12-21-1905 - Village of Pinckney


12-21-1905 - Village of Pinckney





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K^ac\vVxve axd lUpaxr \Oorfc

Engine and Lathe

Work a Specialty

We have a thoroughly equipped

machine shop and are in position

to do yoar repairing promptly and

_at reasonable prices. . . . . .

Sharp Edge

Grinding Done

\Da\awv Yortet >DaY*o* fco. Z\L "UxvatoWa, KftcK. ?


Next week is vacation.

Neit Monday is Christmas.

We wish one and all a Merry


H. F. Sutler was in Ann Arbor

Monday on business.

A sure winner—T'riss, at the opera

house, Pinckney, Deo. 28.

Oar merchants have decorated their

stores and windows gaily for the holidays,

dome windows even put on a

trnely citified air. Pinckney merchant?

are After your trade.

Hngh Finley and wife visited Sanday

in Howell.

Fred and Rex Read of Ypsilanti are

1)0mef for the boITclays.

ETR. BrownThas been a busyT)lac¥smith

the past few weeks—lots of


Eugene Campbell bas opened up

his .jewelry store in his building vacated

by the post officer

Mrs. H. Duane Brown and Mrs.

Nbyes of Jackson and Mrs. H. E.

Brown of Stockbndge, were guests at

the home of Chas. Love, Monday of

this week.

Holiday Specials

•ivv, •> Handkerchiefs from - - •- 1c to 75c ea

» • & , $


• ; ' $


Towels - - • - - 5c to $1 ea

JLitjies' stock Collars - - 15c, 25c, 50c ea

T.orTiaa' PnrflBfl - gfin. 50c. 75c. $1.00. $1.50 4-

Low Prices on

Low Prices on

All $1.00 Dress Goods

All 50c Dress Goods

Ladies' Wrappers



for low prices on Groceries Come to Our Store

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

.We-Will Save You Dollars





SOCMAN'S | Coua'V eWcVv

"HH'tH H



•- '"-it

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• * * ' • $ *

'&'j ?

ghttftntg gispatth.




, 1 II I, JB

it is true that the Grand Duke

Boris struck the czar, it was probably

cnly for a loan.

The itinerary of that international

fleet reads like one of St. Paul's celebrated

sea voyages.

Was it in good taste to mention a

pup in connection with Edna May's

matrimonial speculations?

• * T







+*»e^) %* • ,^ •• • • -.-,-^

JJMUtJNV IN TH1 ARMV GROW! Congressional feWUatfen W

DAILY AND mil, WLMMML.^ .cjwdttJons at fj»Mjfejte^ftfc£fa


• • * *



government of the naval academy and

recommended their summary dismissal

in accordance with an act of congress

approved,March 8, IMS.

•>Urn •**•*• y ~-y

litical and military demands. The news

from Moscow is very bad. Open mu­

Found Guilty.

tiny has broken out in the Grenadier Milo Keep hai^been found guilty Of

the murder olBert Miller on the morning

6t MayTlS^^p^IearAthe ve>

diet "Guilty in the first degree" with- m

out any apparent Interest and quietly 1¾

returned to hie ceH 4n the jaiL

Attorney Ketchum filed a motion for

a new trial on the grounds of new evidence

and error in evidence/

Milo Keep has served time In Ionia,

Jackson and Marquette prisons, having

been released from the latter but a

few mbnWWolrtmS nl«rnwr of Miller.

Under the name of Milo Sexton he

had married a Mrs. McLaughlin, an

aunt of Bert Miller's, who kept rooms


Mere Jews Kilted.

over a Kalamazoo saloon. The couple

quarrel and the woman asked Miller to-

A dispatch to the Neue Freie Presse come and room with her for protection.

from Bucharest, Roumanla, says: "Re­ Keep is said to have become madly

ports received here through refugees jealous at this. On the morning of May

declare that since Sunday the town of 2 Miller was found dead in bed. his

Blisabethgrad, Russia, has been burn­ skull having been crushed' with a

ing and that a mob has been killing heavy iron rasp which was found under,

and plundering in the Jewish quarter. a bureau. Keep was at once under sus­

A legiment la proceeding to Elisabethpicion and wa«r convicted on ctrcum* m^m;

grad from Kishinefl to restore order 8tantial evidence.


Meriwether's Case.

Retaliation For Exclusion.

Midshipman Minor Meriwether, Jr.,

Capt. A. C Baker, of the cruiser who was tried by court martial for

Raleigh, who has been detached for causing the death of

several months to study commercial Branch/has been sentenced en<

and political conditions in China, was ment to the limits of the

a passenger on the Manchuria, arriv­ emy for a period of one yeai

ing today from the orient, on his way publicly reprimanded by the

to Washington to lay before the presl- of the navy. Secretary Bonaparte has

clent and MB advisors life results of hls-fpWcledlhat The Ve'nten^ensrcwrted

investigation. He says:

out, but that so much of the penalty

"It is nonsense to talk of the boycott as would debar the accused from serv­

as dying out. The commercial situation ing on any practice ship attached to


iron hand and they have given orders

of manslaughter^ and found^gullty of

not to handle American goods. It is al­

the other two charges, namely, violamost

impossible to get at them. Of

tion of the third clause of the eighth

course, we havo treaties guai*meeing

article for the government of the navy,

the free circulation of our goods, out

which prohibits midshipmen from en­

supposing the coolies on the docks, the gaging in fisticuffs, and conduct to the

carriers on the streets and everybody prejudice of good order and discipline.

connected with the handling of goods

refuses to touch them, what are you --N. The Money Was Bogus.

to do?

