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Ways to Convert Your Roku Device into Musical Hub

Roku device contains the number of free and paid channels for music and videos lovers. You can store, share and make a library of your favorite music. Enjoy music anytime and anywhere on Roku media player. For any information and assistance, avail our Roku online help services by dialing the 1-800-296-1402 number.

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time to ditch those CDs and MP3 you are using since your childhood, and It’s an enthralling device with your Television set “Roku Player”. assemble device is fitted out with the bulk of channels, which satisfy your music thrust. This you have a habit of listening to the radio or want to stream your favorite Whether artist’s album, there is something for all. Use the mobile app to ease your task you have lost your Roku remote control somewhere in the house or do not Whether to leave your cozy space to get the controller, which is placed far from you; want the situation is, you can use your smartphone to get a full control over whatever streaming player. your “Voice Search” to “Play on Roku” there are so many features which make your From easier. Just download the Roku mobile app on Android or ios device and enjoy tasks streaming your coveted song! Roku player act as a mirror of your smartphone you have installed the app on your smartphone, you can do unlimited tasks Once as you can play all your mobile content on your Television set via Roku such streaming player. it is possible, this feature is known as “Screen Mirroring”. This device provides Yes, easy way to mirror movies, videos, songs, and TV shows from your mobile an device to your TV. Make a personal collection selection Do you want to make a collection of your personal favorite songs? yes, then Roku is simply the best. It gives you an option where you can stream If song and save it to another folder of your choice. the you will get two options to play the desired track: first, connect your USB Here, the Roku’s USB port (only for Roku 3 and Roku 2XS) and another is – play your into song to your home network via media servers.

Enjoy videos and live concerts with these Roku Channels you love rock-concerts? Do you a fan of rock bands like Linkin Park, The Beatles, Metallica, Pink Floyd or Are and want to attend their live concerts, but due to your tight schedule or more, budget you couldn’t make it. less Don’t worry! install the Qello concert channel on your Roku device and enjoy your favorite Just band from the comfort of your home. rock is VEVO channel. This channel enables you to stream top 40 music videos Another are quiet enough to rock your home party. Whether you want to play the which song of any specific genre, or artist, you can do it on this channel. We have one more channel for you that is- Yahoo Screen. This channel Okay! you to stream the live-concerts that are completely free. Amazing isn’t? So, allows sit relax on your couch and play live-shows with your favorite band and artist. Make your birthday party remarkable planning to give your birthday party at your home, but no party is complete So, Rocking music, right? So, install Karaoke channel from your Roku player without and enjoy your birthday party with your loved ones. are some of the ways through which you can convert your living area into These enthralling music hub. an So, what are you waiting for? a Roku set up with your Televising set or home theater and start streaming Create favorite song. If you are facing any problem while creating a setup or getting your any other technical fault, (like internet connectivity issue, activation problem, can take help of . Happy streaming guys! Roku technical support etc.)You 1-800-296-1402

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