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DECEMBER 2018/JANUARY 2019<br />

Features<br />

14<br />

Kenneth Jones can’t picture<br />

himself anywhere besides<br />

behind the wheel<br />

staff<br />

General Manager: Megan Hicks<br />

Sales Manager: Ed Leader<br />

Editor-in-Chief: Lyndon Finney<br />

Staff Writers: Dorothy Cox,<br />

Cliff Abbott, Aprille Hanson<br />

Art Director: Kelly Young<br />

10<br />

18<br />

22<br />

On Trucking<br />

Equipment Matters<br />

Puzzle<br />

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CEO: Jim Sington<br />

CFO: Bobby Ralston<br />

Vice President: Ed Leader<br />

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National Transportation<br />

Institute<br />

2017<br />

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Lyndon Finney, Editor<br />




If only it had been the lottery.<br />

You may recall that in the November 1-15 issue,<br />

we made a prediction that when the American<br />

Transportation Research Institute issued its “Critical<br />

Issues in the Trucking Industry - 2018” survey on<br />

October 29 during the American Trucking Associations’<br />

management Conference and Exhibition, that the top<br />

three concerns within the driver audience would be<br />

the same as in 2016 and 2017: Hours of Service, truck<br />

parking and the ELD mandate.<br />

Sure enough, that was the case.<br />

Cha-ching.<br />

We’re waiting for the quarters to come pouring out of<br />

our desktop.<br />

The order may have changed from year to year, but<br />

the issues did not.<br />

Of course, as we reported in our Page 1 story in this<br />

issue, there were some disparities among the responses<br />

of professional truck drivers, motor carrier executives<br />

and other trucking industry stakeholders, the two<br />

larger audiences for the survey (drivers and executives<br />

accounted for about 90 percent of the respondents).<br />

Truck parking was the most blatant disparity.<br />

Drivers rated truck parking as the No. 2 issue, the<br />

other two audiences rated is No. 9.<br />

For each of the top 10 issues listed, there were three<br />

strategies for dealing with that particular concern.<br />

Here are the strategies for truck parking, which<br />

ranked No. 5 overall:<br />

1. Identify strategic locations on the National<br />

Freight Network for new or expanded truck parking<br />

because of increased traffic congestion and industry/<br />

regulatory changes. A majority of survey respondents<br />

(50.2 percent) have indicated that identifying strategic<br />

locations to expand truck parking capacity is their<br />

preferred strategy for addressing the pervasive shortage<br />

of truck parking. In particular, re-opening shuttered<br />

parking facilities and investing in new facilities are the<br />

most direct strategies aimed at alleviating the chronic<br />

and growing shortage of truck parking.<br />

2. Educate the public sector on the safety consequences<br />

that result from closing public parking facilities and/or<br />

failing to expand truck parking availability. The Jason’s<br />

Law Report first brought attention to the safety risks<br />

commercial drivers face as a result of the truck parking<br />

shortage, and more recent research continues to quantify<br />

the safety impacts of an inadequate supply of truck<br />

parking. ATRI’s truck parking diary research quantified<br />

the frequency in which drivers are forced to park in<br />

undesignated or unauthorized truck parking locations<br />

like highway shoulders or on-ramps, with 48.7 percent<br />

of drivers reporting that the parking shortage leads<br />

them to do so between three to seven times per week.<br />

As such, this is the preferred strategy for 38.2 percent of<br />

respondents, up from 29 percent in 2017, as a growing<br />

number of industry stakeholders hope that educating<br />

state and local officials on the critical need for safe truck<br />

parking facilities could lead to new investments.<br />

3. Research the role and value of real-time truck parking<br />

information availability and truck parking reservation<br />

systems. Leveraging technological advancements to<br />

develop real-time truck parking solutions was the<br />

preferred strategy for a small, but growing percentage<br />

of respondents. The share of respondents selecting this<br />

strategy increased from 7.2 percent to 11.7 percent,<br />

reflecting the considerable public sector interest and<br />

investment in these systems.<br />

Driver retention was No. 3 overall issue and on<br />

the subject of recruiting and retention, the survey<br />

10<br />

Big Money Trucking<br />

Hundreds of Jobs www.TruckJobSeekers.com

mentioned that many carriers have (some more than<br />

once this year) increased compensation packages<br />

for drivers, including salary, bonuses and benefits.<br />

