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a CM

in BJP...

The “illness” of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and the party’s reluctance to name his successror in Goa

seems to have exposed the BJP as they have no second line of leadership available. Has the BJP in Goa, which is

ruling in majority of states in the country, groomed any future leaders so far, who can lead the next generation

in the state? GOAN TIMES gazes into the party’s bare leadership larder

It all started on February 14, after the

Cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Manohar

Parrikar after chairing the cabinet

meeting suddenly fell ill with stomach

ache, which was initially considered

to be food-poisoning. But to the worst

nightmare of Mr Parrikar and so also all

Goans, the matter turned out to be more

serious as we are given to understand.

However the seriousness of his medical

condition is still a mystery. Through

the week that the Chief Minister was

hospitalised in Mumbai, and thereafter

the treatment in US and back the BJP is

all at sea, not quite knowing what to do.

First in February, as a knee-jerk

reaction, the BJP hurriedly decided to

call for curtailing a month-long budget

session, nervous that it it’s MLAs and

ministers wouldn’t quite be able to

handle the rigours of a month long

session without he Chief Minister.

Yes, that’s true, the party does not

or hasn’t built the second rung of

leadership after Parrikar. Those in

the fray to occupy the second rung

are UD Minister Francis D’Souza,

Union Minister Shripad Naik, MP

Narendra Sawaikar but none are ready

fill Manohar Parrikar’s shoes. In fact

his return to Goa in 2017, giving up

the Defence Minister’s position was

the political tsunami which wiped

out the entire top leadership of the

BJP in the polls Laxmikant Parsekar,

Rajendra Arlekar Dayanad Mandrekar

Dilip Parulekar, Kiran Khandolkar

Mahadev Naik and Subhash Phaldesai

were all decimated.

Now, Mr Parrikar is in US for the

third time in six months, and there are

signs he may even pick up pace at work.

But it’s a good time to ensure that the

foundation of the party is strong and it

has a second rung of leadership. And

this is where the alarm bells ring Even

in 2014, when Parrikar was called for

national duty as Defence Minister, the

BJP despite having a clear majority in

the Assembly did not have a leader who

take over right away and Laxmikant

Parsekar was considered to be a

consensus candidate. It is pertinent to

note here, three ministers Vishwajit

Immense scope for Medical

Tourism between India,

Netherlands: Ayush Minister

Asserting that both the countries have top class medical practitioners,

Naik said the Netherlands with its 2.25 lakh Indian origin population can

lead the way in promoting Indian traditional medicine across Europe.

There is an immense scope for cooperation

in medical tourism between India and the

Netherlands, Union Minister of State

for Ayush Shripad Yesso Naik said.

The healthcare system in the

Netherlands is one of the best in

Europe, and there is a lot of potential to

integrate traditional knowledge from

India, he said at a seminar titled 'India-

Netherlands collaboration in Healthcare,

including Ayurveda' at Leiden.

Ayush refers to traditional and nonallopathic

medical systems in India.

It includes ayurveda, yoga, unani,

Rane, Mauvin Godinho and Pandurang

Madkaikar, are former Congressman,

who joined the party just before or after

polls. The BJP’s senior faces include

Union minister Shripad Naik, state chief

and Rajya Sabha MP Vinay Tendulkar

and South Goa MP Narendra Sawaikar.

However, despite being a eligible

candidate, Shripad Naik has been

sidelined for long and it is clear that he

does not quite fit the bill when it comes to

selecting a leader to lead the party through

the next generation of people in Goa.

His entry into Goan politics in 2012,

wherein he wanted to contest from

Porvorim, met a abrupt end whe he was

denied an Assembly ticket.

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siddha, and homoeopathy.

"India is the world's largest producer

of generic medicine and there is

wide scope for medical value travel

to India, both in conventional and

alternative medical treatments such as

Ayurveda," Naik said at the seminar

organised by the Indian Embassy here.

Emphasising that the scope for

cooperation in the health sector between

the two countries is immense, he said,

"India and the Netherlands can work

together closely to promote healthy living."

Asserting that both the countries

have top class medical practitioners,

Naik said the Netherlands with its

2.25 lakh Indian origin population

can lead the way in promoting Indian

traditional medicine across Europe.

Addressing the seminar, Dutch

minister for Medical Care and Sport

Bruno Bruins said Ayurveda's

approach for healthcare differs for

individuals and being healthy does

not only mean being free from illness

but also being independent, functional

and participating in society.

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02 World

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Highest Civilian Award

In The US Proposed For

Mahatma Gandhi

"Mahatma Gandhi's historic Satyagraha Movement of nonviolent

resistance inspired a nation and the world," said US

Congresswoman Carolyn B Maloney.

NEW DELHI: At India Day Parade

in New York, US Congresswoman

Carolyn B Maloney introduced a

legislation to award Mahatma Gandhi

with Congressional Gold Medal.

"Gandhi's historic Satyagraha

Movement of non-violent resistance

inspired a nation and the world. His

impact deserves recognition, which

is why I am introducing legislation

to posthumously award him the

Congressional Gold Medal, the highest

civilian award in the US," Ms Maloney


Prasoon Sharma, Director, India

Global, who has been selected by

Indian Railways

ends age-old

practice of pasting

reservation charts

on train coaches

The Indian Railways has decided to

stop pasting reservation charts on

train coaches at all stations, Mumbai

Mirror reported today. However, the

charts will continue to be displayed

on the platform boards for passengers

including senior citizens who would

like to view it on charts/digital charts

at all stations.

It said that the passengers holding

confirmed ticket are aware of their

coach/berth number as the same is

indicated on the tickets at the time of

booking itself, except in case of First

Class air-conditioned class. Waitlisted

Mahatma Gandhi's Alma matter - UCL,

London and New York University

for Global Public policy leadership

program, was invited by Dr Neeta

Jain, Chairman International Ahmisa

Foundation (IAF)'s float as Honorary

Guest. Dr Neeta Jain along with

Federation of Indian Association,

US team is working hard to get this

legislation passed.

Mr Sharma said it will be a historic

tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his

150th birth anniversary (Oct 2, 2018).

According to him, today's world

critically needs Gandhian principles of

non-violence and peace.

India to help Nepal build rail

link to Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, - India will help Nepal

construct a rail link between capital

Kathmandu and an Indian border town

for smoother movement of passengers

and cargo to the landlocked Himalayan

nation, which neighbouring China is

also trying to woo with a similar plan.

An agreement to study the feasibility

of a rail line linking the two countries

was signed by officials on Friday

during a meeting between Nepal's

Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli and

Indian premier Narendra Modi on the

sidelines of a regional summit of seven

South and East Asian countries.

India's Konkan Railway Corporation

Ltd will conduct a preliminary

engineering and traffic survey for the

rail line, India's embassy in Nepal said

in a statement.

