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BusinessDay 13 April 2018


Friday 13 April 2018 26 BUSINESS DAY C002D5556 The stage is set for another Runway Jazz OBINNA EMELIKE Yes, the stage is truly set for another superlative show at this year’s edition of the annual Runway Jazz in Lagos. The show, which is a harmonic fusion of Jazz, fashion and fine dining on a single platform, is the Nigerian celebration of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO) International Jazz Day on April 30th of every year. For two days, April 28-29, 2018, lovers of jazz music genre, culture and fashion aficionados will gather at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria, Island, Lagos to delight in several thrilling performances by international, indigenous jazz artistes, and fashion models. Aside celebrating jazz and haute couture, the two-day event hopes to further showcase the rich culture of Lagos State, while featuring master classes on music and business. “The UNESCO International Jazz Day is about celebrating Jazz. It is about celebrating its root, future and impact. We want to raise awareness of the need for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. It is also about reinforcing international cooperation and communication which are the core principles of UNESCO”, Afolabi Oke, founder, Runway Jazz and group leader, Sweet Sound Production, organisers of the show, said on the rationale for the celebration of jazz by UNESCO. In this year’s edition, Oke is promising jazz with an African sound, as well as, new edgy fashion with African touch. “For us, Runway Jazz is beyond a show. “It is an experience that defines the impact of music on everyday life. It allows us to express our culture in such a way that we encourage peace and unity, first among ourselves as a people and then between Nigeria and the rest of the world. It speaks to the minds of artistes to challenge and channel their creativity into a great cause”, Oke explained. One of the highlights of the 2017 edition of the show was the partnership of Lagos State government in the show to commemorate the Lagos at 50 years celebration. This year, Runway Jazz is taking another turn, especially with the partnership Universal Music Group. Speaking on the MoU singed recently between the organisers and Universal Music Group, Sipho Dlamini, managing director, Universal Music, South and Sub-Saharan African, said it is a huge honour working with Runway Jazz, adding that the group is excited to be given the opportunity to partner with such a prestigious jazz event. “We believe this will be the flagship event in Africa. This year will be very different. It is a two-day event; day one will be for the master class — fashion master class and a music master class, which will be hosted by Universal Music Group. This year, we will be having jazz aficionado and Grammy award winner, Gerald Albright; Tiwa Salvage and Kayode Ajayi, both Berklee College of Music alumni taking sessions at the music master class,” he explained. Dlamini also stated that Universal Music as the number one entertainment company in the world, is partnering the event on the principle of the various activities the group oversee and implement in the areas and places they operate not just as a leading record label but as the number one entertainment company in the world. While Lagos State government has reinstated its commitment to the event this year, the organisers noted that Dolapo Osibajo, wife of the Vice President, will be gracing the event alongside her Step-Up Initiative that encourages and supports young people to use the Nigeria prints to make bags and shoes. Aside Gerald Albright, the artistes line up include; Sweet Sound as the host band, Tiwa Savage and other R&B singers as alternative genre expose, Heavy wind, and Beyond Vocal, a South African powerful vocal quintet under the Universal Music discovery . As well, there will be stage dance performance by the Society for Performing Arts in Nigeria, SPAN and fashion runways by AvantGarde. “In the fashion Masterclass, notable names like Oke Maduewesi, MD, Zaron Cosmetics; Opeyemi Oke, MD, Studio 54; and Ibidunni Ighodalo, MD, AvantGarde, will engage participants and it will be headed by Her Excellency, Dolapo Osinbajo. Also, in the musical Masterclass, Gerald Albright will lead, alongside Sipho Dlamini, Kayode Ajayi and Tiwa Savage”. Oke said. He also noted that there are expectations that the next year’s edition will be held in Lagos with the Lagos State Governor’s support. According to him, the partnership is coming at the right time being that as a country, Nigeria is hoping to bid to host the global jazz festival by 2020. However, the organisers expressed optimism that this year’s jazz festival, which will be dedicated to the memory of Hugh Ramapolo Masekela, an African pride, famous South African Jazz exponent, will be a worthwhile experience. Lagos Beauty Summit to hold in July Concerted efforts to streamline the Nigeria beauty business by the industry players, in order to make the venture more lucrative and profitable, will come to fore when stakeholders gather for a summit from July 23-24, 2018. Tagged: “Lagos Beauty Summit, 2018”, the maiden event, which has the theme: ‘’The Power of More’’, will address the prevailing challenges facing consumers, retail and forces that are changing the industry. Over 250 beauty enthusiasts will be present at the summit as more than 20 speakers will share their perspective on: how consumer dynamics of wanting more is resetting business strategy, the power of collaboration and how retailers are reinventing the shopping experience. Activities to feature at the summit include: industry legend roundtable, tea time with beauty business moguls, trade shows, award session and performances by top music stars. The industry round-table would be a gathering of the industry best and highly respected names to discuss the industry challenges in the presence of prospective investors. The tea time with beauty business moguls is a platform where beauty enthusiasts and expert will gather for mentorship and the session will be facilitated by business moguls. Big brand names in beauty business such as Tara, Zara, among others will grace the summit. The award session, will feature industry experts who have distinguished themselves over the years with meritorious services to the industry will be celebrated and presented a ‘Lifetime achievement’ plaque. As well, star performance by top names in the music industry will spice up the summit. Speaking at a media parley heralding the summit, which held recently in Lagos, Tope Sadi, said that having been in the beauty industry for a decade with experience, she has the obligation to leave legacies that would turn-around the industry for the players and young people who want to make a career to market its potential to both national and international investors”, she explained. Also speaking at the media parley, Yomi Olaniwun, CEO, BB Buzz, a PR/digital marketing agency, which is partnering in the summit, said the event aims to introduce international brands of cosmetics into the Nigerian market, while proin beauty business. “I have been in the beauty industry for ten years now. Looking at the industry, I feel that something needs to be done to turn it around economically to make it lucrative and profitable for players and young people who want to make a career in beauty business. The beauty business needs promotions viding an opportunity for the young people in beauty business to showcase their potentials and learn from the established brands like Zara, Zaron among others. He noted that there are so many successful people in the beauty industry whose efforts have not been spotted and rewarded in terms of recognition of competence, hence the summit will spot and give them the recognition. Jude Ugboaja, a member of the summit planning committee, and a business development consultant, said the summit wants, ‘’people from the international market to have a voice in the Nigerian market and network with the local consumers in order to expand their business frontiers. Ugbaja further explained that the summit would allow international beauty products come into the country and also get local consumers meet with them to exchange ideas, adding that at the end of the event, participants would go home with big business opportunities.

