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The Region's Largest Weekly Distribution Ever yone loves... The Town Common PRST STD. U.S. POSTAGE PAID NEWBURYPORT, MA PERMIT NO. 51 ____________ LARGEST DISTRIBUTION ACROSS THE NORTH SHORE OF MA & COASTAL NH June 6 - 12, 2018 Vol. 14, No. 32 FREE Beach Condo Project Goes to Court By Stewart Lytle, Reporter Coastal Gardens of Old Newbury: 39th Annual Garden Tour The Museum of Old Newbury’s 39th Annual Garden Tour will take place Saturday and Sunday, June 9th and 10th. Hours for the tour both days are 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The museum’s annual garden tour marks the beginning of summer in Newburyport. Spend the weekend exploring some of the area’s loveliest private gardens, carefully selected for The Town Common Courtesy Photo their variety of plant materials, Cebula and Adams Garden, stunning locations, and creative Newburyport features. With gardens large and small, designed by landscape architects and intrepid DIY-ers, the tour promises something to suit every style and inspire ––––––––––––––––– Citizens Group Challenges Seabrook Station on Concrete Safety By Stewart Lytle, Reporter REGIONAL – A citizens group is gearing up for an expensive fight to stop the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from extending NextEra’s license to operate the Seabrook Station nuclear plant until 2050. The group, C-10 Research and Education Foundation, made an appeal last week at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Newburyport for the funds to pay for an attorney and an expert witness to testify against the operating company’s license extension. The NRC has scheduled a public hearing in February on the plant’s proposed license renewal. The federal agency has put NextEra’s application on hold until the company can prove that it can manage safely the problem of deteriorating cement at the plant. The NRC staff is expected to ––––––––––––––––– Natalie Hildt Treat and Chris Nord from C-10 Ocean Boulevard South – As Is Photo by Stewart Lytle Photo by Stewart Lytle 2009, is the integrity of the plant’s concrete. C-10 Board Member Chris Nord described the plant’s concrete as “the only thing that separates us from the most toxic substances in the world.” The concrete has developed alkali-silica reaction (ASR), which is a chemical reaction that can occur when alkaline cement reacts with silica, found in some types of concrete aggregates. It occurs when the concrete gets wet. Sitting on 900 acres adjacent to rivers near the Atlantic Ocean, the plant has been flooded and the concrete has been soaked, Nord said. The Seabrook Station is a pressurized water reactor that began operation in 1990 and generates approximately 1 million watts of electricity, the largest supplier of electricity in New England. Its output is Continued on page 3 You'll "flip" over the digital edition at Emergency care you can trust, because life can be unpredictable. Gerrish Family Emergency “Fast Track” and Level III Trauma Center Just minutes off I-95, Exit 57 Continued on page 2 offer an opinion on the extension in September. Natalie Hildt Treat, the C-10 executive director, said, “The concerns (about the 28-year-old plant) are worse now than ever.” The primary issue, discovered by the Seabrook plant staff in POSTAL CUSTOMER SALISBURY — It is safe to say that the decision this spring by the town’s Planning Board to approve a proposed 240- unit condominium complex on Salisbury Beach did not please either the developers or the residents who hate the project. Neighbors, who had opposed the beachfront condominium project because it was so tall and large, continue to oppose the decision. And the developers of the $130 million project have notified the town that it is challenging in Land Continued on page 3 NEER North Family Fun Day The Town Common Courtesy Photo Celebrate the start of summer at New England Equine Rescue North! Meet our rescued equines, enjoy a barbecue, pony rides, and face-painting, and learn about our work to save the lives of at-risk horses and donkeys. Sunday, June 10, 11 am-2pm, NEER North, 52 Ash Street, West Newbury. Free - Donations gratefully accepted. 25 Highland Ave, Newburyport, MA •

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