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Burnt Creek bridge. The

Burnt Creek bridge. The broad-gauge track was re-aligned from DLY 7 Fixed-Gauge Splitter to the Up end of the existing No. 1 Road, with points “A” now abolished. Points 27 were abolished, with a new Fixed-Gauge Splitter (DLY 27) being provided facing Up trains approximately at the location of the former 27 points. Epping (Clifton Hill – South Morang line). A “SPAD Alert Board” was installed on 10/10/2017, located 400m prior to Down Home signal EPP110. The Board is lettered as “ALERT… EPP 110…400m”. The board is a white reflective background, with blue text. This is the first such Board installed in Victoria, and is presently on trial. Hughesdale (Caulfield – Dandenong line). The existing station was permanently closed on 14/10/2017. The station building and passenger platforms were then demolished in conjunction with works to grade separate the Poath Road level crossing (Up side of station). Long Island line. The lead to the Cresco Siding, which had been booked out of use since 01/10/2015, was restored to service on 07/10/2017. Maryborough (junction between Ballarat, Ararat and Dunolly lines, and closed line to Castlemaine). A Fixed-Gauge Splitter was installed at the former junction between the Ballarat and Ararat lines (Up side of Down Home signal MYB 6) from 30/11/2017. This will form the new junction as gauge conversion works in this area progress. Number 21 points (Castlemaine line towards loco depot/train stabling sidings) were removed by 04/12/2017, with a track panel installed to maintain access to the sidings, effectively closing the Castlemaine line, which has been out of use since 2004. Moorabbin (Caulfield – Frankston line). Down Home signals MRN702 (Down line) and MRN708 (Centre line) were converted to LED type from 09/10/2017. Murchison East (Seymour – Tocumwal line). No. 3 and 4 roads, which had been booked out of use since 25/08/2017, were booked back into service on 28/11/2017. North Dynon A new siding named “11 track” was provided on 11/10/2017. This siding commences from a new turnout on No. 3 Fuel Track, and heads in an Up direction, giving standing room of 650m before terminating in a dead-end. A new turnout was provided in “K” track, opposite the Manildra Siding; this turnout directs Up trains towards the right; these points are locked and secured pending future commissioning. Southern Cross Home signals 002 (Clifton Hill underground loop ramp), 200 and 302 (Burnley underground loop ramp) were upgraded to LED type from 30/10/2017. Southland (Caulfield – Frankston line). The new station was opened on 26/11/2017. This new station is located between Highett and Cheltenham stations at 21.440km, and is provided with two single face platforms, each 160m long. The station adjoins a major shopping centre, and is provided with access through the shopping centre car park to the main precinct via a subway at the Up end.. Ultima (Korong Vale – Manangatang line). The Down end main line points (leading into the shed/old silos road) were booked out of use due to track condition on 10/11/2017. Watsonia (Clifton Hill – Hurstbridge line). Up Automatic signals S604 and MCD113 were upgraded to LED type from 05/11/2017. In conjunction with this work, signal S604 was relocated 19m in an up direction. Western Australia Bayswater (Midland line). In conjunction with works for the Forrestfield – Airport Rail Link Project, the Down Main line was temporarily relocated onto a new alignment between 5km and 6km from 27/11/2017. The Up Main line was subsequently relocated onto its new alignment from 11/12/2017. East Perth (Midland line). New scissors crossovers 777 (facing) and 778 (trailing) were brought into use from 11/12/2017. These points had been installed from 22/09/2017. The crossovers are located on the Down side of the passenger platforms prior to the dual-gauge trackage, and are designed to allow Down trains to shunt clear of the platforms and return to Perth, or for Up trains to terminate and return towards Midland. Up trains can terminate in the Up platform prior to signal 204 and return in a Down direction via 777 points, the Down move being governed by 155 signal (opposite 153 signal on the Down Main). Up trains can also diverge after 152 signal through 778 crossover to the Down platform towards signal 158 (fixed at red, parallel to signal 204) to terminate. Down terminating trains passing 153 signal can use 778 crossover onto the Up line towards signal 143 (fixed at red, opposite 145), then return towards the Up platform passing 152 signal, or they can continue on the Down line towards 145 signal and return onto the Up line via 777 crossover towards the Up platform. This work is part of the Perth Stadium Transport Infrastructure Project. Whitfords (Joondalup line). Some signal re-numberings occurred from 10/12/2017. Signal 525 (Down Controlled Absolute, Down Main) was re-numbered to 521. Down Controlled Absolute signal 521 (Up Main) was re-numbered to 525. The recently-commissioned East Perth scissors crossover, seen on Friday 24 November as a Perth-bound EMU approaches. Donald Whiteford 42 RAILWAY DIGEST

South Australia ‘Torrens Junction’ (confluence of PTA Gawler and Outer Harbor lines, and the ARTC South Line ). In early December, two of the three project objectives were completed at this site and as a junction location, Torrens Junction has ceased to exist. In the future it will be marked only by an actively protected pedestrian crossing. The ARTC component: The standard-gauge line has been realigned slightly to the west, the grade crossing of the PTA Outer Harbor line removed, the line established over a pre-constructed section of the new Outer Harbor line dive, the PTA slot permission to proceed disconnected, and the up signal AN22 moved about 100m to the north (leaving only 1435m. standing room to Torrens Road LX). The two signals previously protecting the grade crossing AN21 & AN22 remain temporarily as searchlight signals and are to be replaced at a later date (a new signal 356 has been installed but is bagged out of service). The implementation of new signalling for the standard-gauge line is complicated because existing control infrastructure and cabling is owned by PTA. The Gawler line component: The Gawler line was closed for about 4 weeks in November/ December while it was re-aligned between North Adelaide station and the Torrens River bridge. The up and down tracks are now parallel to, and immediately east of, the standard-gauge line, and have been connected to the previous Outer Harbour mains as they continue into Adelaide station. With the resumption of services, Gawler line trains now operate from Adelaide platforms 6 & 7 in lieu of 8 & 9. Previous work on the Adelaide side of the river has removed the old Gaol Siding and the west to east crossover that provided access to/from the siding for all 4 main line tracks (with some vintage double slips). In its place a ladder of east to west crossovers have been installed providing operational flexibility and access to the northern sidings in the Adelaide yard. Consequent on the track configuration there are a number of signal changes. Down absolute 155 on the (new) Gawler main has had the junction indicator removed and similarly up absolute 252 has had a LH indicator added. An additional down ground level fixed red 253 has been added a train length clear of the crossover on the Gawler Up main to provide for shunt movements out of the North Yard returning into Adelaide station. Conventions: Adelaide metropolitan signal numbering uses the middle digit to denote the line. “5” is assigned to the Outer Harbor line and “7” is assigned to the Gawler line. With the reversal of the track usage inbound from the old Torrens Junction this convention has been disregarded for signals whose line usage has been reversed. A similar issue arose on the south lines when the Belair and Seaford lines were reversed between Adelaide and Goodwood. Software is obviously harder to change than rebuilding railway lines!! The Outer Harbor (Port) line component: As of early January, the dive to carry this line under the other tracks, Park Tce, and Bowden Station precinct, is still under construction and signals have not yet been re-established. FEBRUARY 2018 43

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