Pediatric Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

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List of Best pediatric nursing capstone ideas. Also you can download a full version here

Capstone Research Topics:

Pediatric Nursing

1. Mandating vaccinations vs. parents personal rights.

2. Identifying sexually abused children.

3. Challenges for disabled children’s siblings.

4. Dealing with the terminal illness of a child as a parent.

5. Banning smoking completely around children.

6. The overdiagnosis of ADHD.

7. Prescription of birth control to adolescents.

8. The effect on staff of losing a child patient.

9. How does divorce affect pre-existing conditions in children?

10. How can parents be prepared to provide better care in the


11. Comparison between US and UK approaches to pediatric care.

12. A study of Misdiagnosis in children’s wards.

13. Availability of resources for underprivileged communities.

14. The effect of cost controls on service quality.

15. Common problems with miscommunication in pediatric wards.

16. Dealing with obesity in children’s wards.

17. Dealing with violent children.

18. Analysis of nursing “burnout” in pediatrics.

19. Children and sleep apnea.

20. Fussy eater vs. eating disorder.

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