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Capelle Academy is a division of Capelle Consulting.

Capelle Academy was formed in 2010 with emphasis on learning and

development, delivering competency-based programs focusing on equipping the

workforce with employability skills. We currently offer learning programs in the

following Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) frameworks:

• Service Excellence

• Executive Development and Growth for Excellence

• Business Management

• Leadership & People Management

• Employability Skills


Capelle Academy is a Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centre for

Service Excellence.

We offer Service Excellence Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) modules, aimed

at raising the service level of the service workforce in Singapore.

We deliver participant-centered, innovative service excellence programs to all

industry sectors and across operations, supervisory and managerial levels.

Our programs are accessible to individual workers as well. As a Service

Excellence CET Centre, we will also provide additional services such as

employment advisory and placement.

We are able to partner you through consultancy interventions to improve

service levels company-wide. Our team of highly-qualified consultants and

trainers with service industry experience and expertise will continue to help

you achieve breakthrough corporate performance through service excellence.

Our distinguished achievements in the past include helping organizations be

ranked top in the world in terms of service, and also transforming worksites

from ranked as worst to ranked as best within a year.


Capelle Academy is also a Program Partner (PP) for the Executive Development

and Growth for Excellence (EDGE) and Business Management WSQ

frameworks. We equip Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) with a

suite of generic skills and T-shaped competencies that deepen their capabilities

and enable them to remain competitive in different business environments.

In addition, we are also an Approved Training Organization (ATO) for

Leadership and People Management, and Employability Skills frameworks. We

equip leaders and managers with leadership capabilities, and workers with

generic and portable skills to gain employment and progress.


Capelle Academy is registered as a Private Education Institution with the Council for

Private Education.

Registration Number: 199401442E

Period of Registration: 26 September 2012 to 25 September 2016


WSQ Programs


The Service Excellence WSQ is a competency-based

training and assessment framework that equips service

professionals with the relevant skills set to deliver excellent


1. Build an Uplifting Service Culture

(2 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Lead a Customer Focused Organization’)

Capelle Academy is privileged to partner with Ron

Kaufman to launch this workshop - Build an Uplifting

Service Culture - based on his New York Times best seller

“Uplifting Service”. In this workshop, participants are

introduced to the 5 key elements of uplifting service -

the architecture for a self-sustaining service culture and a

prescription that works. Participants will learn the steps

to be taken to build a sustainable culture that delivers it

every day, and offers tools and practices that have been

proven effective in business, government, communities,

and homes, thus providing a blueprint for making service

a part of everything we do.

2. Lead a Customer Focused

Organization (2 Days)

This program provides a holistic and structured approach

through the SERVE framework for leaders to:

develop a customer-focused strategy; communicate the

organization’s customer service objectives, values and

standards to stakeholders; translate customer focused

values into desired behaviors; demonstrate and reinforce

commitment to customers; and evaluate and improve

personal customer focused leadership. SERVE stands for

Strategize, Establish, Reinforce,Value and Exemplify.

3. Paving the Way for Innovation in Your

Organization (2 Days or 3 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Set Up and Implement Systems and Strategies that

Support Service Innovation’)

This program looks at what successful innovative

companies have done to make it work; and translating

them into systems and strategies that leaders can use

to pave the way for innovation to take place in their

organization, from the frontline staff all the way up to



service.The Service Excellence WSQ comprises 24

competency modules designed for service staff at the

Operations, Supervisory and Managerial levels.

4. Awesome Service Experience Every

Day (3 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Provide a Quality Service Environment’)

A quality service environment is primary to any

company’s endeavor to provide service excellence to

its customers.To effectively build and nurture such an

environment, leaders need to identify the components

that determine the customer experience, and make

plans to monitor, implement plans and even innovate

such that the experience is customer-friendly, hospitable

and memorable.

5. Business Excellence Assessment

(3 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Assess Organization for Business Excellence’)

This program will equip learners with an understanding

of business excellence requirements and the core skills

to conduct an internal assessment for their organization.

It includes planning for business excellence assessment,

conducting business excellence as well as reporting

assessment findings.




6. S.C.O.R.E.! Unlock Your Potential to

Scale New Heights in Business

Excellence (2 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Manage Business Excellence’)

This program will equip participants with the skills and

knowledge to manage the business excellence journey in

a holistic and integrated manner. This includes planning

for business excellence, facilitating business excellences

self-assessment, managing improvements for business

excellence and sustaining business excellence.