Friday 13 April 2018 C002D5556 BUSINESS DAY 27 Show Review – Fela and the Kalakuta Queens, bringing the Nigerian story to the world If you are a lover of stag plays and drama, then you would totally love the epic Fela and the Kalakuta Queens show brought to you by Terrakulture. Although I had heard a lot about the show from those who attended last year, there briefing did no justice to seeing it in person. I must confess that I totally enjoyed every bit of the show and I am writing about it to encourage people to also make out time to go see this wonderful show, which will be taking place every weekend in April at Terrakulture. The shows have 2 showing times daily and we went on to see the one at 3pm, they were so organized and timely and they started a few minutes past 3. The show was on till about 6pm and we had a 10 minutes break in between the 3 hours journey of amazing dance steps and musicals. The Fela and the Kalakuta Queen Show was totally amazing, it was directed by Bolanle Austine Peters and produced by Joseph Umoibom. I must confess that this show was a well thought out and planned show from start to finish, there was absolutely no dull moment, and when it was about coming to an end, I really didn’t want to leave again, it felt like I could go on for another show and still not get bored. There was a perfect blend between the cast and the roles played, each one fitted in perfectly, at point almost looking so real. The young man who played the role of “Fela” himself was totally amazing and on point, Patrick Diabua he proved to us that he had done his due diligence thoroughly and studied Fela for a very long time, his walking steps, tone of voice, intonation, dance steps and attitude reminded everyone so much about our legendary man “Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti”. The concubines and back up artist, he later turned to his wives were all amazing and awesome, they played each role perfectly well, making the stage play so real, it felt like they were leaving the life again. There was also one lovely act, you need to look out for “Malika” the foreign lady who came to visit the shrine and later also got converted as one of his latest wives. She was totally amazing during the show, and everyone wanted to see her on stage as she carried all the African features of a beautiful Nigerian Girl. Before the play started we were given the rules of the show, in order to avoid distracting the actors with our cameras and phones, the lights were dimed and the show began. First there was an introduction of all the acts that would appear on stage, the introduction was beautiful to usher in the Cast: Patrick Diabua, Laitan Adeniji Fela, Joseph Umoibom, Inna Eriza Funmilayo, Uru Eke Alake, Osas Ighodaro Ajibade, Bunmi Olunloyo, Titilayo Itiku, Dolapo Phillips etc Executive Director: Bolanle Austine Peters Associate Producer: Joseph Umoibom Script: Kesiena C Obue, Bolanle Austine Peters, Cornelius Best Onyekaba, Kunle Dada Choreographer: Paolo Siaiano, Yeni Kuti, Justine Ezirim Lightening and Set Designer: Yemi Lights Sound Designer: Emmanuel Otunjinri Animation/Motion Graphic/Set Design: Ice Nweke Social Media/ Communication Consultant: Ayo Rotimi Stage Manager: Ikenna Jude Okpala Production Coordinator: Sola Oyebade Production Accountant: Fatai Omotunde, Temitope Sanya Costume Designer: TIFE, Kareema Mak, Wardrobe Designer: Juliana Dede, Itunu Bamidele Casting: 2hrs 30mins show, at that point I knew we were in for a very good show. They took us through all the heat songs of “Fela” from Democracy “Demonstration of Craze” till they ended up with the best of them all, “Water no get enemy” which is still a legendary song till date. The show was awesome because there was no hinge or break between any song, there was a smooth sail between each song to the other, making it so difficult to know that it was a stage play, it looked so much like a movie, the quick transition and twist of the stage and the background screen made it so hard to remember that it was just a show. There was this perfect movement and blend between the acts, as they sang, danced and played their acting role at the same time. At some points they had to jump, sing, cry, roll and still not miss their steps at the same time. The synchronization between all the dancers was unbelievably awesome. Although I had heard that the shows were awesome like the last one in Eko hotel last year, with some foreign acts, this one was totally different as they all Nigerian dancers, producers, directors, makeup artists and players, it was a show by us strictly and for us. What made it even better was the drama in between every song, making it a musical dance drama, which should actually be taken to every stage around the world to tell our African Legendary story. One major thing that blew my mind was that the play depicted the honest truth of what things were like then, and even till this age and time. It looked like nothing had changed the same old problems of those days were even worse now, the same leaders who ruled us then, are still the same rulers in power and the same mistakes we made then, we are still making now. A sad case of the rich getting richer, while the poor getting poorer, a heart breaking facts of small thieves who steal at the market menial items going to jails for years and the great politician who stole with pens, being hailed on the streets with no punishment or accusations? Watching this