6 months ago

Bianca's diary

6 th of April Dear

6 th of April Dear Diary, I’ve been waiting this day for such a long time!Today was the day when my aunt,my uncle and my cousins came in Romania.Because they’re living in Italy,they’re coming only at special occasions but this year they decided to return home for Easter.So,today I went to the airport to bring them home and I spend all the time with my cousins.They showed me pictures with Italy,we ordered pizza and we played monopoly and rummy.

7 th of April Dear Diary, Today it was a busy a day.In the morning I went shopping with my aunt because she wanted to make an apple pie and she didn’t have all the ingredients.Later I cooked for Easter.First,I made with my mother tiramisu and sweet bread.This took a while but after that we made cabbage and other types of food for Easter.In the evening,I cleaned the house and later I went to the church.

By Bianca Slade
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