Neighborhood Health Clinic 2017 Annual Report

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<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

<strong>2017</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


Mission<br />

To deliver quality medical and dental<br />

care to low-income, working but<br />

uninsured Collier County adults,<br />

using a professional volunteer staff<br />

and funded by private philanthropy.<br />

Vision<br />

We are committed to deliver services in<br />

a caring, supportive environment that<br />

respects the dignity of each patient.<br />


Board of<br />

Directors<br />

Officers<br />

John P. Cardillo, Esq.<br />

Chair<br />

Paul O. Jones MD<br />

Chair Elect<br />

C. Michael Armstrong<br />

Treasurer<br />

Craig J. Eichler MD<br />

Secretary<br />

Katherine G. Sachs<br />

Member-At-Large<br />

Nancy Lascheid, RN, BSN<br />

Co-Founder<br />

If you look to the left border column on this page, you will see<br />

the names of the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s Board of Directors and officers. This<br />

is a working board, all of whom have volunteered in the <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

or served on <strong>Clinic</strong> committees. The doctors and dentists,<br />

retired CEOs, teachers, hospital administrators, business<br />

owners, and attorneys who bring a variety of experience and<br />

talent to the <strong>Clinic</strong>. They set policy, oversee finances, bring<br />

attention to the mission, raise funds, and address the future<br />

needs of the <strong>Clinic</strong>.<br />

The Board’s governance contributes to the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s Four<br />

Star rating from Charity Navigator and GuideStar’s Gold Seal<br />

of Transparency. As the governing body, the Board focuses<br />

on the mission, strategy, and goals of the <strong>Clinic</strong>. Their most<br />

important job is to move the mission forward responsibly and<br />

transparently, always in service of those uninsured workers in<br />

need of quality healthcare.<br />

Directors<br />

Linda A. Bilodeau<br />

Thomas C. Brick DMD<br />

Barbara Ann Britten MD<br />

Adriana Buitrago<br />

Vincent Foglia<br />

Robert J. Meli MD<br />

Robert W. Payne DDS<br />

Catherine A. Perez<br />

Janet H. Vasey<br />

Kevin P. Walker<br />

David J. Wolff<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

Leslie Lascheid<br />

Chief Development Officer<br />

Keith Maples<br />

Medical Director<br />

Robert B. Tober MD<br />

Chief Financial Officer<br />

Joseph Meek<br />

3<br />

John P. Cardillo<br />

Chair of the Board of Directors<br />

“When I first felt the lump, I came in and the nurse told me<br />

they were going to take care of me. They got me in to see the<br />

surgeon and my oncologist…the <strong>Clinic</strong> took me through all of<br />

it. It has been such a blessing to me. I can’t even tell you.”<br />

~<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Patient

I share the <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong>’s <strong>2017</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> with both<br />

pride and pleasure. As a supporter of the <strong>Clinic</strong>, you are vital to our progress<br />

and our mission.<br />

Since I officially joined the <strong>Clinic</strong> four years ago, I have come to realize<br />

just how great a privilege it is to continue my parents’ vision to provide care<br />

to those without access to quality medical care because they are poor. Their<br />

dignity is undiminished as they work to improve their lives and care for their<br />

families.<br />

The needs of our patients drives the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s work. The addition to the<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong>’s campus is due in large part to need for a more comprehensive dental<br />

program. Too many patients faced oral health issues that had a negative<br />

impact on their overall health and well-being. A significant increase in<br />

volunteer physicians and dentists will increase the scope of service we can<br />

provide our patients<br />

The <strong>Clinic</strong>’s success can be attributed to and the compelling nature of my<br />

parents’ vision. It is only through the strength of commitment so generously<br />

shared by our Board of Directors, supporters, volunteers that we continue<br />

the progress we have made.<br />

to open the<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong> doors each day<br />

Leslie Lascheid<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

“When you start to get a chronic disease or illness, and it<br />

hits you, you don’t know what to do. And then you get<br />

someone that is willing to help you the way the <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

has helped me, it’s a miracle.”<br />

~<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Patient<br />

4<br />

$6,575<br />


One is rarely so fortunate to see one’s vision realized and expanding. With the help of so many<br />

people, I have such good fortune. Bill and I were blessed to see the <strong>Clinic</strong> grow from the vision to<br />

reality; to see it become established and serving our community well. There is always more on the<br />

horizon.<br />

As there were so many staunch champions in the beginning, there are even more today who<br />

diligently persevere to insure the integrity of the <strong>Clinic</strong> and the mission: not to be bigger but to be<br />

better in the service of those who seek our help.<br />

I thank all those who from the beginning embraced and nurtured the vision and welcome those who<br />

will foster the mission, goals and vision as the <strong>Clinic</strong> moves into the future.<br />

