How to prepare and INFO DESK

The EVS Info Desks (as part of the promotion of mobilities strategy) were prepared by the volunteers and implemented in several locations around town. They were held in 2 distinct rounds, one following the initial plan of the project and one later at the request of teachers or volunteers. There were 18 info desks in total. Round One: Everyday between 9th of May and 23rd of May 2017. The locations were Colegiul Național Mihai Eminescu – foreign language, Liceul Penticostal – religion, Liceul Teologic – religion, Colegiul de Arte – art, Liceul cu program Sportiv – sport, Liceul Sanitar – technic, Liceul Nenițescu – technic, Colegiul Național Gheorghe Șincai – technic, Colegiul Național Vasile Lucaciu – foreign language. The number of youngsters that participated to the EVS Info desks was about 450. Rount Two: in the month of November 2017 in Colegiul Tehnic Auto Baia Sprie , Colegiul Tehnic George Barițiu, Centrul de Reabilitare Socială a center for youngsters in dangerous situations, Liceul Teoretic Emil Racoviță with a total number of 90 participants.

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