debunked the Dynamo Theory and support the young earth creation record of the Bible: 1. All the measured planetary magnetosphere gauss strengths appear to be on a decaying slope as opposed to a steady state cyclical pattern (sin wave pattern - /\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/) that would support a dynamo engine (the earth’s has decayed 10% over the last 160 years [\] as seen in the direct measurement [empirical data] and 6000 yrs when analyzing the paleomagnetism of rocks). 2. There are no indications of any upward trending of the magnetosphere gauss strength in any astrological body that has been examined that would support the dynamo theory steady state sin wave. 3. Evidence to the contrary of the dynamo theory now exists such as the planet Mercury having a magnetic field in spite of its slow rotation and the unexpected residual magnetism of moon rocks (the moon does not rotate at all) and planetesimals that indicate they once had a magnetic field which are outside of the dynamo theory functional parameters (but are within Dr. Humphries modeled predictions). 4. Rigorous mathematical analysis by T.G. Cowling prove that any plausible motion of fluid in the earth’s core cannot produce the dynamo, even if the hypothesized motion did exist. To date numerical modeling of the Earth's magnetic field has not been successfully demonstrated (with the discoveries listed in 3 above the “eigenvalue” theories of Elsasser and Bullard trumping Cowlings formula to show a possible means to the perpetuation of a dynamo are nullified). 5. All the known magnetosphere gauss strengths are aligned with the formulas developed by Carl Fredrick Gauss (magnetic forces) and Sir Horace Lamb (free electric currents circulating in a conducting sphere [accounting for electrical resistance and entropy]) and Dr. Humphreys modeled predictions of the existence, the strength, and decay rate of planetary magnetosphere based on a 6,000 year old creation. 6. Dr. Humphreys Creation Model is accurate at predicting the gauss strength of planetary magnetospheres to within >95% of the measured values for their existence, their strength, and decay rate of planetary magnetosphere before they are known based on a 6,000 year old universe and H20 molecules as given in the process of creation described in the Bible. 7. Magnetic dipole reversals seen in the paleomagnetism of rocks can easily be explained due to the eddy current moments produced in the earth’s core due to energy surges produced by earth’s crust being “broken up” during the flood and post flood movement of the continent’s tectonic plates on the scale it is predicted to have occurred. The earth's dipole magnetic field (the magnetosphere) has been decaying at approximately 10% over the past 150 years and the decay rate appears to be on an exponential curve. There is a direct correlation between the strength of the magnetosphere, and the freely

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