Nancy Lascheid<br />

Co-Founder<br />

“I’m a pre-K teacher, always had to be happy and<br />

showing good attitude, and sometimes I had pain.<br />

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I feel<br />

very blessed that the <strong>Clinic</strong> takes care of me”<br />

~<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Patient<br />

$46,153<br />

Cost to serve patients each week<br />


Our Patients<br />

Share Their Stories<br />

What a blessing?<br />

Mark was suffering from a chronic swollen knee when a<br />

member of the club where he worked suggested that he<br />

make an appointment to have it examined at <strong>Neighborhood</strong><br />

<strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong>. That was 11 years ago. Working to care and<br />

provide for family, Mark faced with another hurdle, heart<br />

disease. During a visit to one of the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s volunteer<br />

cardiologists, Mark complained of back pain which led to a<br />

diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Mark says: “I believe it<br />

is through God and the volunteer doctors at the <strong>Clinic</strong> that<br />

today I am cancer free.” Further chronic conditions were in<br />

his future, but he continues to work through his condition<br />

with the care provided by the <strong>Clinic</strong>. “I am so thankful. I<br />

could never afford my treatment, care and medications. The<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong> is a blessing to me and my family. I hope to one day<br />

return the kindness.”<br />

procedures<br />

Gifts of Gratitude<br />

Life Saving Measures<br />

Ruth sought employment and was hired at a local farm<br />

participating in a DNA study on a variety of vegetables. She<br />

assists by cultivating the seeds from selected tomatoes,<br />

peppers, squash and other vegetables for the study. As a<br />

grateful patient, Ruth shares the fruits of her labor with a<br />

generous gift for the <strong>Clinic</strong> volunteers and staff to enjoy.<br />

Having been a patient for more than two years, Ronnie is<br />

well acquainted with the <strong>Clinic</strong> team. As a result the physical<br />

requirements of working as a painter, pressure washer and<br />

handyman, Ronnie developed an ulcer on his toe. Delaying<br />

medical attention, the extent of the condition exacerbated<br />

to the point where the infection had spread through his<br />

calf. Once he sought care at the <strong>Clinic</strong>, our physicians were<br />

able to save his leg and all of his toes but the small one.<br />

Continuing treatment, Ronnie is now seen twice a week and<br />

is counseled on taking life-saving medications.<br />

Ronnie is overwhelmed with the care and attention he<br />

receives. “It is always a pleasure to come to the <strong>Clinic</strong>.<br />

Everyone is nice. Having relationships with people is<br />

important and I have good relationships with everyone, from<br />

the volunteers at the intake desk to the doctors. I hope to<br />

one day be able to give back,” says Ronnie.<br />

6<br />

26,957<br />


Please enjoy the <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong>’s<br />

<strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong>. I hope you find it as informative as we<br />

do here at the <strong>Clinic</strong>. In these pages, you will learn<br />

how the support of you and other contributors made<br />

an impact on the lives of so many here in Naples.<br />

During <strong>2017</strong>, the <strong>Clinic</strong> cared for patients through more<br />

than 10,000 patient visits and performed 26,000 plus<br />

patient procedures. We are able to do this because<br />

of the commitment of more than 700 volunteers and<br />

countless donors. This is possible because of your<br />

giving in which we leverage each dollar raised 7 times<br />

to deliver over $16.5 million in retail services with a<br />

budget of $2.4 million.<br />

Date Night?<br />

Our patients receive<br />

twice the care when these<br />

couples come to the <strong>Clinic</strong>.<br />

If you haven’t been to the <strong>Clinic</strong> lately, or at all,<br />

please make plans to visit. We continue to increase<br />

our impact and raise the quality of our services. Our<br />

patients deserve the best medical and dental services<br />

and we hope to continue delivering on that promise.<br />

Robin Wagar RN and<br />

Robert Wagar MD<br />

Catherine and Bill Perez<br />

Susan Jones RN and<br />

Paul O. Jones MD<br />

Yvette and Claude Weir<br />

Keith Maples<br />

Chief Development Officer<br />

Quality Care times 2!<br />

“People who came here and experienced the love that<br />

the <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> provided for them.<br />

