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PS350 Biological Psychology Exam 5 Answers (Ashworth College)

PS350 Biological Psychology Exam 5 Answers (Ashworth

PS350 Biological Psychology Exam 5 Answers (Ashworth College) BUY HERE⬊ 0-biological-psychology-exam-5- answers-ashworth-college/ PS350 Biological Psychology Exam 5 Answers (Ashworth College) 1. Which of the receptors below are used by the body to detect vibration? 2. Which of the following is true of the neural coding of gustation? 3. The __________ is formed by the synapse of an efferent nerve terminal onto a muscle fiber. 4. The pain associated with bone cancer is partly caused by activation of: 5. The stimulus for olfaction is: 6. The complexity of a sound wave determines the psychological dimension known as: 7. Glabrous __________ skin is usually found on the __________. 8. Olfactory receptors are located in the: 9. The ear is considered to be a(n) __________ organ. 10. The loudness of a sound is related to: 11. Another name for the muscle spindles is: 12. Our body movements are mediated by contraction of __________ muscle. 13. High-threshold free nerve endings are sensitive to: 14. __________ is the neurotransmitter released by the taste receptor cells. 15. Which of the following pairs belong together? 16. Which of the following is true of skeletal muscle? 17. _________ are the largest sensory organs of the skin. 18. A __________ consists of the extrafusal fibers innervated by a single alpha motor neuron. 19. __________ will increase their rate of firing in response to a large increase in the tension exerted on a muscle. 20. The pitch of a sound stimulus is related to the physical characteristic of: 21. A __________ is a stimulus that resets an internal biological clock. 22. The genetic sex of a fetus is determined by: 23. Enforced bed rest for 6 weeks resulted in __________ in healthy subjects. 24. Seasonal rhythms are under the control of __________ secreted by cells within the __________. 25. Which of the following is true of sleep? 26. Damage to the __________ will disrupt rodent nest building and pup care, but not female sexual behavior. 27. The protein that dictates the conversion of the undifferentiated gonads into the testes is controlled by the: 28. Twin studies indicate that:

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