The planned 130 km (80.78 mile) line

from the Indian border town of Raxaul

in eastern Bihar state to Nepalese

capital Kathmandu, once built, will

just be the second rail track in the

mountainous nation. Nepal's only

railway link is a 35 km stretch in its

southern plains.

Construction of the rail line and

its funding will be finalised after the

Konkan Railway submits its findings,

officials said.

The bulk of Nepal's overland foreign

trade is routed through Raxaul and

accounts for nearly two thirds of all

trade in the landlocked nation. Imports

by roadways are often delayed and

expensive as cargo is carried in dieselguzzling


"The Raxaul-Kathmandu rail line

is expected to expand connectivity

by enhancing people-to-people

linkages between the two countries

and promoting economic growth and

development," the Indian embassy

statement said.

and RAC passengers get their status

update on their registered mobile

number through SMS at the time of

preparation of first reservation chart.

To guide the passengers, the Railways

has installed digital charting system at

major stations and manual boards at

other stations for displaying the status

of the waitlisted tickets.

With this move, the Railways is

expected to save the cost of stationery

and manpower involved in pasting of

reservation charts.


Goa's only tourist friendly

entertainment newspaper


03 Touristic

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Udaipur voted third best city

to visit in the world: Here

are the top 5 attractions

If you're planning to make a trip to this 'favourite Indian urban destination based

on sights and landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping, and overall

value', here's a list of best places to visit and make lasting memories.

India to soon have 17 coastal spots

developed for tourism

Built by Maharanas of Mewar in the 16th century, Udaipur enjoyed the top spot in the same poll in 2009,

when it was voted the ‘best city to visit in the world.’ (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Known as the ‘City of Lakes’ and ‘Venice

of the East’, Udaipur has once again

topped the list of the top cities to visit

in the world. Ranking third, after two

Mexican cities of San Miguel de Allende

and Oaxaca, this heritage place is the only

Indian city to make the cut in a survey

conducted by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Built by Maharanas of Mewar in the

16th century, Udaipur enjoyed the top

spot in the same poll in 2009, when it was

voted the ‘best city to visit in the world.’

If you’re planning to make a trip

to this ‘favourite Indian urban

destination based on sights and

landmarks, culture, cuisine,

friendliness, shopping, and overall

value’, here’s a list of the best places to

visit and make lasting memories.

Bagore Ki Haveli

Lake is one of the biggest attractions in

Rajasthan. It consists of three islands and

each one has well maintained public parks

that can be reached through a boat ride.

It is a good place to spend the evening, as

the view of the city gets better while the

sun sets in the horizon. If you’re on a short

visit, this should definitely be considered.

Ahar Cenotaphs

Take a cultural trip through history by

visiting the major burial ground of the

royal family. Drawing historians and

tourists alike, this place harbours an

archaeological museum, which has a

fascinating collection of rare monuments

dating back to the 10th century.

Lake Palace, Pichola Lake

Indian Government is making way for

developing 17 spots around the country

in a bid to make use of the country’s

bountiful coastline and make it one

of the top beach destinations. India,

earlier, could not make use of its 7517

km coastline and failed to turn it

tourist-friendly. While in 2017, Indian

coastline received a tourist footfall of

10.4 million, Thailand with just 3219

km of coastline managed to attract 35

million tourists.

India now looks forward to create

such beach tourism a success story,

by developing the available coastlines

around the country. The potential of

Indian beaches has long been a subject

of discussion in tourism circles. In the

past four years, the government already

undertook the task of developing 17

coastal projects across the country.

The project of INR 2,000 crore, which is

mostly under the Tourism Ministry’s

Swadesh Darshan Scheme, is aimed at

promoting beach and coastal tourism.

Of the 17 projects, only the process

of development for beachfront at

Kakinada has been completed. The

beach now features a musical fountain,

modern landscaping, a glass pedestrian

bridge, an art gallery and a food court.

There are also arrangements for daily

laser shows at Kakinada, with the

harbour and sea in the backdrop.

As per the reports, a number of tourists

from East European countries and

Russia are interested only in beaches.

They come to Goa on their chartered

flights, stay in hotels that are located

near the beaches for two weeks or more,

and then return home. They are not

interested in visiting other destinations.

Therefore, steps will be taken to build

suitable infrastructure and connectivity

around these 17 coastal projects to

attract more and more tourists.

One of the oldest havelis located close

to Lake Pichola, it is home to one of

the most popular galleries exhibiting

Rajputana heritage and history.

However, the star attraction is the

world’s largest turban that is housed

here. If you’re seeking a cultural

experience, then the Haveli museum

also offers an hour-long dance session.

Fateh Sagar Lake

Udaipur is not called the Venice of the

East without reason. Nestling a plethora of

lakes, this city boasts of some of the most

beautiful vistas in India and Fateh Sagar

Lake Palace is considered as one of the

most romantic hotels in the world and

has been taken over by the Taj Group,

which restored it to its former glory.

Kumbhalgarh fort

While Udaipur has many such gems,

Kumbhalgarh fort should be at the

top of your list. Located about 64 km

from the city, it is one of the most

extravagant forts with humongous

walls stretched over a good 30 km. One

can enjoy the panoramic view with a

drive through the fortress.

While these are the major tourist

attractions, you can always hop on

to a tuk-tuk and experience the local

flavours of the city.

04 Technology

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ISRO Set to Launch 19 Satellites in 7 Months;

That's Over 2 Satellites Every 30 Days

Located at a stone throw away from Baga

beach with a panoramic sea view located

on Tito’s lane. An Alfresco restaurant that

offers a multi- cuisine menu of local Goan,

Continental and Italian food.

This place has some of the best Vintage

Wines and Spirits both Indian and International.

It’s the perfect place to meet and connect with

other such amazing foodies, laugh with

friends over drinks or chill out while the live

band performances keep you entertained.

The staff here are very friendly and

informative, and with quick service. This place

is definitely eye catchy on the inside with soft

lighting and a very vintage look. To one side is

the bar where the music keeps on playing and

the bartenders flip and mix the perfect drink for

you while you catch up on your favourite Sports

or Music channels on the huge television

situated above the bar. On the other side you

will find a calm place with lovely ambiance,

soft music and very attractive lighting.

The Restaurant is open from 12 pm to 3am.

The ambiance is the key in any restaurant

and Tito’s is one that has kept up its mark!

New Delhi: In the next seven months,

Indian Space Research Organisation

(ISRO) is gearing to conduct 19

launches, including the Chandrayaan-2

mission, said reports on Monday. ISRO

chairman K Sivan told The Times

of India, “We are going to conduct

19 missions, including 10 satellites

and nine launch vehicles, between

September and March. For ISRO, this

will be the highest density period

for launches as never before we had

launched two satellites within 30 days

consecutively for months.”