They told me that there is a solution here.”<br />

~<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Patient<br />


Healing and progress go hand in hand at the<br />

<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong>. In order to address our<br />

patients’ needs, the <strong>Clinic</strong> must continue to progress:<br />

additional physicians, dentists, nurses; expanded<br />

scope of services and space in which to provide care;<br />

new or upgraded equipment. In the past year, the<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong>’s progress has exceeded all expectations and<br />

allows the <strong>Clinic</strong> to address the increasingly complex<br />

needs in an ever-changing medical landscape.<br />

As we see patients improve and progress to live<br />

healthier lives, there is a positive impact on each<br />

patient’s family. Our work benefits all of our community,<br />

with reduced emergency room visits for primary care.<br />

The hopes of progress and opportunity to which our<br />

patients aspire is so often rooted in the care they receive<br />

at the <strong>Clinic</strong>. That is the “hope” of our mission—“Hope<br />

and healing for those in need.”<br />

Robert B. Tober MD<br />

Medical Director<br />

Like Father<br />

Like Son<br />

Local physician,<br />

Christopher Maritato, MD<br />

volunteers at the <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

along with his son,<br />

Harrison Maritato.<br />

Welcome to the <strong>Clinic</strong> family!<br />

“I do my best to take care of my children. The <strong>Clinic</strong> has<br />

totally transformed my life in ways that I never could<br />

have imagined. Just a total blessing in my life.”<br />

~<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Patient<br />


Our Loyal Volunteers<br />

We thank these dedicated volunteers who make it possible to impact lives of<br />

