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Volume 23 Issue 9 - June / July / August 2018

PLANTING NOT PAVING! In this JUNE / JULY /AUGUST combined issue: Farewell interviews with TSO's Peter Oundjian and Stratford Summer Music's John Miller, along with "going places" chats with Luminato's Josephine Ridge, TD Jazz's Josh Grossman and Charm of Finches' Terry Lim. ) Plus a summer's worth of fruitful festival inquiry, in the city and on the road, in a feast of stories and our annual GREEN PAGES summer Directory.

Volume 23 Issue 9 - June / July / August

PRICELESS Vol 23 No 9 JUNE | JULY | AUGUST 2018 CONCERT LISTINGS FEATURES | REVIEWS INSIDE: Green Pages Summer Music Guide Museum of the Moon JUNE Proper Goodbyes Peter Oundjian Reflects on His 14 Years at the TSO JULY In the City and On the Road Festival Season Hits Stride AUGUST Museum of the Moon Lights the Way at Stratford Summer Music