play just opened my eyes to the hidden truths that have being buried for years and are still buried, one question lingered in my heart all through and as I left that play, who would actually safe us from this black crisis we have found our self in, who will redeem Africa from this reoccurring problems, we have face for decades now since independence? This will be a question for all of us to look into, and work to fight for a brighter future for the next generation, or else there would be no legacy left of us to pass on to them. Feel free to review any movie of your choice in not more than 200 words, please send us a mail to linda@ and stand a chance to win a free movie ticket. Linda Ochugbua @lindaochugbua Business Etiquette with Janet Adetu Let us Rise for a Toast ‘Toasting Etiquette’ The toast at a function is commonly practiced today, to celebrate a person, a couple or an event. At times this can be skipped only because either it was accidentally omitted or because the celebrants did not know the procedure for toasting, in other words they did not have the correct savvy skills to carry it out. The whole process of toasting is used to add glamour to an occasion. During my training sessions when I ask participants to practice proposing a toast, I notice that many are lost for words. They simply have no idea what is the right thing to say, whether the toast is at the beginning or at the end of the event. Interestingly even though this is round about a five minute exercise, there is a lot of protocol that goes into it. Enjoy your read. Toast Protocol Facts Are you the honored guest/ celebrant: As the celebrant or guest of honor, you should always remain seated when celebrated. You cannot really celebrate yourself. The same applies to newlyweds at their wedding, they both remain seated. Which glass, which drink: When it is time to give a toast, the presenter makes a speech then suddenly says, “Please lift your glasses and let’s toast to the occasion”. Ideally champagne is the preferred drink for toasting served inside a champagne glass. This is not to say that the toast cannot be done with something else. For those who do not drink alcohol or champagne, today you may fill your glasses with juice, soda or at times we have seen water. Most people are never prepared for a toast so may not have no drink on hand; they tend to raise an empty glass. A toast should include a glass filled with liquid content before raising to complete the procedure. When and where: Interestingly a toast is not only done at the end of an event or occasion. There is an opening toast and a closing toast depending on the circumstance as well as program. The opening toast is all about welcoming guests, cknowledging their presence and wishing them a time of fun and friendship. The closing toast is to serenade the celebrant with good wishes for the future. The opening toast is usually announced during the cocktail session right before the guest proceeds to dinner. The closing toast is towards the end of the program while the guests are still seated, after they have eaten dinner. Timing: The key to toasting is in the timing ensuring that it is presented at the right time. If it is an opening toast, most guests will be standing for the cocktail with a few seated. When the cocktail has commenced for about one hour or so, it is time to present the welcome toast. For the closing toast, this is usually before the vote of thanks. The host of the event will choose who will give the toast in honor of the celebrant. Essentially open your meal with a toast to wet appetites and close the event with a toast to acknowledge the guest of honor. The opening toast should not be more than 3 minutes, while a closing toast is slightly longer. What to say: Your toast should not be a roast that is too long. You may have great words to say about the celebrant or occasion but make them meaningful, the toast should be kept short and simple. If you have not presented a toast before, practice a few lines or exactly what you wish to say and commit to memory; Depending on the occasion, if it is a formal or a business setting keep it busi- ness like. Say that thing that creates a bit of humor that is authentic. Remember it is not about you but the guest of honor celebrant. Keep your audience authentic at once and make what you say worth listening to. Click, Clonk, or raise in the Air: Today it is not important or necessary to clink your glasses especially if you are far from the celebrant. We encourage raising of glasses to toast, this is known as an air kiss. The importance of the toast is to have the right eye contact while lifting the glass. When it comes to clinking glasses, this should be done with caution. Clink glasses with care to avoid breaking accidents. I have seen this happen before. Avoid stretching over the table to toast. The clink involves touching f main body of the glass not the base, some people clink the rim to rim. Toast Protocol 1) Commence your occasion with a welcome or opening toast. 2) Round up your occasion with a closing toast with all the guest standing. 3) The guest of honor or celebrant reciprocate the toast to the host 4) The guest of honor does not sip but smiles and says thank you. 5) All other guest responds to the toast by clinking glasses still standing up. 6) Drinking is followed by sipping the content in the glass. 7) All guest are seated.

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