7. Leverage Customer

Intelligence: Develop Winning

Products & Services (3 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Interpret & Analyze Customer Intelligence’)

The ability to use information to address business issues

provides an organization with a competitive edge over

its competitors. Hence, it is necessary for managers to

possess skills in interpreting and analyzing customer

intelligence to help organizations understand their

customers better.This understanding will enable

organizations to develop product and/or service

offerings that meet the needs of their customers. This

program adopts a holistic approach by introducing the

various techniques of acquiring customer information;

translating information to intelligence and lastly managing

information flow within the organization.

8. Make Customers Feel Special (3 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Develop & Customize Service Offerings’)

Customers feel special when the product or service

exceeds their expectations.The interaction between an

organization and its customers does not end when the

check is signed or payment is received. Going the extra

mile for customers involves understanding customers

holistically and making the effort to offer personal

attention to meet the special needs of customers.

This program adopts a systematic approach by

introducing a framework to help participants to plan,

develop, implement and monitor service offerings that

build customer loyalty and advocacy.


9. Moving from Good to Great Service

(2 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Manage Service Improvement’)

Why do organizations relentlessly seek service

improvement ideas? As the business environment is

dynamic, great service today will be overtaken by

competitors tomorrow.To forge ahead, organizations

that offer great service are always one step ahead of

their competitors. Providing great service helps

organizations build customer loyalty and differentiate

from competition. Enhancing the value of service

offerings is one way to move the service level from

good to great. Service improvement ideas abound but

the ability to identify and select those ideas that

resonate with consumers gives organizations a head

start. But the process does not end here.

Implementation is the last mile in the service

improvement process. Institutionalizing service

improvement programs across the entire organization is

one of the critical success factors in moving from good

to great service.This program adopts a systematic

approach to enable participants to identify, initiate and

institutionalize service improvement.

10. Create Service Differentiation

through Service Talents (3 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Manage Human Resources to Achieve Service


In order for an organization to achieve its vision and

reach its desired state, it needs to build capability in the

broad areas of Priority (Culture), Process and People.

This program introduces a systematic framework for

building service talent capability. Starting with the

company’s business strategy, the framework includes

Talent Planning and Profiling, Recruitment and

Development as well as Engagement and Retention.

When an organization carries out these processes

effectively, it will build service talent capability for

sustainable growth.




11. Manage Performance Management

Processes (3 Days)

This course will equip the participants with the

knowledge and application skills in developing

performance management tools, implementing

performance management process and leading the

development of team and individual performance

improvement plan.

12. Manage High Volume Customer

Contact & Communication (3 Days)

This program adopts a holistic approach to High Volume

Customer Contact and Communication and prepares

managers and supervisors to undertake the

management role. It involves the understanding and

appreciation of the total corporate culture and

philosophy, the use of resources and focused

customer-centricity to bring about the desired

consistency level of service acceptable, if not,

appreciated by the customer. They will learn how to

develop a structured approach to managing

High Volume Customer Contact and


13. Manage Service Operations (2 Days)

This program will equip the learner with the knowledge

and application skills in planning to meet internal and

external service requirements, ensuring delivery of

quality service and monitoring and review of customer



14. Manage Service Supply Chain

(2 Days)

This program will equip learners with the knowledge

and application skills in managing a service supply chain.

This involves being able to: develop and align service

supply chain strategies in alignment with the corporate

strategic direction; manage an effective and efficient

service supply chain including partnering external

suppliers with well-defined performance measurements;

drive the review process for improvement and sustain

continuous improvement for delivery excellence.

15. Develop & Implement Processes to

Benchmark Service Standards (2 Days)

Benchmarking enables us to study how the best or

better organizations achieve their superior performance

and then identify relevant practices to be adapted and

adopted within one’s own organization.The definition of

benchmarking can therefore be taken as, “a method of

measuring and improving our organization by continuous

systematic evaluation and comparing ourselves with the

best”. This workshop equips the learner with the

knowledge and application skills in determining

benchmark requirements, planning and implementing

the customer service benchmarking process, as well

as managing ongoing improvements in benchmarking





1. UP! Your Service College

- Course 300

Increasing Customer Loyalty (2 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Build Relationships with Customers’)

This course teaches participants how to convert

customers into loyal ambassadors, bounce back with

service recovery, take care of angry customers, handle

difficult service situations and manage customer

expectations.This course is useful for everyone who

serves external customers or internal service partners.

2. Lead a Service Team (2 Days)

This course will equip participants with the knowledge

and application skills to promote team effectiveness

by developing team plans to meet expected service

outcomes, leading a small service team and proactively

working with organizational line management to

improve service delivery.