overlooking the real thing fas t*#

"American houses in Canton are full haste to get a handful of bogus

to. the roof with flour, and they cannut was the bad break made by a yi ;^>

budge it. In the meantime, Australian bandit in Lansing. The "highwi

merchants are chartering everything was a girl about 14 years old,

they can get their hands on to rush victim the 9-year-old daughter of W.

their inferior flour kito the market to N. Wilder. The latter was accosted in

take advantage of^eur difficulty. broad daylight by the older girl, who

"The Chinese merchants-admit that drew her into a hallway and seized her

the flour is not as good as ours, but pocketbook,- which was bulging with 4

convicted in the circuit court of the

their are committed to this" this war on bills. The bills, however, were only

premeditated attempted murder of Gil­ American products and are prepare;! the script used in a business college,

bert Olson, whom he got drunk, led to to make sacrifices to carry it out. but the bandit didn't notice this. She

the Pere Marquette trestle, struck with "Not only the Australians, but the seized the whole roll, overlooking a

a billy, robbed and threw into Broad Japanese also, are taking advantage of genuine silver dollar, then threw the

man lake.

the boycott to get our business. Cotton purse on the floor and ran away.

mills are being established in China by • The police have been unable to find

Mrs. Oliver Little, the youthful St. Japanese houses, and with cheap labor any clue to the girl, who was poorly

Johns bride, is stopping at a hotel with' and no transportation charges they are di eased.

her husband, awaiting the time when in a position to drive us out of the

•her parents will forgive her'runawa^ field. They will also develop the steel

The mother is said to be


ore of Korea and probably the oil. in

trying to patch up a peace, but the


this way our vast kerosene and steel

father is obdurate.

business there will be taken over by

The supreme court of the United tho Japanese. -

Slates has entered an-order advancing "The only thing that could raise the

the argument in the 28 eases before boycott would be to rescind the Chi­

the court involving the application of nese exclusion laws, and this, of

the Michigan ad valorem tax cases to course, .will not be done. It looks as

the railroads of ibis state and set the though our business relations with

hearing lor February 19 next. China were doomed. The boycott is

Marine insurance companies have getting worse every day there."

beeiub**a*dev b^.tfce season of navigation

Just closing on J&e great lakes Rep. James B. Watson, of Indiana,

than; evdr*eftwe. The/ total value of has been chosen by the Republican

vessels destroyed 0 damaged, together house cauous as "whip" to succeed Mr.

with UHTlee^eeWthel^^arcoei, reaches Tawney, of Minnesota, •«:

the ene*i*OS)evqpic* of #6,375,000. . v The .Illinois aupfemv court affirmed

Despite, JM meet .stringent quaran­ the verdict of the lower oourt, which

tine, efforts en4eTn*ve failed to stank* condemned Johaan Hoch to death for

cut the diphtheria epidemic which hae the murder of We wife, Mrs. Merit

Infested ^Qliidalona, for nearly tw$ Welcker Hocb, and the date of bis. exmonths.

Several new oases are repo ~ 4cntUavhe* beefc.ee* to yehruary *3.r

tdr Area -Beftinger, the-16-year-old

^ ws^^e^ejw n^^se^ewe^^^a e ^s^e> «s^pe>^rnejAen^veBy. nee^^gF '^^g^sjpnva

of John Bellinger, is dead. Two appointed » niember of the sub-commit

cases are reported in the family of tees on District ofc Qolumbla «** peev

gust Martin, whose oldest d tetona n* tfcev home enmmitlee ,en .*•»

mm — mm * r

Unless we despise a woman wh

we cease to love her, we are-still

slave without consolement of into:


Capt. Saraanaki, of the 222d reg

ment, stationed at Kaluga, has declin

to obey the order of his colonel to use

his company In breaking up the strike,

declaring tn writing" that be regarded

polico work as outside the duties of of-*.

ficers and soldiers. .'.._.««... «*

It is probable that Michican's artillery

organisation may be .the first ef

the: national guards of 4n«r egenirr to

receive the new light neW'fiece* to b»

issued iiy the government and which

are said to be the d^i4liest w^ponf et

tbelf kind 70t detijjed. ': '. v ^

In view of the sertous nejrg from

Riga and Revel, ChanceUpr von Buelow

has authorised m president t.be

w ;i

o* $g«V JMlUrv to., eh.

Wl RliwT RovnT and



i*.- W.


1 ***«*-


•^ s




» * " * . ** *


1 ? !&* handsome Atchison girl; she


has fallen in love with a man who

scarcely reaches her shoulder.

Prefer Old-Style Tobacco.

Thft Kuhgt.ltution__o_f manufactured

and cut tobacco for the time-honored

plug has not met with universal approval

in the British navy.

Opposition Strengthens Desire.

There Is no doubt that opposition

has made more undesirable marriages

than any form of encouragement.—

Kathleen Robinson. ....

Grand Prize St. Louis, t904



Cylinder Machines 9T\SO to 91OO

kJisc Machines $12 to 065

Tkm OfapAopAojfo PogUHuhtoos c// kinds of

musto perfectly — band, orchestra, vEottn,

vooai and Imstnutiontai motos, quartettes,

ofOm tt is an ondiosm source of

C' tea**

0 rlglnfU

1 y oud

£3 rilllant

j[ ns»plrlng

-rV ttractlvo


I CokmMa

\f .


Gold Moulded Cylinder

After a man spends two or three

wefeks on a jury, he ought f* be

pretty good lawyer. Indeed, he ought

to be a pretty good Judge.—Atchison

(Kas.) Globe.

m~*f ntortalnlng

VaV aptlvatlng

\J aitwearlns

.F^ aaonant

£) oHshtful

£^> uporlor

• ' . < • : ' • * .