He said the services would be

resumed on September 15 with the

PSLV C42 mission, which will be a

commercial launch. The mission will

carry UK satellites — Novasar and S1-4

— as the main payload. Next month,

ISRO will launch GSLV MkIII-D2, also

known as ‘Bahubali’. In the second

launch of ISRO’s most powerful rocket

with 4-tonne lifting capability, it will

lift off with GSAT-29 satellite with

multi-beam and optical communication

payloads, which will help bridge the

Nike’s Latest

Chelsea Jersey Can

Talk to Fans’ Phones

The NFC enabled jersey can pair with

Android phones and iOS devices and

allow access to exclusive content

Nike is bringing it’s near field

communication (NFC) technology

to football jerseys. The company has

announced the third kit for the Chelsea

Football Club in the 2018-19 season will

now embed the NFC based NikeConnect

technology. There is a small tag on the

shirt, which can be paired with a phone.

Creative Artist Agency

digital divide in rural regions.

In October again, another launch

of PSLV C43 is scheduled that will

carry hyperspectral imaging satellite.

In November, ISRO will launch two

satellites. GSLV F11 will launch

GSAT-7A, a satellite that would help

the IAF interlink its bases, ground

radar stations and AWACS aircraft. On

November 30, it will launch 5.6 tonne

GSAT-11, its heaviest satellite ever,

from French Guiana. The satellite

came into limelight when it was

recalled in April from Arianespace

to look for any possible anomaly.

How this works is that fans who buy

this NikeConnect enabled jersey can

download the free NikeConnect mobile

app (free for Android and iOS) and

connect the unique label on your jersey

with the app on the phone. Once this

is done, the app will allow exclusive

access to content available only for

NikeConnect jersey owners. Nike

says this includes “exclusive content

and experiences, including playlists,

the chance to win tickets and the

opportunity to collaborate with Nike

designers on a fan jersey."

The fan jersey bit is quite exciting

though. It will be called as the Chelsea

FC Shirtholder’s Edition, once it

eventually releases. Users of the

NikeConnect app will work with Nike's

shirt designers and give their inputs on

how the new design should be like. The

NikeConnect shirt owners will be able

to buy that new jersey once it is ready

for sale.

The Chelsea Football team will

wear this third kid during the away

European games this season.

Entertainment from A to Z.

Russian and Belly Dancers, Jugglers,

Fire and LED Performances. Aerial

Gymnasts, Hostesses, Welcome Acts,

Coyote, Musicians & Much More.


We do Special Creative Acts!

Fb: charizma.india | YouTube: Charizmaindia | Instagram: @charizma_india

Email: charizmaindia@gmail.com | Call: +91 988 117 2149

In December, ISRO’s PSLV C44 will

launch Emisat. Later, ISRO will launch

GSAT-31 from French Guiana. This

communication satellite will be a

replacement for Insat 4CR.

Come 2019 and ISRO will launch

its highly ambitious Chandrayaan-2

mission. The launch window will be

from January 3 to February 16. Israel,

too, is launching its moon mission

around the same time so it will be a

neck-and-neck race between the two,

said the daily, to become the fourth

country in the world after Russia,

US and China to do a soft-landing on

the lunar surface. In January, ISRO’s

PSLV C45 rocket will carry a remote

sensing satellite Risat-2B. In February,

PSLV C46 will launch two satellites —

Cartosat-3, a remote sensing satellite,

and NEMO AM, an earth monitoring

and observation-aerosol monitoring

satellite. In March, the launch of

reconnaissance satellite Risat-2BR1 is

planned. Risat-2B, Cartosat-3 and Risat-

2BR1 will increase the surveillance

capabilities of the country.

UPI registers 300

million monthly


Paytm sees 290

billion transactions

National Payments Corporation of

India's (NPCI) bank-to-bank account

settlement system Unified Payments

Interface (UPI) crossed 300 million

transactions in August. It is an

increase of 32% from July when it

clocked 235.6 million transactions.

It is also a significant increase from

last September's 30 million transactions

and Rs 5,293 crore of money transfer. In

August this year, along with their 300

million milestone, there has also been

money transfer of about Rs 54,000 crore.

Average transaction size in August was

Rs 1,800, which is similar to previous

months. Unlike the Immediate Payment

Service (IMPS), a real-time bank-to-bank

fund transfer, users use UPI to transfer

smaller amounts. The average size of

IMPS transactions for Indian customers

is Rs 10,000, as mentioned by the RBI.

According to a report in The Economic

Times, bankers said that the jump

in transactions was driven by wider

adoption and users repeatedly choosing

to use UPI for their payments activities.

Google is also utilising UPI's increased

traction and has been using the framework

for all its payments in India. Along with

Google, Flipkart-owned PhonePe and

Paytm are also leveraging UPI and offering

cashbacks to bring in more customers.

Additionally, digital payments company,

Paytm handled 290 billion transactions

in August across its verticals.

05 Lifestyle

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Enjoy the world's

most expensive ice

cream for Dh220,000

The world's most expensive ice-cream

sundae comes for a whopping $60,000

(Dh220,000 approx) and is made using

glacial ice from Mount Kilimanjaro,

Africa's tallest peak.

As exotic as it sounds, the sundae is

a brainchild of an ice-cream company

named Three Twins, founded in San

Rafael, California.

The exorbitant ice-cream sundae

includes a first-class flight to Tanzania,

where Three Twins founder Neal

Gottlieb will hand-churn the ice cream

for you. Besides, in addition to unlimited

ice cream, the package includes swanky

accommodation in Tanzania, a guided

hike up the mountain and a T-shirt as

memento, according to an MSN report.

The product description explains that

"the mountain's glaciers are predicted

to disappear within the next 10-15

years due to climate change and your

purchase helps raise awareness of this

fact with a five-figure contribution to

an African environmental non-profit".

Originally, Three Twins offered the

'World's Most Expensive Ice Cream

Sundae' which had a banana split topped

with syrups from three rare dessert

beverages, a personal cello performance

and a vintage ice cream spoon from the

1850s for $3,333.33. But that was not enough

and the company came up with 'The

World's More Expensive Most Expensive

Ice Cream Sundae', which costs $60,000.

And if you are ready to spend the

moolah and indulge in this ice cream,

they offer a deal where you can get the

package for two for a bargain $85,000!

Scientists are developing artificial

alcohol to help save the planet

Endless West is one of several companies tweaking the traditional spirit-making process, which can

require 20 years of aging before the product can hit liquor store shelves.

After lab-grown meat, the race is on

to develop artificial wine and spirits.

In a sprawling lab in San Francisco,

chemists and scientists at Endless

West are working on creating fauxwhiskey

as a more cost-effective,

environmentally sustainable

alternative to the real thing, reports


It's the same principle that birthed

faux-meat brands like Impossible

Burger and Beyond Meat.

But as The Verge author Alan

Goldfarb points out, Endless West is

one of several companies tweaking the

traditional spirit-making process, which

Supreme Court



New Delhi [India], Sep. 6 (ANI): In a

landmark judgement, after months of

deliberations, the Supreme Court on

Thursday struck down the Section 377

of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which

criminalised homosexuality.