3. The Service Coach (2 Days) &

Coach Service Team & Individuals

(3 Days)

This module will equip participants with the knowledge

and application skills to provide coaching in

organizational service environments. It includes

preparing to coach, coaching on-the-job and following

up on the results of coaching.


4. Lead Team in Service Innovation

(2 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Lead a Team to Participate in Service

Innovation Processes’)

Innovation is recognized at the key for competitive edge

for any company, not just those in the service sector.

Team leaders and their members are the people who

interact closely with the customers and are the “eyes

and ears to the ground”.They are constantly exposed to

how customer think and feel. Organizations that listen to

customer and turn feedback from customers into

valuable inputs for innovation, create value that

customers desire. Team leaders play a vital role to

facilitate the service innovation process.They are

involved in creating a conductive environment, building

team commitment, guiding team to participate in seeking

innovation opportunities, generating ideas, evaluating

ideas and implementing ideas. This program serves to

equip the team leaders with the essential skills needed

to guide teams to take part in the innovation process.

5. Implement Continual

Improvements In Service Delivery

(3 Days)

This course will equip participants with the knowledge

and application skills in implementing continual

improvements in service delivery in work teams. It

includes encouraging and coordinating the team to

participate in the planning, executing, monitoring and

evaluating of continual improvements in service delivery.




1. UP! Your Service College

- Course 100

Achieving Superior Service (2 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Provide GEMS Service’)

This course teaches fundamental service principles to

raise service levels and improve the customer experience

at every point of contact. In this essential two-day course,

participants learn a common service language and apply

proven techniques to quickly solve service problems and

boost service performance.

2. UP! Your Service College

- Course 200

Building Service Partnerships (2 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Deliver Service Excellence’)

This course demonstrates the importance of building

powerful and lasting partnerships with customers and

colleagues.This popular two-day course provides effective

tools and proven techniques to help participants increase

service commitment, add service value and enjoy lasting

win-win results.

3. The Service Innovator

(2 Days)

(Mapped to ‘Cultivate a Service Innovation Mindset’

and ‘Participate in Service Innovation Process’)

This course will prepare learners to adopt service

innovation in their work, and to be equipped with skills to

initiate and participate in service innovation in their work

environment. In so doing, this will lead to higher value

creation and increased customer satisfaction.

* The


4. Provide GEMS Service (2 Days)

This course aims to prepare participants to provide

“extra mile service” to their customers.The program

focuses on the importance of having the right service

mindset and how extra mile service benefits themselves

and the organization. Participants will also gain confidence

in serving their customers by identifying customer needs,

applying effective communication techniques and

understanding the types of service behaviors that make

an exceptional difference to the customer.

5. Deliver Service Excellence (2 Days)

This program aims to equip the learner with the

knowledge and skills to apply organizational service values

and use organizational systems to provide excellent

customer service, follow-up post/sales service support,

utilize and update a customer database when working

individually and in service teams.

6. Offer Customized

& Personalized Service (2 Days)

This course will equip participants with the knowledge

and application skills to proactively offer and recommend

service to customers. It includes accessing and

communicating specific product and service information

required by a diverse range of customers in order to

meet customers’ personal needs.

programs above are accredited and selectively offered

in our Public Run Calendar. Please contact us for in-house

runs and upcoming Service Excellence modules.




Level No. of Hours Duration





*UYSC - UP! Your Service College

Nett fees after

subsidy payable

by Singaporeans

& Permanent

Residents (PR) of


(GST inclusive)

Nett fees payable

by foreigners

(GST inclusive)

16 2 Days $173.34 $577.80


(UYSC* Build an

Uplifting Service


2 Days $199.02 $663.40

24 3 Days $186.18 $620.60

16 2 Days $51.36 $513.60

24 3 Days $55.64 $556.40

16 2 Days $34.24 $342.40


(UYSC* Course

100 & 200)

2 Days $48.15 $481.50


Public Run Calendar

Please refer to the following links for our public run calendars:

WSQ Programs

Service Excellence http://www.capelleacademy.com/sg/public/programs/public_calendar.php

Executive Development and

Growth for Excellence



Business Management http://www.capelleacademy.com/sg/public/programs/public_calendar_bm.php

Leadership and Performance


Specialized/Non-WSQ Programs

Leadership & Competency


Work-Life Excellence

DiSC Certification



Please contact 6325 4982 to speak to our Client Services team for additional programs not listed in this guide.



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Website: www.capelleacademy.com

The information provided in this publication is

accurate at the time of printing. Capelle Academy

reserves the right to vary the information provided

in this publication at any time without prior notice.

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