7>Inch, SO o«nt« oach; B3 pe>r doxan

10-lncht $1 eaohf 410 per dozen •&

Qrtancl Opara Rsaoordsa* (made In KMneH tSLmom B

only)$3«ach f£:

2n Woodward Ave., DCTROIT, MICH;

9*ny> i


'.', SSm




^SA- . -%^3f



•• Vml




• flJFW^^NfWWBW^R ^^^7 V***^P^V4W W



• ii i " - ••'" • • i , ' i—••;' ' \ '•• "

THUBSDAY, DEO. 21,1905.

The location of the next Army

and Navy football game will be

determined simply by the Emergency

Hospital accomodations


Russia is in sore distress, but

tbe nations of the earth will hopd

that out of it she will come redeemedand

petrified, and—aHgn

herself with the civilization of the


Secretary Hitchcock has now

discovered that there *have been

extensive land frauds perpetrated

in Kansas. If Mr. Hitchcock

wants to entertain the public with

a novelty, he will discover some

section of the public domain

where the land frauds have not

been perpetrated.


I, the undersigned, do hereby agree

to refund tbe money on a 50 cent bottle

of Greene's Warranted Syrnp of

Tar if it failes ro cure your cougb or

cold. I also guarantee a 25-cent bottle

to prove satisfactory or money reunded.


Will B. Harrow.

Canadian Holiday Excursions via

Grand Trunk Rail way'Sy atom

Single fare for tbe round.trip to

certain Canadian points on all tiains

Dec. 14th, 15tb, 16th and 17th, 1902,

valid* returning to leave destination to

and including January 6tb,' 1906

For fares and further information call

on your 16carAgentt>n write to GEO.

W. VAUX, A. G. P. & T. A., Chicago,


A Fearful rate

It is a tearful fate to have to endure

the terrible torture ol piles. "I can

truthfully sayV writes Harry Colson,

Masonville, la., "that for blind, bleeding,

itching and protruding . piles,

Bucklen's Arnica Salve is the best cure

made.'' Alsj best lor cots burns and

injuries. 25c at ?. A. Sigler's, druggist.


The pcofittDt %U Michigan foot bah

team are said to be about 125,000 for

the season.

There has been excellent skating

for the past two weeks and our young

people haye been enjoying it —

Citizens of Brighton have to clean

the snow from tbeir sidewalks before

9 a. m. or pay for having the same


Mr. Rockefeller's income* is now

placed by a Wall street authority at

$10,000 per hour. Well, we all have

to use o«l.

A country town is a wonderful convenience

to residents of the country.

The better the town tbe ouore valuable

are tbe larras near it.

Anjj3por_gjr]Jn need jf a friendor

advice can*call on or write to Ensign

P. Mogenson, 89r> Kort St. West,

Detroit Salvation Aroiy.

Thursday night last some one broke

into Uowlett Bros. Hardware store, M

E. Kohn's general sCbre and the meat

market at Gregory. But little booty

was secured and no clue.

N. Knoohuizen of Fowlerville, county

commissioner of schools, was in this

. With the leaders of the State vicinity the past week visiting schools.

Grange berating the new primary He was the guest of F. L. Andrews

election law at the Grand Rapids and family while in Pincknej.

meetittg^anoV 4he friends of-the— This office turned out a co

administration apologizing for it

invoices of job work for Chelsea par­

before Farmers' clubs in Lansing ties the past wt ek. Thanks, gentlemen,

the unbiased and not too well in­ do so some more. We will trv and

formed ! ay man would be justified treat yon right both in quality of work

m concluding lHatTEe~lawis open a~ndprice.

to hostile criticism.

_ "

Don't encourage that boy in his idea

that be has bad enough schooling before

be has finished a common high

Bchool course. The chances for tbe

plug man are disappearing, so give

him enough education to raise him

out of this class.


Ilie • !W::'i*Ue-r Ift- Wlilch Many Dlwasti';»;.:-:

lil.nzvs Oi-iRiiialo.

JJU-'I i.i a wosiiiivful proslmvi' of Li.v.;

There h.ivt> IHH».: ";:ist:iiKTs :u ;> > toili indigestion,

constipation, malaria, chills,

and fever, Jaundice, nervousness,

Irritability, melancholia, and all

sickness due to disordered liver.

jttfc not a cathartic, but a gentle,

herbaVtiver medicine, which eases


Jrice 2Sc it »U BrnSgHa.

Subscribe for the Pinc^fiey Diepatoiit -

DeWIWs VSSt Solve

For PMoiy Burwti ta copy of this

oKer be cut)IIshed in the PINCKNEY DISPATCH, a

newtjuip' r printed and circulating in said county

threo successive we« wcess previous to said day of



Judge of Probate.



STATE OP1 MICHIttW the pr«bate court, fci-'''

tbe cjunty of Livingston —At a session of

said courts held at the probata.offloe in the vlllag* '^%^S*>

of Howell in said county on theN^iuth day ol Deo» .,^^-^

ember A. D. 1903. Prewut: Hon. Arthur A. MOL-

tagiig, judge of Probate, in the ritatter of the

eitate of

- *~~

BBRT GOODWIN, deceased

Desaie Whitehead having filed la said court her

petition praying that the administration of said

estate be granted to llaniet Porter, or to some

other suitable person.

it is ordered, that the filth' day of January, A.

D., 1006, at ten o'clock in the fore noon, at said probate

office, be and is hereby appointed for hearing

said-petition. It is further ordered, that public

no*ice thereof b£.glv?u by publication of a copy of

this order, for three successive weeks previous to

said day of h< Bring, iu trie PISCKS BY DISPATCH, a

newspaper printed and circulated in said county.


