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LIBER CMXIII the Thou with the I, so that six added to ten became sixteen, which is felicity; for it is the interplay of the elements. Four are the elements that make man, and four are the elements that make woman. Thus was the child reborn. 1. But though the man ruleth the woman, and the woman ruleth the man, the Child ruleth both its mother and father, and being five is Emperor over the kingdom of their hearts. To its father it giveth four, and to its mother it giveth four, yet it remaineth five, for it hat of its father an half and of its mother an half; but in itself it is equal to both its father and its mother; for it is father of fathers and mother of mothers. 0. Therefore is it One Whole, and not two halves; and being One is Thirteen, which is called Nothing when it is All-things. . Amen without lie, and Amen of Amen, and Amen of Amen of Amen. 74

FIG. 2. The Greek Cross of the Zodiac. a. Emerald on Scarlet. g. Scarlet on Emerald. b. Greenish Blue on Orange-Red. h. Orange-Red on Greenish Blue. c. Royal Blue on Orange. i. Orange on Royal Blue. d. Indigo on Amber. j. Amber on Indigo. e. Violet on Greenish Yellow. k. Greenish Yellow on Violet. f. Crimson on Yellow-Green. l. Yellow-Green on Crimson. Spirit. Black on White. Serpent. Azure, with Golden Scales. Border. Gold.