A five-judge Constitution bench,

headed by Chief Justice of India (CJI)

Dipak Misra and comprising Justices

D Y Chandrachud, Rohinton Fali

Nariman, A M Khanwilkar and Indu

Malhotra, issued the verdict on a bunch

of petitions filed to scrap the law.

Criminalising gay sex is irrational and

September - National Nutrition Month

- being celebrated across India

National Nutrition Month is being celebrated across the country

to mark the fight against malnutrition.

During this month, various

programmes have been organized by

the Women and Child Development

Ministry to spread broad awareness on

the issues related to malnutrition like

stunting, under-nutrition, anaemia

and low birth weight in children.

The Nutrition Month will also focus

on adolescent girls, pregnant women

and lactating mothers to eliminate the

deficiencies prevailing in the health sector.

The decision to celebrate September

as the National Nutrition Month every

year was taken during the second

meeting of National Council on India's

Nutrition Challenges under the Poshan

Abhiyaan held in July this year.

With the aim to bring down stunting

of children in the age group of 0-6 years

from 38 per cent to 25 per cent by 2022,

POSHAN Abhiyaan- the National

Nutrition Mission was launched by

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March

8 this year in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan.

The ministry is working on eight

focused themes like optimal breast

feeding, growth monitoring, hygiene and

sanitation, food fortification and girls'

education, diet and marriage at right age

etc. to achieve improvement in nutritional

status of children, adolescent girls,

pregnant women and lactating mothers.

The ministry is trying to reach about

11 crore women and children during

this month through various grass-root

activities, with the convergence of

different ministries.

can require 20 years of aging before the

product can hit liquor store shelves.

Though the methods may vary

-- be it light and heat, pressurized

indefensible, observed the CJI while

delivering the verdict. The Lesbian Gay

Bisexual Transgender community has

same rights as any other citizen, the CJI

added. Respect for each other's rights, and

others are supreme humanity, observed

the bench unanimously, while saying that

right to live with dignity is right.

Known as Section 377 of the IPC, the

157-year-old law criminalised certain

sexual acts, terming them as 'unnatural

offences', punishable by a 10-year jail

term. The law punished "carnal intercourse

against the order of nature with

any man, woman or animal" and thus

had bigger implications for same-sex


The legal battle to scrap the statute

has gone on for several years. The Delhi

High Court, in 2009, decriminalised

homosexuality. But in 2013, the Supreme

Court restored the colonial-era law.

Three years later, the top court agreed to

hear the Section 377 petition once more.

Petitioners before the Supreme Court

argued that the controversial law was

not in tandem with a 2017 ruling that

guaranteed the right to privacy to people.


Amazon India unveils

Hindi website, app to

take on Flipkart

New Delhi: Online retailer Amazon India

today launched its services in Hindi,

with the aim of capturing the next 100

million consumers in the e-commerce

battle against Walmart’s Flipkart. The

move could give Amazon access to tens

of millions of new customers in India’s

small towns and villages. The service

is currently available on Android OS

and the mobile website and will soon be

available on Apple devices and desktops.

The announcement of the Amazon

Hindi app and website comes ahead of

the festive season, which is traditionally

the peak sales season for India’s retail

sector—online or offline. India’s

e-commerce market is tipped to grow to

$150 billion by 2022, according to a report

by Nasscom and PwC.

environments or ultrasonic energy --

companies like Lost Spirits, Cleveland

and Whiskey and Terressentia are also

looking for ways to expedite the aging

process of spirits.

Where Endless West is unique,

however, is its quest to create a brown

spirit, be it rum, bourbon or whiskey

entirely from test tubes and beakers

using science and laboratory chemistry.

The company recently underwent a

rebrand: Previously it was called Ava

and concentrated on creating grapeless

wine. Though details on the website

are scarce, Endless West says a new

product will be coming this fall.

This is the world's

most expensive tissue

box as per Guinness

Records and the price

will tear you up!

Japanese paper manufacturer

Daishowa Paper's product Jyuni Hitoe

- a box of colourful tissue papers - has

been recognised by the Guinness Book

of World Records as the most expensive

box of facial tissues.

A single box costs 10,000 Japanese

Yen or R6,300!

Each box comes with 144 pairs (288

sheets) of tissues which have been

described as ‘vibrantly dyed, soft,

delicate, with a quality feel, as only

Daishowa First can do justice to’.

The box of tissues comes in 12

different colours. These 12 colours are

not random creative selections - they

represent the 12-layer kimono - an attire

Japanese women have been wearing

since the 10th century.

The colours include pink), scarlet,

sappanwood red, mandarin orange,

mustard, verdant green, seedling green,

evergreen, wasurenagusa (forgetme-not

flower), lapis lazuli, Japanese

bellflower, and wisteria.

The company has added the texture of

a traditional Washi paper to the tissue

box, wrapping it in a purple cloth to

give a luxurious feel.

The Guinness World Records website

quotes a Daishowa Paper Products

representative explaining it in detail.

“The concept was for people to feel as

if they are pulling out a kimono from a

traditional Japanese drawer. It's not just

the colours, but there's also touch and

fragrance," said the representative adding

that they think that everything, from the

point of opening the package to using the

tissues, can be a "unique experience".

06 Music

Friday, September 7, 2018 | www.goantimes.titosgoa.com | 12 Pages

Secret gigs are bringing intimacy back to music

Watching live music in India usually

means crowded bars, diners making

a racket, and a sea of smartphones

taking selfies. Now, imagine seeing a

gig without all these distractions, at an

office or a living room near you.

It’s part of a movement that began in

London in 2009, and has been brought

to 13 Indian cities by Sofar Sounds, an

international music event management

company. Sofar gigs are unique—not

only do they keep secret who the three

musicians performing are until you

Paul McCartney

will play a

YouTube concert

on September 7th

Watch a legend without leaving home.

show up, there are no tickets. You

apply for an invite online; and the

location is disclosed only if you get

one. After the show, you pay what you

want. Phones have to be put away.

Tanya Nath, Sofar Sounds’ Delhi leader,

says the aim is to bring people who are

passionate about music together. “Most

concerts in India take place in bars and

restaurants that are full of distractions

and people aren’t paying attention to the

music. Here, the music is at the centre.”

The shows happen once a month in

major metros as well as cities like Goa,

Kochi, Shillong and Jaipur. The venues

are offbeat and deliberately small,

from offices to cramped bookstores or a

stranger’s living-room. A selection

committee of five chooses the

performers, usually ‘stripped back acts’

that perform original music. From

rappers to bluegrass bands, singersongwriters

to all-female acapella

groups, they look for quality over fame.

Musicians are compensated—they

can either opt for one-fourth of the

night’s earnings, or for well-produced

recordings of their performance.