52 Judge of Probate.

^tate of Michigan. Thirty-fifth Judicial

'Circuit, in Chancery buit pending in the

Circuit Court for ihe county of Livingston, in

' hancery, «t Howell. Mich., on the «th day of

November, 19M,

LILLY B. FO.XGER, complainant


JIMKS FONOKK, defendent

In this canfe.it appealing nppcai irom aflidavit on-flie,

tliat tbe defendant,/nmes Fonger, is a resident of


this state, but that : (lis Ills \vl whereabouts are nnknown,

therefore, on motion of James A. Greene, Solicitor

for Compla-nnnt, it la rrdered that the defendant,

James Fouler,-e ter \,\e appeflrance in said cause

on or beiore tbr;>e months irum the date of thia






• V.

> : M.

Co emplayiuent and tc.

relief from 'IV in tii.«:•-, i

" to its natural i". Tfcs:jov**f..t impcs-||'

faction* andimparities, 4 A ycrfe*'. •< rtr.tpie.v-jt'

ton. 00 oenta at your dni^is ;..:,• o'clock. Grayer meeting Thursday

evenings. SundSy school at ciose of morning

service. MibsMASY VANFLSKT, &upt.

/^ONUftttCiAl'iO^AL UilUitCtl.

iL' " Kev. U.W. Mylue pastor. Service ever>

Sunday morutag it iu:i0 and every Sunday

evening at 7:DC o'clock. Prayer meeting Thurs

day eveninge. ouniay school at close of morn

ln«aervice. Kev. K. U. Crate, Supt,, Mocco

Teeple Sec. i


S Kev.' .M. J. Co miner lord, lie tor. Services

Avery Sunday. Low mass at 7:30o'clock

high mass with sermon at 9;X0a. m. Cstechism

"t3:00p. m.t vespersanabenedictionat7:au p.ro


The A. O. H. Society of this place, meets ever j

third Sunday intne Fr. Mattuew Hall.

John Tttomey and M. T. Kelly. Couuty Delegate*.

a ou; :.¾ 11,v -tHH>kinl oiry- by tlie

T. U. iiie^ts the first Friday of each

J. month at -J:3L p, m, at tue Louie of l>r. u. *'.

,In 1S87 'when Horsehel Was iu South ^ len Kyerj.one- interested in temperance is

),Afrio:i ho cool;oil ogrj?s by exposure to \ coadrally invited. Mrs. Leal Siller, Pres; Mr».

, tlio heat of the sun "until they were j *»» i>"rtee,Secretary.

powdery-to the-center."" Sir J. C. lioss '

made a similar experiment in New


Croup, coughs, colds, whooping

coutfh, etc., bave no terrors for children

oi* adults who evacuate the bowels

with Kennedy'vS Laxativa Honey and

Tar. Tbia remedy expels all cold from

the system and strengthens the throat,

[.lungs and bronchial tubes. The or­

iginal laxative couph syrup and liquid

cold cur**.

Sold by P., A. Sigier, Druggist.

The Word «*Plpate.»»

"Pirate" Is n G^*ook wortl coming

directly «Croni "peimtes,*' which menns,

etymologically, "one who tries" or "attempts"—In

other -words, an adventurer.

"Adventurer," too, Is a word

that has lost respectability, but not to

far. as "pirate,*! .which aoqnJred Its

special sense at least 2,000 years ago.

"Peirates" and the Latin -plrata" are

, knovm only In this sense. -Gteero dettnea

the pirate aa- lU* »ommoo enemy




^ne C. T. A. and a. bocie^y 0; this place, urnc

. eveijr third Satoroay evening in the ft. Aiat

thew Hail. John Donohue, Fresitient,

—; •


KMeetevery Friday evening on or before fnL

01 "the moon at their hall in the Swarthout bldg.

Visiting brothers are cordially invited-

L. E. SMITH, Sir &,nlsbt Commands

Livingston Lodge, No.7';, ? 4. A. M. Kegulsi

Communication Tuesdav evening, on or beiort

the full ot the moon. Kirk Vanwinkle. VY. N

ROEil OF EASTERN STAR ineoteeach tuoutl

0 the Friday e?tnin^ following the regular F

Jt A. M. meeting, MRS. EMMA CUINX, W, M.


Vffiret Tuursday evening of each Month in ib„

\iuccabee balk. C. L, Grimes V. C.

— • ' 1 —' ~————~ •'• - —


LJ and 3rd Saturday of each couth at 2:30 p m. a

K7o, T. M. hall. Visiting sisters cordially in

vi ted, Li LA CoHiWAY, Lady Com.


K , F. L, Andrews P. X,


H. P. SKltR M* 0. 0. L, SIQLM M. 0


Pnystotea*aa«0«rf«ua*. Ail calls plots pi ly

aUs^dsdtoday »day a armlgai. Oflk«{ en. Mala stJ es

Plaekaey, Miea.


Xaa. effect ^.pr. 30, 19067

Trains leave South Lyon as follows:

For Detroit and East,

10:48 a. m., 2:19 p. m.' 8;58 p. m.

For Grand Rapids, North and West,

9:26 a. m., 2 :19 p. m.,6:l8 p. ja.

For Saginaw and Bay City,

10:48 a.m., 2:19 p. T ni., 8:58 p. ni.

•For Toledo and South,

10:43 a. m., 2:19 p. m.,


Agent, South Lron. O. P. A., Detroit.

Grand Trunk Rail war Srstem.

East Bound from Ficciney

No-28 Passenger Ex. Sunday, *):28A.M.

No. 30 Passenger Ex. Sunday, 4:55 P. M.

West Bonrd from Pit (knfy

No. 27 Ps*senger Ex. Sunday, 10:01 A. M.

•Jtto. 29v Paest n ger E x,Sunday, —S;44 P. Mr

W. H.Clark, Agent,


Corn Shelter.


Ciamps on Barrel,

as easily as on Box.

