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A∴A∴ Publication in

A∴A∴ Publication in Class A A NOTE UPON LIBER DCCCCLXIII 1. Let the student recite this book, particularly the 169 Adorations, unto his Star as it ariseth. 2. Let him seek out diligently in the sky his Star; let him travel thereunto in his Shell; let him adore it unceasingly from its rising even unto its setting by the right adorations, with chants that shall be harmonious therewith. 3. Let him rock himself to and fro in adoration; let him spin around his own axis in adoration; let him leap up and down in adoration. 4. Let him inflame himself in the adoration, speeding from slow to fast, until he can no more. 5. This also shall be sung in open places, as heaths, mountains, woods, and by streams and upon islands. 6. Moreover, ye shall build you fortified places in great cities; caverns and tombs shall be made glad with your praise. 7. Amen. 5