Saby, a Chandigarh-based indie folk

musician who has performed at four

Sofar gigs, loves the element of surprise.

“Even as performers, none of us know

who else is playing there. Sometimes

it’s friends or at other times, you meet

artistes from different genres. You get

to interact with the people attending in

a way that’s more personal,” he says.

Sofar regular Madhav Khemka has

attended nine shows in Delhi. He says,

“I love that it isn’t commercialised. The

Autumn is here for the

Symphony Orchestra of India

Russian conductor Alexander Lazarev, who spent 22 years with the Bolshoi

Theatre, makes his India debut with the SOI this week.

musicians sit with us on the floor when

other people are performing. You see

talented and new artistes before they

become famous. It’s become so popular

in the city that the last time I tried to

apply, it was sold out within hours.”

An international community has

been formed around the events,

and travellers seek out Sofar shows

wherever they go. Spaniard Irene

Arredondo has attended shows in South

Africa and India, and even hosted

one in Poland. “Shows in different

countries mysteriously feel similar.

They have an identity of their own

that’s become universal,” she says.

For musicians, the experience is

important. Musician Amira Gill

performed with her band Amira Gill

and Friends in Delhi earlier this year.

“The intimacy of the show was amazing.

The people watching you have come

for the music and the audience knows

the musicians are there to provide it to

them. That specific night, it was raining

cats and dogs so it was a huge honour to

have a packed house,” she says.

Badshah to

launch clothing

line 'Badfit'

‘Mercy’ rapper’s high street

fashion collection is called


Paul McCartney is no stranger to

embracing technology, and you're about

to get further proof of it. The iconic

musician is performing an "intimate"

YouTube concert on September 7th

at 8PM Eastern as part of a YouTube

Original production. It's a plug for his

new album Egypt Station, as you might

have guessed, but he'll also play tunes

from his Beatles and Wings days.

This certainly isn't the first YouTube

concert, but it's certainly one of the

higher-profile examples. It also shows

how much has changed in the past several

years. It wasn't that long ago when legal

Beatles downloads were a novelty, and

now you can watch McCartney live on

just about any screen in your home.

‘I am absolutely

fine,’ says Wajid

Khan of Sajid-Wajid

duo as he rubbishes

rumours of being


Wajid Khan of the music composer duo

Sajid-Wajid was in headlines today for

suddenly being rushed to the hospital

last night. Reports suggested that the

composer had a severe chest pain and

“I’ve been to 50 countries to conduct

orchestras but I’ve never been to India

and that’s what makes this trip so special

and important for me,” says Alexander

Lazarev, the Russian conductor who spent

22 years with the Bolshoi Theatre and is set

to make his India debut with the Symphony

Orchestra of India (SOI) this week.

Lazarev, 73, rose to the position of

chief conductor and artistic director

of the Bolshoi Theatre — posts he held

simultaneously for eight years — from

1987 to 1995. During that time, he also

founded the Ensemble of Soloists, which

he says focused on “spreading the music

was soon admitted to the ICU. The

reports further stated that he had an

by both Soviet and foreign composers”.

From September 4 to 16, he will lead

the Symphony Orchestra of India at the

National Centre for the Performing Arts

(NCPA), Nariman Point, as they celebrate

the Autumn Season with compositions

such as Wagner’s Prelude to Act I: Die

Meistersinger von Nürnberg (The Master

Singers of Nuremberg), Tchaikovsky’s

Orchestral Suite No 3, and Bloch’s soaring,

and rarely performed violin concerto.

Also performing this season are

Israeli violinist Nurit Stark, Russian

pianist Alexei Volodin, and Bulgarian

harpist Daniela Iolkicheva.

extreme arterial blockage and one of

his arteries was apparently hundred

percent blocked while the other one

had a ninety percent block. Thereafter,

it was said that the doctors performed

angioplasty and that he is stable now.

Well, the music composer has taken to

Twitter to rubbish the news.

He shared a picture of himself and

wrote, “Hi everyone. The rumours about

my ill health are FALSE, I am absolutely

fine. This has shown me how much

you all care about me & for that I can

only say thank you for all your love &

concern. I’m feeling very loved today


Rapper Badshah, best known for songs

Mercy, DJ Waley Babu and Chull, has

decided to launch a high street fashion

line called Badfit.

“I am busy with my clothing line,

which is due to launch in September.

It’s primarily high fashion street wear

line and it’s more on the urban side.

It’s similar to what I wear ... It’s called

Badfit and the pre-orders are going to

start in September,” Badshah said.

But that’s not the only project he’s

working on. The rapper, whose real

name is Aditya Singh, will collaborate

with American electronic music trio

Major Lazer for a global collaborative

music platform, Tuborg OPEN.

Badshah says the platform is very


“It’s a great initiative to get creative

artists from around the world to

collaborate on a platform, which is

huge in terms of the approach and

exposure,” he said.

Talking about Major Lazer, Badshah

said: “Major Lazer has such a

universal sound and a huge fan base so

it’s going to be a great amalgamation of

artists from different places.”

07 Cinema

Friday, September 7, 2018 | www.goantimes.titosgoa.com | 12 Pages

Tom Hardy's Venom

To Release In India

On October 5

Actor Tom Hardy's "Venom" will release

in India on October 5. Sony Pictures India

is bringing the film to the country. The

film will release in English, Hindi, Tamil

and Telugu, read a statement to IANS.

Bringing one of the most enigmatic

characters from -- the lethal protector

-- to the big screen, the film is directed by

Ruben Fleischer and stars Hardy as Eddie

Brock and as Venom. It also stars Michelle

Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze and

Reid Scott. It follows the popular Marvel

anti-hero as he transforms from a go-getter

journalist to powerful alien symbiote.

Venom was created in 1988 by Marvel

Comics. The character made his big

screen debut more than a decade ago in

Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man 3", where he

was portrayed by Topher Grace. The

movie is intended to be the first film in

Sony's Marvel Universe.

Rapper Eminem has also created a

theme track for "Venom" in his recent

album "Kamikaze". Eminem has put

in references to India and Mahatma

Gandhi in the theme song.

Fan-made Indian

2 poster starring

Kamal Haasan goes

viral. See pic

After Vishwaroopam 2's middling business

at the box office, Kamal Haasan seems

to be concentrating on his other projects.

He is currently hosting Bigg Boss Tamil

Season 2, which is nearing completion.

For a couple of days, news about his

upcoming film Indian 2 has been doing

the rounds. On September 4, a fan-made

poster which features Kamal Haasan's

hand - practising Varma Kalai (a Tamil

traditional martial art) - was released

and went viral within a few minutes of

it surfacing online. Here's the poster:

Bigg Boss 12 Goa Launch:

Salman Khan Reveals First Celebrity

Couple to Enter Show, Deets Inside

On the Press launch of Bigg Boss 12, Salman Khan revealed the first

celebrity couple to enter the show

Comedian Bharti Singh will participate

in the controversial reality show

Bigg Boss 12 with her husband Harsh

Limbachiyaa. She says she doesn't want

to be labelled as "jhagra" queen and

hopes people vote in bulk for the couple.