Adjusts itself to

any size ear.

Closed Hopper

Making it Impossible

for Operator

to Pinch Hand.

Is guaranteed to do as good if o^t

better work than any sheller on the

market. Throws cobs outside evtry

•time. Cold rolled steel axle. Requires

no wrench. Shells popcorn splendidly*

by tightening tension on spring. All

repairs furnished free of charge. Even.*

farmer should have one. Eor sale by

hardware and implement dealers.


BRINLY-HAR0Y CO., Incorporated,




oaiy nnrt of the b

1-. !.'

•••V*3»'» tr"«»:««f*

tf» :~*w •---..-^-^--,^:'!•'••

r 1 ' '


r -r!^








i.x ..¥•''

^,^ h*m'» Venrsssoie Cxj^uwt j» tt»

^ One of thegwwktwttriaaBphjof L3rdl»

: E. Pinkhama XaffeiebJeCo»po***4 is



the conquerinf,rf wafMV4*eaA«fe

•my, Tumor. > f

The growth of .*} toOKOr 1» SO tHj that

lr«4u«uUj its piwaoa Isao* snap«atsd|


Afrvfttnni* &fo*

So-called "wandering pains'* may

eome from its early stages, or the

presence of danger may be made manifest

by prof use menstruation, eccompaniedL

by unesual pain, from the

ovaries down the groin and thighs.

If you hare mysterious pains, if there

are indications of inflammation or displacement,

don't wait for time to confirm

your tears and go through the

horrors of a hospital operation; secure

Lydia, fcf. Pinkham-s Vegetable Compound

right away and begin its use.

• Mrs.PTnkham, of Lynn,'Mass., will

give yon her advice free of all charge

if yon will write -her about yourself.

- Tour letter will be seen by women only.

vmrVHrpmsssm^-— —-—*-

*' I take the liberty, to congratulate you on

the success I have had with your wonderful

medicine. Eighteen months ago my montbhesstopped.

-Shortly after I felt so badly that

* «">»»»«*qd; jn n thnmngji examination by a

physician and was told^kaTrhWTlimW -

on the uterus and would have to undergo an

" Soon after I read one of your advertisements

and decided to give Lydla E. Pink"

ham's Vegetable Compound a trial. After

five bottles as directed the tumor is

gone. I have been examined by a

and he says I have no signs of a

yt now. It has also brought my monthlies

around once more, and I am entirely

well."—Fannie D. Fox, 7 Chestnut Street

Bradford. Pa.

for Family Colds


be tHraya fa the boeae ready for see the

OMSpsst tW ink symptoms appear. t

It n always easier, cheaper sad better

tesWsvecoMiaAever/ liifanssj

It is mitt, loo. . .

SaeVtfY* Coiissmpwin Cure, the Lung

Tosk. hat been Sailed foe thaty-threa

yeanvaad tea* oi thousands of home* in

IhvUiatoi Stifcr^ad Csssda Uxlajr^rc


"We an an* jo hawb. We U boaai*

assayb&kaofShOoh'sCuiiieaaiiiiinCam lt>

•sod sod w* WMU art U wUhea* it-Mas

Mary E. Apple. Gummm*. N.Y.

It »T wS* earthing but me best would

9slraeav> Try a in your own familys,

you set back all it cost

.__ all the chance*. NeioSer

sssiwsr veer dealer can lose. Isn't that

hur> 25c. u the price. All dealer* in

m**S r f ,t e sdl


Wanted* Hustling Newspaper Man

to ttart weekly paper at Marlborough, Lake Co..

Michigan, liaclborougb !• three year* old, ha* 500

' ltaata, and la the home of the Great Northern

•ad Cement Co., employing apwardi of 300 men

faaereaalng erery year. The Company ha* 1,400

kho!dera,mo*t of whom would take nla paper«-

, rtuhVTnan.wlth good outfit will find thla a

Bndtd opening. For partlculara addreaa H, H.

raone, 88 Qrlawold Street, Detroit, or

Fred •% Ferneworth, Martborouatt, Mioh*



Means a pro*

ductive capacity

In dol*

lars of over

$16 per acre.

This on land which has cost the farmer tioth>

Tng hut, the price of tilling It. tells its own


The Canadian Government gives absolutely

ftsstto every settler 180 acres of such land.

Stands adjoining can he purchased at fjom t6

SeaBbper aore from railroad and other oorpor-

^^ready 175,000 farmers from the United

States have made their homes in Canada.

For' pamphlet "Twentieth Century Canada"

and all information apply to Supt of Immigration,

OUawa. Canada; or to following authorized

CJpvcmmfnt Agent—M. V. Mclnnes,

•SV|Sj*«wlHsatre Block, Detroit, Michigan; or

-C^aawaSSS. 9*ult Ste. Marie, Michigan,

tion this paper.)


to raTsatlg*** the nerlta of ttw


h««t>iac, aharth«Mi«, Paassaaaaisi. *e

«r«ad hl»*r Ave., ^esreti Klaft.

as V^aa «oa>*«HapilMt *"


rerafSK aCM


will eaa^taca son of tt* woaSarrul

atos«ass»:e»«iia> BS»a^s> pytatt >i>flil. m


Mil '1r **^V'* "i*^^• M *» rf, **^a^aJ



TO PH0t9«fUM»« 9IAF4 : AOOWY OF SORft HAW?t.

7~in a**ef.



Thai* Infirmity • »rawa#-4«aj." ; \ x ~.

"How can (fiat Inflraity affect- the

picture?'aakefi a visitor.

"It tfives hie face a tense, strained

look,* eaid ifc* photographer. / "All

deaf persons hare that eapxeaslo*

wken placed before a camera. They

eit with their head* tilted forward and

eyebrows, uplifted, as If waiting for the

command to look pleasant. Generally,

I suppose, that is what they are waiting

for. But even after I have given

the order to brace; their muscles refuse

to. relax.

