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The Region's Largest Weekly Distribution Your community connection... PRST STD. U.S. POSTAGE PAID NEWBURYPORT, MA PERMIT NO. 51 ____________ The Town Common LARGEST DISTRIBUTION ACROSS THE NORTH SHORE OF MA & COASTAL NH September 12 - 18, 2018 Vol. 14, No. 46 FREE Triton, Towns Begin Rebuilding Relations By Stewart Lytle, Reporter ––––––––––––––––– TRITON –School Superintendent Brian Forget started the new school year last month with two major goals – provide more support for the teachers and rebuild relationships with the officials of the three towns Triton serves. Both goals stem from 2017-2018, which Forget called “a tough year.” Everyone in the district felt high anxiety over the budget fight, he said. The battle between the towns and the district over the proposed $42 million budget lasted into the summer after voters in two of the towns – Rowley and Salisbury – refused to pay their assessment. Rowley and Salisbury later approved it after Triton reduced the proposed budget to $40.8 million. With that budget and the state tuition, the district started the year about $75,000 short. That was after it cut 23 employees, many of them instructional assistants, Forget said. “We’ll make it work,” he said. But the lingering results of the financial battle was Triton Regional School Superintendent Brian Forget Oregano has a handicapped parking space in front. Photo by Stewart Lytle Wheelchairs Welcome By Stewart Lytle, Reporter ––––––––––––––––– NEWBURYPORT – So your family is visiting for the weekend and you would like to take them out for dinner. But you are reminded that Aunt Jo, who just had surgery, is coming. She is in a wheelchair. How do you find a Newburyport restaurant that caters to handicapped customers? The Newburyport Commission on Disabilities had been grappling with that question for a couple of years, until Brian Greenberg, a member, discovered a website that offers to tale “the mystery out of accessibility.” Developed in Portsmouth, NH, by a group of architects, the site is For Newburyport restaurants, the commission has created the site, www. “It’s very exciting,” said commission chair Jennie Donahue. The website states: “This accessibility guide helps people with mobility challenges in Newburyport stay engaged in the community.” To date, 17 Newburyport restaurants and the two local breweries have been checked out and added to the site. Three volunteer members of the commission – Greenberg, Continued on page 3 You'll "flip" over the digital edition at T Welcome Colleen Yavarow, DO Photo by Stewart Lytle “high anxiety” among teachers and district staff and “strained” relations between the district and officials of the three towns, Forget said. “It’s not awful,” he said of the relations with the towns. But most discussions about money create tensions. “I understand. Any increases in the budget are on the backs of the towns,” Forget said. Revenues from the state through Chapter 70 funding have been flat for years, going up $40,000 to $60,000 a year, which does not cover increases in health insurance premiums. The other major financial challenge is the cost of special education programs, which is difficult to predict. A meeting between the town and district leaders is scheduled this week to begin discussing how they can avoid the rancor of last year’s budget battle, he said. Forget’s emphasis on support for teachers coincides with a new program at the state level to recognize Loretta in downtown Newburyport has no steps. POSTAL CUSTOMER Continued on page 3 Photo by Stewart Lytle Anna Jaques Cancer Center Board-certified oncologist has joined our team to provide high quality, comprehensive cancer care One Wallace Bashaw Jr. Way, Suite 2001, Newburyport 978-463-1374 •

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