The couple had participated together

in dance reality show Nach Baliye and

is done with the shooting of the next

season of stunt-based show Khatron Ke

Khiladi. The audience will get to see

them together again in Bigg Boss 12,

hosted by superstar Salman Khan.

"I am scared of 'weekend ka war' when

Salman scolds people after removing

his coat," Harsh said at Villa Marina,

Coco Beach Nerul, Goa, on Monday.

Salman, who reached the press

launch of Bigg Boss 12 shirtless on a

boat, joked that he can't bear wearing


"People call me a comedy queen. I

don't want to be 'jhagra' queen. Even if

he (Harsh) gets out in the first week,

it's okay but I want to stay till the

end. And please meet me every week,"

Bharti said while looking at Salman.

Be it blood relations or friends or

colleagues, the audience should expect

all kinds of 'jodis' as contestants. The

12th edition of the show will premiere

on Colors on September 16.

Netflix reveals Little

Things premiere

date, Summer of

Love continues

Netflix’s Summer of Love has been given an

extension.The new season of Little Things

set to premiere worldwide on October 5.

Little Things is a realistic, relatable and

heartwarming story of a young, modern day

relationship that premiered as a web

series before it was picked by Netflix.

Kavya (Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv (Dhruv

Sehgal) play a young unmarried couple,

who navigate the complicated world of

relationships, careers, and aspirations in

the fast-paced city of Mumbai, while always

cherishing the little things that make

life worth living. The series celebrates

the sweet and sour moments of life and

their new-age relationship.

The second season takes the story forward

as Dhruv and Kavya’s relationship matures,

and as they search for their own individual

identities, while still facing everyday

problems as a unit. Written by Dhruv

Sehgal, Little Things Season 2 is directed by

two-time National Award winner, Ruchir

Arun, and produced by Ashwin Suresh,

Anirudh Pandita, and Aditi Shrivastava.

Pataakha Hello

Hello Song:

Malaika Arora Is

Back And How!

The news of Malaika Arora grooving

once again had made her fans wait for

the song's release with bated breath!

And finally, the song is out. Malaika

Arora's dance in Hello Hello song will

make you shake a leg with its peppy

beats. This song has already started

taking the internet by storm.

If Malaika's sultry avatar will make

your heart skip a beat, then Rekha

Bhardwaj's magical voice will surely

make you fall for it.

Pataakha, produced by Kyta

Productions, B4U Motion Pictures and

Vishal Bhardwaj Films, will release on

September 28, 2018.

08 Clubbing

Friday, September 7, 2018 | www.goantimes.titosgoa.com | 12 Pages

Happy hours at Cafe Mambo

| Mon | Tue | Thu - 6 PM to 11 PM

(Buy 1 Get 1 Free on selected brands)

Café Mambo’s Tagline “where the

world comes together” is apt, as this

is the place where locals, weekender

visitors and international tourists all

come together to enjoy a fun night out.

It’s a chilled out zone to meet up with

friends & catch up for a drink over some

great house music.

Café Mambo is within walking distance

from Calangute. The café started as

another run of the mill joint, gained

immense popularity immediately.

Club Tito’s offers an

unforgettable Nightlife

Experience in Goa. It is difficult

to imagine a more idyllic setting

for a nightclub than Club Tito’s

which is situated on Tito’s Lane,

a hop skip and jump away from

Baga Beach.

While the sun is still out you

can’t take your eyes away from

the lovely beach, the calm village

life and the breezy ocean air.

When it’s dark the lane comes to

life and takes on a different form

with loud music, people dancing

and clubs and restaurants

bustling with visitors both of

Indian and foreign origin.

09 Leisure

Friday, September 7, 2018 | www.goantimes.titosgoa.com | 12 Pages

Tallest statue in the world

takes shape in India

The world's tallest statue is nearing completion in India.

It is designed to be a 182m (600ft) high

tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a

hero in India's independence struggle,

in Gujarat state.

The Spring Temple Buddha in China

is currently the world's biggest statue

at 128 metres.

India's statue has cost 29.9bn rupees

(£330m; $430m) and is seen as a pet project

of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The "Statue of Unity", as it is known,

will be inaugurated by the Indian

leader on 31 October.

Mr Patel was a deputy to India's prime

minister after independence in 1947.

JUSt a JOKe!

Which bird you want to be?

An Englishman, an Scotsman and a Blonde

went on a mountain-climbing expedition

together. Everything was going fine until

one day, while they were walking along a

narrow ledge, an avalanche ripped away

the ledge on each side of them.

As they stood there wondering what to do,

with the freezing night closing in, there

was a strange shimmering in the air and

a good fairy appeared, floating in front of

them. She raised her wand and declared

that, as they had all been good and the

expedition was sponsored for charity and

so forth, she was to rescue them from

their terrible plight. Each of them could

wish to be transformed into any bird

of their choice in order to get safely off

the mountain, and would return to their

The nationalist was known as the

"Iron Man of India" after he persuaded

feuding states to unite and become part

of the Indian state after independence.

Many Hindu nationalists feel his

place in history was overlooked in

favour of the Nehru dynasty, which

came to dominate Indian politics.

While campaigning to becoming India's

prime minister in 2013, Mr Modi said

"Every Indian regrets Sardar Patel did

not become the first prime minister".

Once completed, the bronze-clad

statue - which was begun in 2013 - will

be nearly twice as tall as New York's

Google is finally

bringing a new look

to smartwatches

with Wear OS

At I/O 2018, Google took the wraps off of

Wear OS, the Mountain View company's

fresh attempt to make smartwatches

make sense again. It is supposedly the

biggest overhaul to Android Wear since

its inception although at I/O 2018, Google

did not explicitly say much about it.

Also, Google is changing the way

you interact with your Wear OSbased

smartwatch so much so that

if you already own a Wear OS-based

smartwatch, you'll need to get better

acquainted with things starting from

next month when the update starts

rolling out. The all-new look and the new

interactions that the upcoming update

normal form once they reached home.

She turned first to the Englishman and

asked what he wanted to be.

'A swan,' he replied, and a beautiful white

swan replaced him. Stepping off the ledge,

it spread its wings and flew off for England.

The fairy turned to the Scotsman,

who immediately and proudly chose a

golden eagle, which he became. With a

magnificent swoop, he launched from the

ledge and soared away, glorying in the

freedom of flight as he returned home.

The blonde watched the two birds

disappearing into the distance from the

ledge as the fairy turned to him. 'And

what bird do you choose?' she asked.

She thought, and mused, then said, 'A


Statue of Liberty.

It is hoped the site will become a

significant tourist attraction for the

country's westernmost state.

will bring along are all directed towards

ease of use, and of course, making the

Google Assistant all the more accessible.