"What's that?", says the deaf man

When he sees my lips move.

'"Look pleasant!' I shout again.

' 4 "Oh„Vsays he.

"He takes his band from behind his

ear and trie* to u iaume a beaming

r.nunfpiiftTH-pi, bur PA only comprnmlspia

dn a fixed glare. None of the devices

known to the photographic trade can

dispel that. In fact, the more 'business'

I Introduce to charm my sublectintlr-a

joyful statfe the more rlgtdhls

facial muscles become. He Is

listening always for'further Instructions.

Whether they come or not, the

look of expectancy is there. For that

reason the deaf are the hardest people

in the world to photograph. If an artist's

reputation depended upon the

pictures he makes of them he would

soon be obliged to go out of business."

Ministers Late Risers.

"Ministers is the latest risers. Doctors

comes-4iextr" said the cook.

She was entertaining the maids from

next door. As she bustled about get­

Bird Was . Removed.

A woman rushed into a fashionable

millinery establishment which she had

left only an hour before with a new

hat that cost her $75. She had returned

to discard the elaborate headgear.

"Why, madam, what is the trouble

with this hat?" the milliner asked.

"What is the matter?" gasped the

purchaser.—"There 1« much the matter.

Why, I would not wear that

again until that bird with the big wing

is removed or set in a different position."

"But that is the style," said the milliner.

"Style or no style it has got to go,"

said the purchaser. "I will never wear

that hat until I can go about without

the wings of birds sticking in the eyes

of men, and especially horrid men like

the horrid one that told me tfcat 'one

bird in the bush is worth two in a

hat.' "

The bird in the hat was removed.

Seedtime and Harvest.

As o'er his furrowed flelds, which lie

Beneath a coldly dropping sky.

Yet chill with Winter's melted snow,

The husbandman goes forth to sow;

Thus, Freedom, on( the bitter blast

The ventures of thy seed we cast, -

And trust to warmer sun and rain

To swell the germ, and nil the grain.

Who ealts thy glorious service hard?

Who deems it not i!« own reward?

Who, for its trials, counts it less

A cause of praise and thankfulness?

It may not be our lot to wield

The sickle in the ripened field;

Nor ours to hear, on summer eves.

The reaper's song among the sheaves;

Y/et where our duty's task is wrought

In unison with God's great thought.

The near and future blend in one,

And whatso'er is willed is done!

—John Greenleaf Whittler.

to Cuticurs.

"My hand! cracked and peeled, and

were so sore it was impossible for me

to do my housework. If I put them in

water I was in agony for hours; and

if 1 tried to cook, the beat caused intense

pain. I consulted two doctor*,

of Cuticurs Soap and one box of Cutl

cura Ointment my hands are entirely

w«U, and I am very grateful. (Signed)

Mrs. Minnie Drew, 18 Dana St., Roxbury,


South African Game Reserve.

Threatened disappearance of the

wild fauna of South Africa has led

the Natal government to form a reserve

of some 20,000 acres In extent

on the slopes of the Drakensberg. In

tire deep- "kloofs-" of these- seeluded

had Jfcst 4aosj* across our doctor at the

friends's I had been calling on, he

smiled and said, 'Metaphysician.' Then

L asked him if he could guess at what

hour we had breakfast and morning,

and he nodded his head and said,

'Attenuate/ To - change the conversation

I Inquired what he thought of

**#*"' ****** after -«u^ one cake4 ^ ^^m, w. head, 'Dynasty/

mountains patches of berg cypress

and other natural forest- afford good

cover for the eland, of which only'

some 130 specimens now remain In

Natal. " The reserve' also contains

herds of blue buck and klipapringer.

In this game reserve are also found

many valuable specimens of early

Bushman paintings and drawings,

many of which are disappearing owing

to the rapid disintegration of the rock


How Birds Destroy Insects.

The chickadee will destrov plant

lice, for it sometimes eats 5.500Jice_

for breakfast. The woodpecker gets

after the borers. The flicker eats

some wood-boring insects. The cuckoo

is needed greatly, for it eats the

hairy caterpillars that prey pn trees

ting the tea and cake ready she talked


maidsU-tt—sQrjaetlft)p« «pt.« an many that \ts_

listened, their eyes fixed on the colla gizzard Is often fuzzy with the hairs.

tion that each moment grew more The grosbeck eats potato .beetles, and

tempting under her hand.

two of them will keep a quarter of an

_ "Some ministers don^t rise till 10," acre free. But aside from all utilitar-

she said. "There's hardly one of them raTr^considerationsr" 4»if4^-muaie

that you'll find up by 8. Nine or half- enough to pay us for our care and

past is their average hour

protec tion.—Exchanger "

"You see, they don't have no ofilce

to go to at a certain time. They have

Words of Wisdom.

no early appointments that must be Westfleld, 111., Dec. 18th (Special)—

kept. They have no clerks that they AH who are suffering with Bright's

must look after. Consequence is. they Disease, should read carefully the fol­

become the latest risin' class of men lowing letter from the Rev. G. L. Good

9n e^rth. , ,ril.

of this place. He says:.—--

"I've worked, .ajound considerable in "I feel it is my duty to tell you of

my time. I've had forty-seven places, the wonderful benefit I have received

all told. Some has been-with doctors, from the use of Dodd's Kidney Pills.

some with business men and eleven I am a Minister of the Gospel, and in

with ministers. The ministers is the my work, I am frequently exposed to

best to live with. They are so con­ all weathers: Six years ago, I was laid

siderate and generous and they have up sick. I doctored with a number of

such perfect dispositions. If they physicians, and' finally consulted a

would only get quit of this lazy habit specialist, but without success. They

of loafin' away the' morning in bed all told me I had Bright's Disease. I

they'd be a class without a fault." was in a bad way and almost helpless

when, thank God, I heard of Dodd's

Kidney Pills. They saved my life. I

took sixteen boxes and now I am

cured. Tne first day Itook them I felt

relief. When I began I weighed only

one hundred and five pounds, now I

weigh one hundred and sfcty-nve and

I am the picture of health. I recommend

Dodd's Kidney Pills to all my

friends who have Kidney Trouble and

I pray to God that other sufferers

wul read these Words and be helped,

by them."

