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The Right to be Forgotten


Returning to the Vivian Maier case, many of the subjects in the photos were photographed without their permission. They may not approve of having their images displayed to the public. In the case of the On our Backs magazine images that were digitized and placed in an online collection, the women involved provide another example. These women signed contracts saying that their images would only appear in a single publication, which would reach a small number of people. Now their images are available on the internet for anyone to see. They did not agree to this, and posting the images is a violation of ethics. Photos by Vivian Maier

Photo: “ Archivists should not take unfair advantage of their privileged access to and control of historical records and documentary materials. They execute their work knowing that they must ensure proper custody for the documents and records entrusted to them. Archivists should demonstrate professional integrity and avoid potential conflicts of interest. They strive to balance the sometimes competing interests of all stakeholders.” SAA Code of Ethics ”

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