There will broadly be four kinds of

interactions in Wear OS, post the new

update. While swiping up will take you

to notifications, swiping down will take

you to quick settings which will now

also house, in addition to the usual,

quick access to find your phone and

Google Pay (which is also now available

in India by the way). Swiping right

will bring the Google Assistant feed,

quite similar to Google Now, only more

useful. Swiping left will meanwhile

take you directly to Google Fit that will

now also include the newly introduced

rings for "move minutes" and "heart

points." You can change watch faces by

press and hold, much like it is in the

case of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The new interface is also more user


Google is reportedly working on its

own Pixel smarwatch this year and

chances are the new update will be

rolled out around the same time that it

announces it sometime in October.

Immense scope for

Medical Tourism

between India,


Ayush Minister

... Continued from Pg. 1

"Cooperation between India and the

Netherlands in healthcare can become

stronger with both countries working

together to deal with the issue of

antibiotic resistance," he added.

Alojz Peterle, former Prime Minister

of Slovenia and current member of

European Parliament, said Ayurveda

is considered as the mother of modern


He further said Indo-European strategic

cooperation should also include healthcare.

The Indian Ambassador to the

Netherlands, Venu Rajamony, pointed

out that the biggest health challenge the

Netherlands faces is high costs and the

need for care for an ageing population.

"Ayurveda and Yoga can help reduce

costs and promote healthy ageing,"

Rajamony said.

The seminar was the concluding

event of the 4th International Ayurveda

Congress organised by the Indian Embassy

in the Netherlands in collaboration

with International Maharishi Ayurveda

Foundation, Netherlands, All India

Ayurvedic Congress, New Delhi and the

International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune.

Naik is on an official four-day visit to

the Netherlands from September 1. He

is leading a delegation of senior officials

from Ministry of Ayush, including the

Pharmacopoeia Commission of Indian

Medicine and Homeopathy.

The minister will meet the Deputy

Mayor of the City of The Hague in

charge of healthcare, witness a yoga

demonstration by Dutch yoga enthusiasts

and visit the Samadhi Sthal of Maharishi

Mahesh Yogi in Vlodrop tomorrow.


10 Goa!

Friday, September 7, 2018 | www.goantimes.titosgoa.com | 12 Pages

Goa plans for metro rail line

from North to South Goa

The state government is planning for

metro rail in Goa to connect north and

south Goa under the state’s mobility

plan. The NITI Aayog has given the

proposal for the transportation sector

which is being, carried out with state

governments to attain electric mobility

and wider renewable energy use.

The two rivers — Mandovi and

Zuari — are hurdles; a seamless metro

line can still be a possibility. He also

said that the government could take a

relook at the failed Skybus project. The

Konkan railway corporation (KRC)

scrapped its over-Rs 100 crore project

after it figured out that it would not be

financially viable, said sources.

The idea will be put before chief

minister Manohar Parrikar, there is

need to add some other information

before finalizing the draft by the

department of transport,

The government is looking at a multimodel

connectivity under the mobility

... Continued from Pg. 1

plan. Unless there is a complete

North-South connects — from Mopa to

Karwar — without a break, the metro

plan won’t work. It would be ridiculous

to expect people to board a metro that

stops at Cortalim or Panaji, and compel

them to change their mode of transport

for their onward journey, some official

sources also mention.

The officer further admitted that

Goa is yet to make any headway

in using energy-efficient modes of

transport when some other states

have been experimenting with

battery-operated or electric vehicles

and have made much progress; Goa

still has a long way to go.

All states need to submit detailed

mobility plan, which will be presented

at the global mobility summit in

New Delhi on September 7-8. This

inauguration will be inaugurated by

PM Narendra Modi. Goa is expected to

submit its final draft next week.

WANTED a CM candidate in BJP...

Francis D’Souza has been suffering from

ill health himself for quite sometime and

is in the US for treatment, the BJP does

not want to see him as the future leader.

Besides other senior leaders do not

have a constituency of their own.

BJP functionaries, however, do not

agree with this presumption and says the

BJP definitely has leaders and there is no

question of survival but what he says only

goes to strengthen the theory that there is

no one to take the baton from Mr Parrikar

as and when that situation arises

“There is nothing like what you say.

Parrikar has been the face of BJP in Goa

and we all respect him as our leader he has

been the pillar of party so the emotional

After short dry spell,

Goa set for rain

PANAJI: With only light to moderate

rainfall being witnessed for the last seven

days and the seasonal deficit stagnating

at 15% for long, meteorologists are keenly

watching a low pressure area in Bay

of Bengal that is likely to bring heavy

rainfall to the state on September 7.

An associated cyclonic circulation also

extends along with the system, which is

likely to become more marked during

the next 24 hours.

“When the low pressure area reaches

Madhya Pradesh, we expect heavy rainfall

on Friday,” director, India meteorological

department (IMD), M L Sahu said.

On Tuesday, the seasonal total had

crawled to 2,334.8mm (91.9 inches). A

total of 2,754.5 (108.4 inches) is considered

normal at this stage. The deficit has been

stuck at 15% for some time, though it is

still in the normal range. A surplus of 9%

in June this season reduced to a deficit of

9% by end July and 14% by August 31.

With both months being rain-deficient

and monsoon activity weak during

the first week, the possibility of the

overall deficit being reduced depends

on rainfall received during the last lap

of the season.

attachment is there,” says Siddharth

Kuncoliencar, the former Panaji MLA who

vacated his seat for Parrikar said.

He adds, “Only a matter of few days and

other ministers are capacble of handling

administration in his absence. There is

no need to make big issue out of this’’.

But Leader of the Opposition Babu

Kavlekar quips “the show must go on

and the state government has to run.

But what happens if for some reason

Parrikar has to take a long break?’’

The BJP though needs to answer this

question not only from the point of

view of immediate governance but the

long term strengthening of the party.

Goa govt to allocate

beach shacks before

Sept 15: Minister

The Goa government has decided to

complete allocation of beach shacks

by September 15, ahead of the arrival

of foreign tourists in October, a state

minister said Tuesday.

The first chartered flight of the season is

arriving in Goa in the first week of October.

Tourism Minister Ajgaonkar said

allotment of shacks would be done in a

time-bound manner before September 15.

Beach shacks are palm thatched

structures that serve liquor and food

to tourists. Tourism department allots

shacks during tourist season every year.

Around 900 charter flights from

different countries, including Russia

and the UK, land in Goa every tourist

season--typically between October and

June every year.

Cruz Cardoso, president of Shack

Owners' Welfare Society of Goa, has

welcomed the government's move to

allot shacks before October and said it

would ensure good business.

"The first chartered flight is

arriving in the first week of October.

Demarcation of shacks will be done

from September 20 which means that

the structures would be ready before

the flight lands in Goa," he said.