To Paint Miniatures of Americana.

Viscountess Maitland the wellknown

miniature painter, arrived last

week from England for an extended

stay, during which she will paint a

number of miniatures of prominent

people, among them half a dozen

which she has been cotomissioned^to

do for members of the President's


To Honor Patriotic Chef.

Residents of Nice are about to erect

a aUttte in nrenrory of Nebain Dubois,

who lot many years was chief cook to

the kaiser's grandfather. Kinr "William

of prasaia, receiving a salary of

fnjOOO a yestK Aa^bon as thw Franco-

Prussian war waf declared he fa--

«3«M**O tfat a«ata«t hJs ftrmar em-

MftaaJii ' rT: -'^t- ••-••:• V - .- '

•.••a*HI •^K**^^-i-it r ' ..•(;•rv Narva Kwtor- KvaUNp.

V- _,. 8wd for PJBKB •S.eO trial bo&ta bottte aad treaMa*. traaMa*.

dt|. R. H. KLINK, Ltd., W Arch Stmt, PbttafelpUla, Fa.

Fear isn't the only thing that causes

n woman to change color.

Mrs, WtitstttwM

WmcMMrea taeUSut, aeftaaaUMmarts, _

aUarasMuearaawtaieoUo. Heaboatkt.

Glittering generalities are the rhinestones

of speech.

Ids art believe Ptato Cure for Cos. -umpttea

IJBW aa eqoa) fer oousha and eoM».-~J?8Uf F.

I»A. Feb. I*, **




m» beat cure - far


I invited him to come home with me

and take a bite at least, and he replied

with an accepting nod, Dynamite/

%ut he capped the climax when

I asked him if we might hope to hear

a speech from he at that public dinner

next week by proudly saying 'Expectoration.'

"—Baltimore American.

How Bear Escapes from Trap.

When caught by a paw in the Jaws

of a trap a bear will drag; the heavy

apparatus'^BffltB clog uuill tho latter

is . caught in the brush or trees, and

then, if the paw is not in too far, will

often pull out or chew off the captive

member, j

Power of Intellectuality.

A great soul draws and is drawn

with a more fierce intensity than any

small one. By every Inch we grow in

intellectual height, our love^ strikes

down, it roots deeper, and spreads out

its arm wider.—Olive Schreiner.


Itvbtns, Blind, Bleeding, Protruding Piles. Drug-

Rtota are authorized to refund money U PAZO

OINTMENT falls to cure tn 6 to 14 days. 90c.

It Is not considered good form to ask

the pork packer's wife to "render"

something on the piano!


A large 2-oz. package Red Cross Ball Blue, only

5 cents. irheRus^ Company, South Bend, Ind._

When a man talks of his own honesty,

we begin slyly to hide our editorial






A Rochester Chswtlst

tarly Cffactrwe MedWntV

Iln ft Palmer Cbemteaa Co.-,

ter, N. Y., wrttea:

''Seven years>

ago I was sugaring

very antcfe

through the failure

of the kldatyav

to eliminate tbe>

nrie acid from my

system. My back

waa very Iamo

and ached if B

overexerted myself in the least degree.

At times I wag weighed dowm.

with a feeling of languor and depression

and suffered continually from*

annoying irregularities of the kidney

secretions. I procured a box of Doan'a

Kidney Pills and began using them. 1

found prompt relief from the aching:

and lamenes in my back, and by the-

time I had taken three boxes I wasv

cured of all irregularities."

Sold by air dealers. 50 cents a box.

Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.




troubled wits ffls seeaUar t»

taeir HI, msed as a Aoacfce is

MMfsl. Tseroegatveleaaeea, MT1» Htnm

nope disekaxgee, seals laflamioatioa aw


Paxtine is in powder form to he dissolved in

water, and is far more deaadnf, healing,

and economical thea Uqnid aatisafaks for aJ


For sale at drasfjbts, ¢0 cents a box.

Trial Box aad Beok ef I

HcA PAXTOSJ coMMtav aoextm.


raahlti Ktoa» js»<

[Laun^i^BDM itMr u^SVPsnalon 1

14yra tn drll wtx. lSadtwUeatins^lainia, attj i

W. I? U.-DETROIT.-No. 5t-l«0»




I won't sell AavtUOrlwtae to a dealer who won't .tr


Over the Shortest and Quickest Line Via

Denver, Scenic Rockies, Salt Lake Route

Daily tourist sleeping car service from Chicago in

connection with the new Salt Lake Route (JS. P.»

L. A. & S. L. R. R.) Cars go thW



Colorado Springs


over the Denver & Rio Grande R. R., passing the

incomparably grand scenery of the Rocky Mountains

in daylight. They stop in Salt Lake City for

several'.hours, affording opportunity for sightseeings

and then leave over the Salt Lake Route, skirting

Great Salt Lake, passing thro* picturesque Utah

and the orange groves of Southern California.

No other tourist service to Los Angeles is more

convenient and no other affords such splendid opportunities

for sightseeing.


