Troubleshoot Paper Jamming Errors in HP Office Jet Printer


How to Troubleshoot Paper Jamming

Errors in HP Office Jet Printer?

How to Troubleshoot Paper Jamming Errors in HP Office Jet Printer?

HP Office Jet Printer comes under one of the best and advance printing

machine as it comprises of various features that give continuous printing

to the users. It is extensively used for office, home or commercial

purposes. There are some causes of the errors including HP printer paper

jam error message which creates issues which must be established

immediately before it affects other service tools.

• There are some causes of paper jamming issue that can be checked from

the same page. Here are some reasons as paper loaded wrongly or dirty

paper rollers, wrinkled, torn and damp paper loaded in the paper tray, tray

comprises more than one kind of paper or although the paper is jammed

inside the HP product.

• When paper jamming errors in HP Printer

occurs, then the printer prevents printing and

to get fix this issue, you may need to contact

with best technical support team who is

delivering world class technical support to

printer users. Online printer experts are very

trained and experienced for solving paper

jamming issues simply. Here, you can consult

with certified printer experts through HP Help

number 1-888-657-9666 or you can follow

some important steps given below to fix paper

jamming problems:-

Important Instructions to Fix Paper Jamming error in HP Printer:

• Step1:- The users are needed to remove jammed papers from the printing

machine carefully so that the any paper won’t get torn or any piece paper

left in the rollers.

• Step2:- It is very important advice for users that they should check the

carriage path to confirm that the carriage is moving freely.

• Step3:- Users are required to check the rollers where dust and paper fiber

gets collected and causes paper jamming errors.

• Step4:- If you are unable to resolve the error with above steps, you try to

reset the products correctly.

• After applying all these above instructions, you are encountering by paper

jamming errors in HP Office Jet Printer, so you should contact our printer

technicians to get proper technical guidance. Our printer experts are

always available for you to provide the best technical guidelines through

toll free HP helpline number 1-888-657-9666 to overcome such type of

issues. Our techies are available anytime , whenever you want. You need

to make only a single call at our helpline number, and then you get

connected with us for any kind of help.

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