As per the state government data,

around 360 shacks are erected every

year on various beaches.

"For many travellers, Goa means beach

and beach means shacks where they

can relax. Many times, tourists inquire

whether shacks have come up before

booking tickets to Goa," Cardoso said.

Allocation of shacks before beginning

of the tourist season is the old demand

of shack owners, he said.

Casa Tito- by Ricardo is the story of an

intrepid business traveller and designer.

The brand deals with luxury goods with

an international feel that have been

carefully curated, and in most cases

manufactured under Ricardos personal


Ricardo- who is also Director of Titos

Resorts and Hospitalities Pvt Ltd. now

brings to you a beautiful Portuguese era

Goan heritage house with contemporary

world street cuisine and a cosy romantic

Bar replete with Titos own Sparkling

Wines and Spirits as well as some of

the world s finest Alcohol. Also indulge

in some sensual head and foot massage

whilst sunbathing on our very private

pool side Cabanas.

Book our venue for Wedding/ Birthday/

Anniversary/ Corporate or private party

Xim Vaddo Arpora, Near Hilton Double

Tree. Mobile: 99235 86659

Email : casatito@titosgoa.com





Our GOAN THALI or Curry is very delicious

as well as all Fish dishes (Shark, Kingfish,

Pomfret, Lobster, Red Snapper, Tiger Prawns

or anything else what the Ocean offers).

MIRABAI's has an open kitchen for the

Guests to see what's cooking!


CHARLSTON HOTEL - PH. 9822176808



Friday, September 7, 2018 | www.goantimes.titosgoa.com | 12 Pages

Here's a Military Technique

That can Help you Fall

Asleep in two Minutes

reports The Independent.

The secret as revealed is to relax your

muscles and completely blank your mind.

Nothing can make a person more

grumpy than lack of sleep, and for

some getting the rest they require can

be very problematic.

Our bodies are tired but we cannot

relax and fall asleep as our brain keeps

on churning, leaving us tossing and

turning in bed.

If you are one of those facing

this problem, a secret US military

technique that is said to help anyone

fall asleep in just two minutes could be

just the thing for you.

The technique, which reportedly

is used by the US army to help their

soldiers fall asleep in situations that

are less peaceful, is detailed in the

book Relax and Win: Championship

Performance by Lloyd Bud Winter. The

book was first published in December

1981 and it recently gained traction

after Joe.co.uk revealed it online,

How to do it:

1. Start by relaxing the muscles in your

face, including the tongue, jaw and the

muscles around your eyes.

2. Next, you drop your shoulders as far

down as they will go, and then relax

your upper and lower arms, one side at

a time.

3. Then you breathe out and relax your


4. Finally, you relax your legs, starting

with the thighs and working down to

your calves.

In the next stage, after 10 seconds or

more of trying to clear your mind,

think about any one of the following


1. Lying in a canoe on a calm lake with

nothing but a blue sky above.

2. That you are lying in a black velvet

hammock in a pitch-black room.

3. Saying “don’t think, don’t think,

don’t think” over and over for ten


The technique is said to work for 96

per cent of people after six weeks

of practice, but if it does not, sleep

expert Dr Neil Stanley says the most

important factor when it comes to

falling asleep is quieting your mind.

Royal Enfield Working on Motorcycles of

up to 900cc for India, Structures for ‘Big

Bikes’ in Development

While the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650 have got everyone excited, there

seems to be more exciting motorcycles coming from Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield is set to launch the 650

twins in the coming months in India –

the Interceptor 650 and the Continental

GT 650, but there’s seems to be more

goodies coming our way from the

Indian bike maker. As per a report

by India Car News, Royal Enfield is

working on their next generation of

bikes at their UK technical centre.

Underlying their future plans, and

motorcycles, are four structures, named

– J, P, Q and K – which will cover

motorcycles throughout their range.

Here are the upcoming motorcycles

which will be based on them.

J – Classic, Thunderbird and Bullet

P – Continental GT 650, Interceptor 650

Q – 900cc motorcycles

K – 600cc to 700cc motorcycles

All these motorcycles will be BS VI

emission norm compliant. As seen

above, the motorcycles using the

architecture Q and K are yet to be named

and are reported to roll out post the

year 2020 or 2021. Interestingly, Q-based

motorcycles are meant to take on the

900cc Triumph Thruxton in particular

Royal Enfield 650 Lock Stock Custom. Photo used for representational purpose only. (Image: Royal Enfield)

and the K-based motorcycles will go

head to head with other products in the

600cc-700cc segment. The motorcycles

based on the J and P architectures

will go up against the upcoming lowdisplacement

bikes of Harley-Davidson

and Triumph Motorcycles.

The report goes on to add that the

other changes that these motorcycles

will get would be in the form of new

body graphics, LED lighting, bigger

disc brakes, a new suspension unit,

better riding ergonomics and dualchannel


Burberry to stop

burning unsold items

after green criticism

Burberry is to end its practice of burning

unsold clothes, bags and perfume and will

also stop using real fur after criticism

from environmental campaigners.

The British fashion house destroyed

unsold £28.6m worth of products last year to

protect its brand, taking the value of items

destroyed over the past five years to £105m.

It has previously defended its practice

by saying that the energy generated

from burning its goods was captured.

The FTSE 100 company now says it

will reuse, repair, donate or recycle all

unsaleable products.

Burberry is the first major company to

publicly end the practice of destroying

unwanted products. Marco Gobbetti, its

chief executive, said he hoped others in

the industry would follow suit.

Burberry will also end the use of real fur

and says the debut collection from its new

chief creative officer, Riccardo Tisci, to be

presented on 17 September during London

fashion week, will not feature any.

Existing fur products will be phased out.

It is a common practice among fashion

firms to destroy unsold items to prevent

them being stolen or sold cheaply.

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ight seeing in Goa


Sight Seeing Spots in Goa


of Bom Jesus Church at Old Goa,

Mangueshi Temple, ShantaDurga

Temple, Bodgeshwar Temple

FORTS : Reis Magos, Aguada,

Chapora, Corjuem, Tiracol, Cabo

de Rama, Alorna, Nanus, Rivona

BEACHES: Baga, Calangute,

Candolim, Sinquerim, Coco,

Anjuna, Vagator, Ashvem,

Mandrem, Arambol, Morjim,

Need Help?

Ambulance: 108/102

Police: 100

Fire Brigade : 101

District Hospital: 0832-2225540

Miramar, Dona Paula, Bogmalo,

Varca, Benaulim, Rajbag,

Palolem, Colva


WILDLIFE: Mhadei, Bondla,


WATERFALLS: Dudhsagar,

Harvalem, Kuskem

SPRINGS : Kesarval, Pomburfa

MARKETS :Mapusa, Panjim

GMC Hospital 0832-2458727, 2458049

Manipal Hospital: 0832-3048800

Women Police Helpline : 1091

Senior Citizen Helpline: 1090

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