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Ashford PHI 208 Final Exam Answers (Spring 2018)

Ashford PHI 208 Final Exam Answers (Spring

Ashford PHI 208 Final Exam Answers (Spring 2018) BUY HERE⬊ ord-phi-208-final-exam-answersspring-2018/ Ashford PHI 208 Final Exam Answers (Spring 2018) 1. James Rachels points out that when passive euthanasia is employed on infants, they typically die of: 2. Held uses this example to talk about the political distinctions that separate men and women in the realms of the public and the private 3. According to Nagel, to which of the following groups of people is hostility most appropriately aimed? 4. Kant argues that when I find someone in need: 5. According to Held, the following have been aligned with femininity in the history of Western thought 6. Which would be an example of a hypothetical imperative, according to Kant’s Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals: 7. Which of the following would be an idea shared both by the teacher (Kevin Kline) from the clip of The Emperor’s Club, and by either MacIntyre or Aristotle (or both)? 8. According to Nagel, which of the following may be permitted by absolutism, at least in some circumstances? 9. Glaukon thinks that deep in our hearts we all believe that 10. Reason is a faculty that we have that: 11. According to Kant, the value of a good will lies in: 12. Leon Kass argues that the primary responsibility of physicians is to: 13. Which of the following does not describe how egg-laying hens are treated in factory farms? 14. What happens to the offspring of dairy cows, according to the video “Meet Your Meat”? 15. Hill uses this technique in the middle of the article to examine ideas about the human’s place within nature: 16. In the excerpt from Plato’s Republic, Glaukon suggests that people are good 17. According to John Stuart Mill, utilitarianism takes into account the happiness of: 18. Which of the following would be an expression of rule utilitarianism, rather than act utilitarianism? 19. What does Nel Noddings say about rates of violent crime among men and women? 20. Which of the following makes it difficult to calculate the utility of an act 21. Michael Walzer argues that in the unique world of war, both morality and authority are 22. Michael Walzer argues that there is a radical distinction between war and civil life because 23. What moral theory does Jeremy Bentham (with whom Singer seems to agree) endorse? 24. Robinson describes integrity as a virtue that has the 25. According to Leon Kass, the drive to legalize euthanasia can be largely attributed to 26. In Hill’s example, what did the wealthy eccentric man do to his yard after he bought a new house?

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