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S07 Exam 5 Answers (Ashworth College)

S07 Exam 5 Answers (Ashworth

S07 Exam 5 Answers (Ashworth College) BUY HERE⬊ exam-5-answers-ashworth-college/ S07 Exam 5 Answers (Ashworth College) 1. Overall, research indicates that the most effective approach in the treatment of anorexia nervosa is: I meant to click on B when I entered answer but accidently clicked C but still unsure if B is even right or wrong 2. Adolescence and young adulthood are typical periods of risk for eating disorders in that individuals who are perfectionistic, prone to worry, and stressed by change may: 3. Biweekly for the last year, Beverly has experienced irresistible urges to eat two gallons of ice cream and a bag of chocolate chip cookies. However, she manages to work off her calories using an exercise regimen that includes two hours of treadmill activity followed by a four-mile jog. Although she manages to avoid weight gain when she goes into her “binge modes,” she complains of feeling out of control during these binges. Beverly exhibits symptoms of: 4. Raphael can only become sexually aroused when he is wearing his wife’s slip. Although she had caught him earlier wearing her slip, he had promised to stop the behavior. Recently, his wife was cleaning house and found several of her slips beneath a cushion on the sofa. What paraphilic condition is Raphael most likely to have? 5. A particularly perplexing clinical feature of anorexia nervosa is the: 6. With respect to the treatment of eating disorders, DBT is to CBT as _____ is to _____. 7. The heritability of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa indicates that there appears to be: 8. Among young women in today’s culture, anorexia nervosa is generally interpreted as: 9. In approaching the treatment of anorexia nervosa, a multidisciplinary team first: 10. Atypical levels or timing of androgens present during fetal development: 11. Which of the following statements best reflects what has been learned about sexual dysfunction from population surveys? 12. Kaylyn suffers from anorexia nervosa. She induces vomiting. This is called: 13. Transvestic disorder is the desire to dress in clothes of the opposite sex for sexual gratification. This disorder is: 14. Christina is a middle school student going through puberty before her female classmates. Consequently, she may be at: 15. Unlike anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa is: 16. An associated medical feature of anorexia nervosa that might explain the tendency to layer clothing even in mild temperatures is: 17. Which of the following is considered to be a “high victim” sexual behavior? 18. Margaret’s appetite has decreased markedly over the course of the semester, resulting in a weight of 100 lbs. on her 5’9” frame. Her roommate has noticed that she tends to wear layers of clothing even in warm weather and frequently complains about her weight. If Margaret were referred for evaluation for an eating disorder, what percent of ideal body weight would be used as a criterion for excessive weight loss? 19. Exhibitionistic disorder may not be diagnosed in cultures: 20. Animal studies have revealed that one part of the brain influential in appetite and weight control is the: 21. Programs that are designed to educate patients and family members about a specific mental disorder in order to help alleviate stress and identify positive coping skills are called: 22. According to your text, caffeine influences the activity of the neurotransmitters: 23. The original name for schizophrenia, dementia praecox, was coined by: 24. A serious side effect associated with typical antipsychotic medications is a neurological condition characterized by abnormal and involuntary movements. This condition is called: 25. The treatment of choice for schizophrenia is:

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