our low-income residents. Thank you for your year after year generosity.<br />

15 + Years<br />

Consecutive Service<br />

Rita Biafore RN<br />

Douglas L. Boynton MD<br />

John P. Cardillo, Esq.<br />

Peg Connors<br />

William D. Cribbs DO<br />

George W. Ferguson MD<br />

Perry A. Gotsis MD<br />

Robert E. Hanson MD<br />

Jesse H. Haven MD<br />

Patty Jensen<br />

Susan Jones RN<br />

Paul O. Jones MD<br />

E. Sean Kelley MD<br />

Richard M. Kravis MD<br />

Nancy Lascheid RN<br />

Laura S. Lenholt MD<br />

Carol Meehan RN<br />

Rasik L. Mehta MD*<br />

Lynne Nordhoff<br />

Edward A. Palank MD<br />

Sandra Peterson<br />

Kathy Rapp RN<br />

Philip T. Regala MD<br />

Sheila R. Sawyer MD<br />

Joseph F. Sullivan MD<br />

Robert B. Tober MD<br />

Stephen J. Vitale MD<br />

Allen S. Weiss MD<br />

10 + Years<br />

Consecutive Service<br />

Thomas E. Albert MD<br />

Jeffrey S. Allen MD<br />

Pam Becker<br />

Sue Blum<br />

Thomas C. Brick DMD<br />

Kathy Camisa RN<br />

John W. Cox MD<br />

Edwin J. Cunningham MD<br />

C. Kirk DeMartino MD<br />

Elin Derickson RN<br />

John R. Diaz MD<br />

Jolene Dunbar<br />

Craig J. Eichler MD<br />

Asia Elsbree<br />

Newell Falkinburg MD<br />

Sandy Fennessy<br />

Molly Godley<br />

Cate Goodin RN<br />

Susan L. Hetman MD<br />

David Hindman<br />

Dottie Huddleston<br />

Geri Krout<br />

Jenneine Lambert RN<br />

Joan Leader<br />

Douglas S. Lee MD<br />

Dennis R. Lucas DMD<br />

Alexia S. Marciano MD<br />

Donna McClymont<br />

Caren F. Mikesh MD<br />

Jeannie H Moran DDS<br />

Robert W. Payne DDS<br />

LaVerne Perrollaz<br />

V. Keith Riley DDS<br />

Cris Ryker<br />

Kitty Sachs<br />

Joseph A. Stafford MD<br />

Anne Teders<br />

Elisabeth M. Post-Teller MD<br />

Nancy Thompson<br />

Ashley L. Tunkle MD<br />

Elaine Varoski<br />

Kathy Walsh<br />

Sherwyn J. Wayne MD<br />

Claude Weir<br />

Yvette Weir<br />

Norma Westall RN<br />

Charlotte L. Wittekind RN<br />

Leslie Zell<br />

5 + Years<br />

Consecutive Service<br />

Michael Austin<br />

Sarah Barker<br />

Stephanie Bernstein<br />

Christine Brick<br />

Barbara Ann Britten MD<br />

Brian T. Cannon MD<br />

Sharon G. Carisch RN<br />

Isabel Cutler<br />

Grace J. Dai DDS<br />

Jean E. D’Amore RN<br />

Julieta de Palacios<br />

Pat Doverspike<br />

Carmine P. Errico MD<br />

Louise Friedlander<br />

Richard J. Garcia DMD<br />

Jim Greer<br />

DeeDee Harris<br />

Pat Head<br />

Susan L. Hetman MD<br />

Dick Hilton<br />

Craig A. Jones RN<br />

David Keefer RN<br />

Carmen Koenig<br />

Gerardo J. Lugo MD<br />

Richard Matties<br />

Carol McDermott AP<br />

Maria Merrill<br />

James J. Meyer MD<br />

Jane Moerschel<br />

Garry Moore<br />

Annette Mullaney<br />

Mimi O’Connell<br />

Bob Olson<br />

Pattye Ormsby RN<br />

Bill Perez<br />

Catherine Perez<br />

Sheila M. Petras RN<br />

Bonnie Pinto<br />

Bradley T. Piotrowski DDS<br />

Clinton J. Potter MD<br />

Paula Powers<br />

Mary Propper<br />

Marianne Roettger RN<br />

James D. Rogge MD*<br />

Scott A. Ross MD<br />

Marisol Ruiz-Ogarrio<br />

Russell P. Seneca MD<br />

Kay Schaus<br />

Michael Shala MD<br />

Sharon Siciliano<br />

Joseph G. Spano MD<br />

Donald Stitt<br />

Lucinda Swingley RN<br />

James Talano MD<br />

Barry Tulin<br />

Jennie Tracey<br />

Jane Trout<br />

Jane Vannata RN<br />

Robert D. Wagar MD<br />

Robin Wagar RN<br />

Jennifer Walker<br />

Sandy Wheeler RN<br />

Cheryl Young<br />


Volunteers Make The Difference<br />

1,000 + Hours<br />

Nancy Lascheid RN<br />

500 + Hours<br />

John P. Cardillo, Esq.<br />

Laurie Heaver<br />

Susan Jones RN<br />

Sandra Peterson<br />

Kitty Sachs<br />

Robert B. Tober MD<br />

300 + Hours<br />

Laurie Andrea<br />

Pat Doverspike<br />

Stephen Foss<br />

Carol Meehan<br />

Bonnie Pinto<br />

Jerry Pinto<br />

Donald Stitt<br />

Nancy Windatt<br />

David Wolff<br />

200 + Hours<br />

Lisa L. Angell<br />

Mary Benzing RN<br />

Audrey Boucher<br />

Sandy Fennessy<br />

Jack Gorgone<br />

Samantha Isabella<br />

Joan Leader<br />

June Rose<br />

Kathy Rapp<br />

Cris Ryker<br />

David Slepian<br />

Robert D. Wagar MD<br />

Robin G. Wagar RN<br />

100 + Hours<br />

Eric Agosto<br />

Sarah Barker<br />

Jenny Billig<br />

Linda Bilodeau<br />

Sylvia Boynton<br />

Linda Brodeur<br />

Ann Callahan<br />

Clare Ventre Carragan MD<br />

Marza Cruz Montes<br />

Isabel Cutler<br />

Bet Dewey<br />

Lorri Donovan<br />

Asia Elsbree<br />

Carmine Errico MD<br />

Newell R. Falkinburg MD<br />

John Geshay<br />

Janeth Gonzalez<br />

Raquel Gonzalez<br />

Suzanne Greenberg<br />

Roberta Greenspan<br />

Sharon Handler<br />

Pat Head<br />

Mercedes Hervas Lopez<br />

Carla Higdon<br />

Volunteers do not necessarily<br />

have the time; they just have the heart.<br />

~Elizabeth Andrew<br />

You can be part of the Hope and Healing<br />

Our volunteers are vital through their support at the <strong>Clinic</strong> or<br />

