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News Queensland Above:

News Queensland Above: Running as Train 7D02, Aurizon Locomotive 2390 tows LDP 020, LDP 017, 8347, LDP 018, LDP 019 and LDP 016 through the middle road at Narangba on the Northern Line en route from Downer/EDI Maryborough to Progress Rail Redbank on Wednesday 13 December 2017. The ‘spec-built’ narrow-gauge LDP units had been stored at Maryborough, not having turned a wheel in revenue service. Michael James Below: Walkers B-B DH Carmila hauls a loaded cane train at Oonooie on its way to Plane Creek Mill at Sarina, on Monday 6 November 2017. Carmila was once NSW Railways 7317, and was rebuilt to 610mm gauge in 1996 by Bundaberg Foundry Engineers. John Scott 16 RAILWAY DIGEST

Queensland News Above: Clyde/EMD units 2474, 2414 and 1723 head Train No. PW57 at Yandina on Saturday 9 December 2017. Since the retirement of the Sunlander and locomotive-hauled Tilt-replacement trains, the Spirit of the Outback is now the only regular loco-hauled QR train to work the North Coast line. This means that multi-unit combinations for transferring locomotives to and from Rockhampton and the Central Line, such as the one pictured, are becoming more commonplace. In this case, 2474 was to be detached at Rockhampton for ‘standby’ duties. Ray Miller Below: Clyde/ASEA/Walkers electric units 3526 and 3561 (at the head) 3511 and 3508 (mid-train) and 3539 (at the rear) arrive at Jilalan, on the Goonyella rail system, with an empty coal train from Hay Point. John Scott FEBRUARY 2018 17

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