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4. RULES OF COESXISTENCE 1.Sort and take care of the material. 2.Wait for our turn to speak. 3.Ask for things please and give thanks. 4.Speak without shouting. 5. Throw the papers to the paper bin. 6. Sit down correctly. 7.We share the material and the toys. 8.We listen to our classmates. 9. We say hello when we arrive and goodbye when we leave. Page 4

5. WE CAN: DAILY ROUTINE 7'30-9'00 PLAYROOM 9'00-9'50 DAILY HABITS 9'50-10'30 PROJECT: "WE ARE GROWING" 10'30-10'50 BREAK 10'50-11'30 LENGUAGE 11'30-12'00 MATHS 12'00-13'00 LUNCH-HYGIENE HABITS 13'00-15'00 NAP TIME 15'00-15'35 LOGIC GAMES-CHESS 15'35-16'10 COOPERATIVE LEARNING 16'40-17'30 PLAYROOM Page 5

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