helping us to reach out to our community and neighborhoods.<br />

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact<br />

Laurie Andrea (239)316-7417 or complete an application at<br />

http://www.neighborhoodhealthclinic.org/get-involved/volunteer/ .<br />

10<br />

Dick Hilton<br />

David Hindman<br />

Xylia Horgan<br />

Patty Jensen<br />

Craig Jones RN<br />

Peter Karl<br />

Maureen Kashkin<br />

Sylvia Krey<br />

Harrison Maritato<br />

Richard Matties<br />

Joni Mazurka<br />

Carol McDermott AP<br />

Maria Merrill<br />

Molly Moon<br />

Arnold Morales Loyola<br />

Annette Mullaney<br />

Mimi O’Connell<br />

Bob Olson<br />

Carmen A. Perez<br />

John Passidomo<br />

Stephanie Riley<br />

Kay A. Schaus<br />

Sharon Siciliano<br />

Christine Smith RN<br />

Joseph Sullivan MD<br />

Kathy Taylor<br />

Jessica Thomas<br />

Barry Tulin<br />

Janet Vasey<br />

Cheryl Young<br />

hours<br />

25,129<br />


Sponsors<br />

AmeriCare Home <strong>Health</strong> Services, Inc.<br />

Arthrex, Inc.<br />

Barron Collier Companies<br />

Cardillo, Keith and Bonaquist, PA.<br />

Linda and John Cardillo<br />

Concierge Medical Services, PL<br />

Corporate Dimensions<br />

Cummings & Lockwood, LLC<br />

DeAngelis Diamond<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Delahanty<br />

e’Bella Magazine<br />

Jon Finstrom<br />

FisherBroyles, LLP<br />

Stacy Forman<br />

Mr. Samuel Friedland and<br />

Dr. Judith Friedland<br />

GATES<br />

Geshay Associates, Inc.<br />

Roberta Greenspan and<br />

Michael Friedlander<br />

Gulfshore Insurance<br />

Gulfshore Life<br />

Gymnastics with Cricket<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Leif Haraldsen<br />

Key Private Bank<br />

Marine Industries Association<br />

of Collier County<br />

MarketCrank, Inc.<br />

Moorings Park<br />

The Mosaic Group at Morgan Stanley<br />

Naples Daily News<br />

Olde Naples Self Storage<br />

One Earth<br />

Physicians Regional <strong>Health</strong>care System<br />

SWIFCT Institute of Southwest Florida<br />

Tamiami Ford Hyundai Genesis<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Robert B. Tober<br />

Julia Van Domelen and Evelyn Waldron<br />

VITAS <strong>Health</strong>care<br />

John & Carol Walter Family Foundation<br />

The Williams Consulting Group LLC<br />

The Woodruff Institute of Dermatology and<br />

Cosmetic Surgery<br />

Gourmet Vintner Dinner<br />

An Exceptional Evening with our Devoted Supporters<br />

This exceptionally elegant evening, the annual event<br />

hosted by <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong>, was held at The<br />

Ritz-Carlton on February 3rd. Through the generosity of our<br />

presenting patrons, Pat and Vince Foglia, along with our<br />

guests and contributors, a record breaking $1,000,000+ was<br />

raised to continue the mission providing hope and healing for<br />

those in need.<br />

Dancing, dining and fine wines were on call for the evening.<br />

As guests arrived, they were welcomed with a wine tasting<br />

experience of twelve premiere vintners explicitly selected<br />

by The Ritz-Carlton’s sommelier. The event moved into the<br />

ballroom with vintners presenting at select tables building<br />

up to a premier dining experience. Cahlua and Cream, the<br />

beloved duo from Naples, had guests out of their seats and<br />

dancing the night away.<br />

The spirit of the <strong>Clinic</strong> was shared through “Voices of<br />

Gratitude” a video featuring the personal experiences of the<br />

help and healing delivered through their care at the <strong>Clinic</strong>.<br />

Reflective of the patients of the <strong>Clinic</strong>, their message speak<br />

of the blessings, life-saving and restorative care at the <strong>Clinic</strong>.<br />

Jon Finstrom, dedicated supporter and auctioneer brought<br />

the evening to a crescendo through the live auction, Save-A<br />

Life, and an all-new experience, Pass the Hat. A hat filled with<br />

items from the guests, and a treasured <strong>Clinic</strong> necklace from<br />

Nancy Lascheid, was auctioned off like a goodie bag from<br />

days gone by.<br />

Susan Jones’s devoted leadership endures, as she and her<br />

committee host an evening full of excitement dedicated to the<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong>. We look forward to the 2019 Gourmet Vintner Dinner<br />

for an evening of festivities supporting patient services.<br />


Youth Leadership Collier<br />

To encourage community awareness and knowledge<br />

of the healthcare community, annually we host<br />

Youth Leadership Collier, of the Greater Naples Chamber of<br />

Commerce. These future community leaders experience firsth<br />

and the selfless giving and commitment that our volunteers and<br />

supporters give to maintain the health<br />

of those in need.<br />

every dollar donated<br />

goes to patient services<br />

12<br />

$.90<br />


“Christmas at<br />

the <strong>Clinic</strong>”<br />

The Season of Giving took on special meaning for our<br />

patients at “Christmas at the <strong>Clinic</strong>.” Elves were found<br />

all over our community! Bank of America, Lee Collier<br />

Market; Council of Hispanic Business Professionals;<br />

North Naples Rotary, Women’s Council of Realtors,<br />

Naples on the Gulf Chapter; as well as <strong>Neighborhood</strong><br />

<strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Guild and volunteers. Stockings for the<br />

