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HRM 600 All Weeks Course Project Milestones

HRM 600 All Weeks Course Project

HRM 600 All Weeks Course Project Milestones Or Email us on HRM 600 All Weeks Course Project Milestones HRM 600 Course Project Milestones Teams will complete graded drafts of each module on a weekly basis, except the HRIS section, which is only provided in the final paper. Content of the paper will run about 25-35 pages (guideline). Strive for concise prose; edit for brevity. Each draft will have a primary author. Teams will also complete a graded Team Charter by the end of Week 1. In Week 8, teams will make a final oral presentation of the Course Project, and submit the Final Paper along with peer reviews. Week Module Drafts Team Points 1 Team Charter 25 points 2 Company Background and HR Strategy 25 Points

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