Illustrated literature aad detailed

information free for th«

J. FKARaS, General

257 "Q»»



^^w rw Pp

\>''' ' ' . •''••• ' ''i*i'/*'r«''

• J-';,









»V. \.



The L'orter Clothing Co. of Howell

will 8*11 $30 Suits and Overcoats for

$17; 115 for $12; $10 for $7; $8 for $5

$6 for $4. Other poods equally *s


'•' i • — — — — — _ _ _ ^ _ _ _ _



A on* year old colt, pric* reasonable

Inquire of Wra. Ha8senchal.

Chilson, mail route No. 1. t 51

Notice to Tax Payers

The tax roll far Putnam township is

FoW^Tnlfiy Tandran(T T~Fmnrp^ay~To

receive taxes a.t any time at my store

in Pinckney. W»l! be at the storedf



•n p»

D. M. Monk* visited at Otis Webb's

Unadilla one day last week. '

Mrs. Murphy of Pinckney is spending a

week at Mrs. Wm. Gardner's.

The Misses Fannie Monks and Nellie

Gardner were in Howell Wednesday last.

At the annual meeting: for the election of

officers, for the Lyndilla Telephone Co.,

held at Unadilla last Wednesday, Kirk

Van Winkle of this place was elected

director for the ensuing year.

W. S. Earl has put extensive repairs on

Ledmo^eARpche in Acderjo^Wed^,^ ^ ^ 1lhajtddttU €SmRi ^ j ^

nesday, Dec. 27. VV E. Murphy.


For Sale or Exchange.

Forty acres of timbered land

Iosco. Inquire of F. A, Barton,





Bell PtwaeBS, free _ _ P . O. Lock Box 68

-gogmarlyjof Battle Creek, Mich. Sells everything

on earth—Real Estate, Graded Stock, Personal

Property, Country tfalea, etc. Years of exper

lence, and prices reasonable,

Orders may be left at the DISPATCH Office.




Sati8tactu n Guaranteed. For information

call at DISPATCH Office or address

Gregory, Mich, r. f. d. 2. t Lyndilla phone

connection. Auction bille and tin cups

furnished free.

Percy Swarthout

Funeral Director








H^ve Xou Had

Wur Picture Taken


If Not, Why Not?

Only a few more days before

.* we expect to leave here.

We are still maUing

24 Photos, for 25 Cents

. Exchange Photos with all your

school friends—you will prize

fehem in after yeaas.

* •

\,We guarantee satisfaction.


' • • * '


Elmer Hntson is home for the holiday


Ira McGlockne and wife of Stockbridge

visited his father Sunday.

TI>AT,. A.S. held at the church hall,

Parker's Corners, last week was largely


Mrs. Mary Sharp was moved last week

to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank

Noyea. of Stockbridge.


John Longnecker visited a friend in losco

last Sunday.

S. G. Topping is taking in the sights at

Chicago this week.

W. X. Braley of Ypsilanti is spending

vacation with relatives here.

Mrs. E. Bush and Mrs. MaryToofare"in

the care of n doctor at present.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Wright came home

from California, a few days ago, where

they have been the past year.

Rev. Ostrander, assisted by Mr. George

J ackeon, the colored evangUisV will -hohL

special meetingsliitlie M.P. church until

Dec. 31.

The Presbt. L. A. S. will meet at the

home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Conkvjfoy

dinner on Thursday, Dec. 28. All are

cordially invited.


John Sweeney and son Louis are

Detroit for a few days. ,

Albert Benham who is in the l'. of M.

was home over Sunday.

Mrs. Winnifred Spsulding was in Brighton

a few days last week.

M/,. V. C Walton of Alto has been vis

it fag" her friend Mrs. W. Spaulding the

past week. . ,

The fuueral of E. Keit Stuart, who was

drowned while skating hist Wednesday,

was held at the North Hamburg church

Saturday at 2 :00 o'clock p.m.


WHEREAS in the providence of the

Great Ruler ot the universe, the home of

our brother Sir"Knlghl E. B. Stewart lias

been entered into by the Destroying Angel

of death arid has reaped the golden grain

and gathered it into the Lords garner. The

mother's heart has been made (o bleed by

the death of her beloved son, E. B. Stewart

on whom her heart and comfort rested

with fondness and joyful pride. Therefore

be it

RESOLVED:--That we, the Sir Knights

of Genoa Tent, 875, K. O. T. M. M . extend

to the bereaved mother our heartfelt

sympathy, and commend her to Him who

i knoweth all tilings best tlmt He rmy ena-

J ble her to bear with fortitude the sorrows

brought so suddenly upon her. And be it


RriJsou'KD:—That through his death we

fully realize the uncertainty of life and

saould ever be ready for the sickle of life's


KKSOLV&D: — That a copy of—tliese—rfifiQ^.

lutlons be sent to the mother and family of

the deceased and also be spread on the

records of the Tent.



WM. Mr*cn vCommittee .




The Putnam and Hamburg farmers'

Club will meet with Mr. and jirs.

Alphens Sn ith .Saturday, Dec. 30,

1905t|lor dinner. Ladles please bring

lap boards and diibes.


'48—Pioo aq; SuoraB J3JBAV VOJLBM. qonttl

e}nq|J4S|p s^iidjjno s;i -^Beq jo asnotj

-ajo;s ;ST?A v s] }j mdap %vatii «\\ jo

All the news for $1.00 per year.




New Good©


Marvin &


mm Adad

n«&po attt •*wa9J9Brp r^^jgax/iiaA oa

•q TfnoM aadij; jnq 'Aion «aoi> ;j a»qj

Xirpw^ 9/aqi JI

:'i^*>- v * * ^

, ^ ,

Mrs. C.W. Moon.

This *o§t of you know tb|» 1iine.it second door from poet oftee.







;.v v








'• «?V'.

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