parents were donated by <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

Block List members. Backpack meals to go were<br />

donated by Pan-Florida. The celebration was rounded<br />

out with food served by the Guild and <strong>Clinic</strong> volunteers,<br />

and caroling with Santa and Mrs. Claus.<br />

Learn more about<br />

events below visiting<br />

www.neighborhoodhealthclinic.org/<br />

neighborhood-news/press-releases/<br />

Education<br />

Key to providing Hope and<br />

Healing for Those in Need to our<br />

patients is through education to<br />

improve health, drop bad habits<br />

and be proactive in health care.<br />

Diabetic educators meet with<br />

patients one on one, sometimes<br />

with the assistance of a translator<br />

to discuss the nutritional food<br />

choices and quantities necessary<br />

to continue on the path of good<br />

health. Utilizing visual aids assists<br />

with the instructional time.<br />

Other educational courses<br />

offered by the <strong>Clinic</strong> include:<br />

Breast <strong>Health</strong><br />

CPR Protocol<br />

Diabetes Management<br />

<strong>Health</strong>y Lifestyles<br />

Quit Smoking Now<br />


<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong><br />

<strong>Clinic</strong> Guild<br />

A team of dedicated and energetic women building<br />

awareness and raising funds while working together to<br />

help ensure healthier lives and brighter futures for lowincome,<br />

working but uninsured Collier County adults.<br />

Medical<br />

Community<br />

Leadership<br />

Nancy Lascheid RN<br />

Florida Association of Free<br />

and Charitable <strong>Clinic</strong>s<br />

Co-founder<br />

2nd term Board Member<br />

Public Policy Committee<br />

National Association of Free<br />

and Charitable <strong>Clinic</strong>s<br />

Member<br />

Leslie Lascheid<br />

Florida Regional Advisory<br />

Committee on Trauma<br />

The <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Guild had a stellar<br />

year in <strong>2017</strong>. We had many successful events including<br />

the annual “Christmas at the <strong>Clinic</strong>” party for patients<br />

and their families; several “Evening With a Purpose”<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong> tours; the annual Spring Luncheon; and the<br />

debut “Spa With a Cause”. I feel honored to have led<br />

and worked with the many dedicated Guild members<br />

in achieving our goals for <strong>2017</strong> and look forward to<br />

continued growth and to all of the exciting events<br />

planned for next year.<br />

J. P. Perkins<br />

<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Guild<br />

National Association of Free<br />

and Charitable <strong>Clinic</strong>s<br />

Member<br />

The National and Florida<br />

Associations exist to promote<br />

quality healthcare through<br />

promoting the exchange of<br />

knowledge and data, advocating<br />

for public policy and developing<br />

funding and resources.<br />

<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

leaders are frequently asked to<br />

share the unique model yet to be<br />

replicated.<br />


<strong>Clinic</strong> Lab<br />

Dedicated volunteers and staff complete lab tests during each patients’ visit, within 20 minutes or<br />

less. The seamless delivery of these results enables the physician to begin the patients’ treatment<br />

plan in a single visit, allowing our patients to return to work, providing for their family<br />




Complete Metabolic Profile 15 minutes Lipid Profile 3 minutes<br />

Hemoglobin A1C 6 minutes Blood Glucose 1 minute<br />

H. Pylori Blood Test 10 minutes Hemoglobin 3 minutes<br />

H. Pylori Breath Test 20 minutes Urine Pregnancy 3 minutes<br />

Immunochemical Fecal<br />

Done biweekly to ensure<br />

Occult Blood Test that we have enough Influenza A+B 15 minutes<br />

samples to run<br />

Urinalysis 3 minutes Strep 5 minutes<br />

Microalbuimin 3 minutes Protime INR 3 minutes<br />

Rapid TSH<br />

$95,956<br />

retail value of lab tests performed<br />

11 minutes<br />


Ms. Nancy E. Ahern<br />

Mr. Carl F. Alboth<br />

AmeriCares Foundation<br />

Bank of America, Lee Collier Market<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Branko M. Beronja<br />

