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Generate better leads through persona based marketing

Yes, you heard it right. Persona based marketing can help you generate better and more targeted leads. Remember those days where traditional marketing was in trend.

Yes, you heard it right.

Yes, you heard it right. Persona based marketing can help you generate better and more targeted leads. Remember those days where traditional marketing was in trend. Let's take an example of toothpaste. In toothpaste advertisements, marketers used to show a person having teeth problems and the dentist who recommends usage of particular toothpaste to overcome dental issues. This is nothing but a persona based marketing. Believe it or not, persona based marketing has always existed in the field of marketing. The only difference is earlier such approach was referred segmentation based marketing. Be it either demographic or psychographic segmentation. However, in Persona based marketing, the complete user profile is considered and not just one segment. Marketers develop personas based on all possible segmentations i.e. behavioural, demographic, and psychographic to map their target customers’ features. What is persona based marketing? The very first question is what exactly persona based marketing is. Here, answer is simple. The persona based marketing is an inbound marketing practice which keeps buyer persona in centre rather than product or service. A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your targeted customers. This takes into account their goals, behaviour, demography, interests, pain points and medium of content they consume. How to create marketing persona and buyer persona? Various tools, templates, tutorials, and resources are available online to create personas. However, you need to know the basics of how to create it. Overall process of creating a persona includes collection of research data, layering and segmentation of data and storytelling to the devised persona. The steps include: 1. Survey of online consumer buying trends and their preferences 2. Interview of customers to understand their buying process 3. Research on how consumers consume the content or get engaged with online content 4. Collation of comprehensive demographic information of targeted consumers 5. Analyse the collect data and confer with the sales team about prospects 6. Consider current market trends and recent market statistics to finalise the persona 7. Create a marketing pitch (story) with which your persona/prospect can relate to

Note: In persona based marketing, the content strategy should be in line with buyer’s journey. Three major stages of buyer’s journey encompass: ● Awareness: Prospect becomes aware of prevalent issues and start searching for solutions online ● Consideration: Prospect is in the process of narrowing down the best possible options available ● Decision: Prospect has reached the final stage of decision - here, convince them why your offering is the best possible solution for them and persuade them to buy your product/service Example of buyer persona template

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