How to prepare and INFO DESK


The EVS Info Desks (as part of the promotion of mobilities strategy) were prepared by the volunteers and implemented in several locations around town. They were held in 2 distinct rounds, one following the initial plan of the project and one later at the request of teachers or volunteers. There were 18 info desks in total.
Round One: Everyday between 9th of May and 23rd of May 2017. The locations were Colegiul Național Mihai Eminescu – foreign language, Liceul Penticostal – religion, Liceul Teologic – religion, Colegiul de Arte – art, Liceul cu program Sportiv – sport, Liceul Sanitar – technic, Liceul Nenițescu – technic, Colegiul Național Gheorghe Șincai – technic, Colegiul Național Vasile Lucaciu – foreign language. The number of youngsters that participated to the EVS Info desks was about 450.
Rount Two: in the month of November 2017 in Colegiul Tehnic Auto Baia Sprie , Colegiul Tehnic George Barițiu, Centrul de Reabilitare Socială a center for youngsters in dangerous situations, Liceul Teoretic Emil Racoviță with a total number of 90 participants.


1. What is an


It's a presentation about EVS for youngsters,

usually given in high schools or universities where we

can have a meeting with them.

It's done in an interactive way, encouraging the

audience to participate in the program.

2. Preparation


We brainstorm, then we decide what we want to talk

about and the way to do it. Then we make the

presentation and divide the parts we will talk about. We

always use the presentation, unless we have technical

issues. For that we have a plan B.

The presentation is made in the online platform Prezi,

with some hidden sections in the words. But to make it

more interactive, there are some parts when we use a

video, or a blackboard.

And of course, we have a plan B that doesn't need

technologies (in case everything fails). It's our sheet with

the EVS road.


3. Format of the


4. Materials


Some oft he materials needed we bring ourselves,

others are provided by the schools.

Materials to bring:

• Laptop

• Plan B

• Speakers

• Ball

Materials to ask the school for:

• Wifi

• Blackboard

• Chalk


5. Introduction game

In the beginning of the presentation we have an intro

game to get to know each other better. The person

who has the ball needs to say his/her name and to

throw the ball to another person.

6. Sections in the



First, we show a video made by other EVS volunteers,

explaining the concept of the European Voluntary

Service. Then, we talk about types of EVS projects. As

there are plenty of them, each of us chose one as an

example and talks more about it.


6. Sections in the


We talk about the Youthpass, the certificate the

volunteer gets after project finishes. In this part we

explain which information is included in the Youthpass

and what it can be used for.


6. Sections in the


To make the presentation more interactive, we ask the

students which their ideas about EVS are, to express

them with a word. Then, we write this words on the


After each one of us shares his/her inspirations to come

for the project and do EVS.


6. Sections in the


In this section we break some stereotypes about EVS,

talking about what it is not and clarifying a few doubts

related to the words in the screen.

6. Sections in the



We introduce the Team for Youth Association,

explaining what the association does and encouraging

the students to contact them, if they got interested in

doing EVS or local projects.


6. Sections in the


In the final section of the presentation, we give them

some ways to search for projects and to contact the


Also we give the contact of our fb page, so they can see

and share the photos after.

7. Q & A


In the end of the presentation we receive some

questions on papers or more courageous youngsters

ask us directly. Generally, questions are about EVS, our

experiences in Romania and about favorite traditional

Romanian food.


8. Evaluation

After the Infodesk we have a short meeting to discuss

how everything went and what we could improve the

next times. We discuss our public speaking abilities,

the timing and the involvement of the students.

9. The team 14

We are seven volunteers from Lithuania, Spain,

Germany and Austria. During our stage we are

promoting EVS in high-schools and communities

around Baia Mare through caravans of EVS and

infodesk meetings.

IN4EVS is...

This is an EVS project,

created in Baia Mare to

promote EVS to

youngsters and motivate

them to live this

experience abroad.

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