Bigham Jewelers<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bitterman<br />

Boe, Page & Page Dental Group<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Boyle<br />

Ms. Wendy M. Brooks<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bupp<br />

Mr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Caron<br />

Cederquist Medical Wellness Center<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jules G. Cogan<br />

Colliers Reserve Country Club<br />

Council of Hispanic Business Professionals<br />

Direct Relief<br />

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Dixon<br />

The Dock at Crayton Cove<br />

Ms. Sharon Duncan<br />

E Bella, Inc.<br />

Ms. Teresa Edwards<br />

Mrs. Carol S. Erbland<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Farmer<br />

Mr. Jon Finstrom and Ms. Linda Geba<br />

Leslie Lascheid and Stephen W. Foss<br />

Four Seasons<br />

Ms. Carol Fox<br />

Friends<br />

Ms. Susannah Fry<br />

Mr. Mark Gaber<br />

Ms. Diane Gates<br />

Dr. Roya Ghadimi<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Glowacki<br />

Ms. Jacoba Goldman<br />

Ms. Dorothy Grant<br />

Gulf Shore Apothecary<br />

Gulfshore Life<br />

Olde Naples Self Storage - Henry Halle III<br />

Ms. Marguerite Hambleton<br />

Ms. Charlotte Hartman<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Hetler<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jean M. Heuschen<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hinton<br />

Mr. Edward Horn<br />

Mr. Farris Kalil<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Duke S. Kassolis<br />

Dr. John C. Klemes<br />

Dr. Lisa M. Klemes<br />

In Kind Gifts<br />

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. We are grateful to those<br />

who have supported the <strong>Clinic</strong> and provided directly for<br />

our patients through their generous giving.<br />

Nancy Lascheid RN<br />

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Lascheid<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Layden<br />

Ms. Laverne Leahy<br />

Mr. Brian Lord<br />

Mrs. Patricia L. Maguire<br />

Marco Island Pharmacy<br />

MarketCrank, Inc.<br />

Massa Dental Center<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold McDonald<br />

Mr. Geoffrey M. Grodner and Ms. Lorelei<br />

Meeker<br />

Naples Daily News<br />

NCH Wound Healing Center<br />

<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Guild<br />

<strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> Block List<br />

North Naples Rotary<br />

Ms. Judi Nicholson<br />

Nobu Hotel<br />

Mrs. Eleanor A. Osborn<br />

Mr. Jose Pastrello<br />

William and Elisabeth Teller<br />

Mr. Marc Freije and Ms. Paula J. Powers<br />

Mr. Steve Reimer<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ross<br />

Ms. Sara Ruganis<br />

Saks Fifth Avenue<br />

Mr. Kenneth Sansone<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Shanley<br />

Robert and MaryAnn Soja<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Sooley<br />

Stantec<br />

The Stephens Group<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence S. Stewart, Sr.<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Taylor<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Thompson<br />

Gail and Robert B. Tober MD<br />

Mr. William C. Torrey<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Tulin<br />

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Walter<br />

Ms. Christina M. Wells<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wendt<br />

Ms. Pam Weston<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Donald White<br />

Mrs. Jeanne Wilson<br />

Women’s Council of Realtors, Naples on the<br />

Gulf Chapter<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Karl R. Wyss<br />

Mr. Tony Zollo<br />

Ms. Zurlo<br />

16<br />

filled<br />

20,201<br />


Specialty<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong>s<br />

In-House<br />

Acupuncture<br />

Cardiology<br />

Colon Cancer Study<br />

Counseling<br />

Dental<br />

Dermatology<br />

Endocrinology<br />

Gastroenterology<br />

Meal Donations<br />

“Go the extra mile; it’s never crowded.”<br />

So many in our community go the extra mile. We thank the<br />

restaurants and volunteers who lovingly feed the on-campus<br />

volunteers as they care for <strong>Clinic</strong> patients. Completing the circle<br />

of going the extra mile, our Chief Medical Officer, Robert Tober<br />

MD provided instruction on CPR to the staff of the local, donating<br />

restaurants. Thank you all!<br />

General Surgeon<br />

Gynecology<br />

Hematology<br />

Hepatology<br />

Infectious Disease<br />

Laboratory<br />

Lipids<br />

Nephrology<br />

Neurological Surgeon<br />

Neurology<br />

Orthopedic<br />

Otolaryngology (ENT)<br />

Pain Management<br />

Podiatry<br />

Rheumatology<br />

Urology<br />

Alice Sweetwaters<br />

Arby’s<br />

AZN Asian Cuisine<br />

Baci Pizza<br />

Barbatella<br />

Bistro 821<br />

Bleu Provence<br />

BRAVO Cucina Italia<br />

Brio Tuscan Grille<br />

BRK Pizza<br />

Catch 41 Bar N Grill<br />

Chick-Fil-A<br />

Cibao<br />

Anne Gainey<br />

The Guild for the <strong>Neighborhood</strong><br />

<strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong><br />

Floss Hall<br />

Laurie Heaver<br />

Jane H. Hogan<br />

Nancy Lascheid RN<br />

McDonalds<br />

Olive Garden<br />

Shirley A. Paulk<br />

J.P. Perkins<br />

Cris and Alan Ryker<br />

Saint Matthew’s House<br />

Slicers Hoagies<br />

Judith D. Stuelpe<br />

Sweet Tomatoes<br />

Tulia Osteria<br />

Valento’s Pizza and Hoagies<br />

Jennifer Walker<br />

Shirley T. White<br />

Wilderness C.C. Volunteers<br />

Wynn’s Market and Catering<br />

You’ve Got It Coming, Inc.<br />

Every effort has been made to accurately list each donor.<br />

We sincerely apologize for any mistakes or omissions and ask to be advised of these errors.<br />


Medication Room<br />

The medication room is key to the successful treatment of our<br />

patients. During a patient visit, a collaboration between the physician,<br />

nurse, and pharmacist determines the best course of treatment to<br />

improve the health of each patient. One key to successful use of the<br />

medication is thorough communication explaining frequency and<br />

timeliness of taking medication. Many patients are provided 30 days<br />

of medication at a time to keep the open lines of communication and<br />

tracking compliance of treatment. The <strong>Clinic</strong> boasts nearly double<br />

compliance of prescription protocol over the national average.<br />

By the Numbers in the Med room:<br />

<strong>Clinic</strong> Compliance rate – 92 – 96%<br />

National compliance rate – 50%<br />

Hepatitis C treatment<br />

Patients successfully treated - 20<br />

Cost to the <strong>Clinic</strong> $0<br />

(In partnership with Gilead Pharmaceuticals)<br />

Community Spotlight<br />

The Naples United Church of Christ (NUCC) has been a partner<br />

of the <strong>Neighborhood</strong> <strong>Health</strong> <strong>Clinic</strong> since the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s founding in<br />

1999. The number of <strong>Clinic</strong> volunteers that come from NUCC is<br />

testimony to its mission that includes community outreach and<br />

active involvement in causes that change people’s lives for the<br />

better. Through its Board of Missions and Outreach Campaign, the<br />

congregation embraced the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s effort to address desperately<br />

needed dental care for low-income, unisured adults.<br />

Putting their beliefs into action and opportunity to effect positive<br />

change, the church chose to fund a dental operatory suite for more<br />

complex procedures. Through the recognition and understanding<br />

of the problem, the Church joined together and raised $234,000.<br />

“Partnerships like these allow the <strong>Clinic</strong> to identify needs and<br />

address with action to better serve our patients,” said Keith Maples,<br />

the <strong>Clinic</strong>’s Chief Development Officer<br />

With too many individuals deserving of our thanks to list in<br />

this space, we do recognize the Reverend Dawson Taylor for his<br />

leadership and the support of the entire congregation of the Naples<br />

United Church of Christ.<br />


Financial <strong>Report</strong>s<br />

Statement of activities for the year ended September 30, <strong>2017</strong><br />

90%<br />

For <strong>2017</strong>. The <strong>Clinic</strong> can report that 90 cents of every<br />

dollar donated goes directly to patient services,<br />

reflecting the Board of Directors’ conscientious<br />

oversight and our volunteers’ dedication by giving<br />

their time and service to our patients.<br />

$8,906,449<br />

Total Income<br />

Income Distribution<br />

Expense Distribution<br />

Patient<br />

Contributions<br />

Special<br />

Events<br />

1%<br />

9%<br />

66%<br />

Program<br />

Services<br />

90%<br />

5%<br />

5%<br />

Management<br />

and General<br />

24%<br />

Fundraising<br />

Contributions<br />

Contributed<br />

Services and<br />

Supplies<br />

Total Expenses<br />

$8,545,085<br />


Hope and Healing<br />

for Those in Need<br />

121 Goodlette Road North<br />

Naples, FL 34102<br />

P 239.261.6600<br />

www.neighborhoodhealthclinic.org<br />

www.facebook.com/neighborhoodhealthclinic<br />








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