We wondered if the compensation increases were<br />

attracting new drivers and just causing a churn<br />

in the existing driver pool, knowing among large<br />

truckload carriers, the turnover rate is almost 100<br />

percent.<br />

We turned to Rebecca Brewster, president and<br />

COO of ATRI for the answer.<br />

“The question of whether increases in compensation<br />

packages leads to more entrants to the industry or<br />

just exacerbates churn is difficult to quantify but at<br />

the end of the day, the driver is coming out on the<br />

winning side of that equation whether experienced<br />

or new entrant as we see increases in sign-on,<br />

retention and driving performance bonuses as well<br />

as wages and benefits,” she told us.<br />

Let’s hope these enhanced benefits packages will<br />

entice new entrants.<br />

12<br />

Big Money Trucking<br />

Hundreds of Jobs www.TruckJobSeekers.com

He’s been a lot of places, seen a lot of things, but<br />

driver can only picture himself behind the wheel<br />

Klint Lowry<br />

T<br />

here’s an art to finding drivers to interview for the At the Truck<br />

Stop feature. It takes a combination of a reporter’s gut instinct<br />

along with the seasoned ability to read a person’s body language<br />

— do they want to be approached? Are they going to be relaxed enough<br />

to talk about themselves to a complete stranger who’s come up to them<br />

out of nowhere?<br />

It really is kind of a weird thing to ask of someone.<br />

Kenneth Jones was fueling when he saw the reporter and his camera.<br />

Jones waved to get his attention.<br />

“Hey, take my picture,” he yelled from 50 feet away. “Tell them I’m the<br />

best truck driver there ever was.”<br />

OK, this guy’s a definite maybe. A few minutes later, as he was getting<br />

ready to have his picture taken, Jones expressed a tiny bit of hesitancy, but<br />

only because he was wearing his Barack Obama T-shirt.<br />

He’d soured on Obama since he’d gotten the shirt. Obama’s politics were<br />

OK, Jones explained, but he was totally disappointed in his social policies.<br />

Now, Trump, on the other hand, is a lunatic, Jones continued. But he’s<br />

been a pretty effective lunatic, so he’s OK with him so far.<br />

14<br />

Big Money Trucking<br />

Hundreds of Jobs www.TruckJobSeekers.com

Obviously, he’s not shy talking about himself or his opinions.<br />

Jones was on his way to Oklahoma City, the last leg of an unusually long<br />

run — long in terms of time. He’s usually home Mondays, he said, home<br />

being Dallas.<br />

“You got to do a reset, and I like to do my resets at home, not out on the<br />

road,” he said. “I usually get in on a Sunday night, or Monday, and I’m back<br />

out on Wednesday, and that’s every week.”<br />

Jones drives for Genem Logistics, out of Richardson, Texas. Most weeks<br />

he makes round trips to the Northeast, to New York or Pennsylvania or<br />

up into New England. This week, the route included two stops each way<br />

instead of one, so he’ll have to forego time at home.<br />

“That’s the only way I can still make enough money to support myself and<br />

my family,” he said, then as an afterthought he smiled and added, “and the<br />

owner makes three or four dollars.”<br />

Jones has been working for Genem for the last year and a half of a career<br />

that has spanned nearly four decades.<br />

“I’ve been driving a truck ever since I was 16,” he said. “I’ve been getting<br />

paid to drive a truck ever since 1980.”<br />

In between he served in the Marines. Now 60, he’s a truck driver right<br />

down to his bones.<br />

“I love it, I wouldn’t do anything else,” he said. He’s not too sure he could<br />

do anything else. You have to be honest with yourself about your strengths<br />

and weaknesses, what you like and don’t like.<br />

“I’ve tried to do other things. But I can’t work in a factory, because it’s<br />

confined. And I can’t work at nighttime because it seems like it takes too<br />

much of my time. But driving this truck, I’m satisfied with that.<br />

“I guess I’m a loner. I like being by myself. Every now and then my wife or<br />

my children may ride with me, but I like being by myself. And I like deciding<br />

what I’m going to do today, how far I’m going to go, if I’m going to go at all<br />

— I like that.”<br />

When many drivers start their careers, they say one of the things that<br />

drew them to the profession was the chance to see the country. That never<br />

wears off, Jones said, at least not for him. That’s why he likes those New<br />

England runs.<br />

“I want to see the ships, the bridges. I like water, I like the ocean,” he said.<br />

Over the years he’s seen the entire country. Every region has different<br />

terrain, different wildlife. He hasn’t seen a wild moose yet, he said, but he’s<br />

on the lookout. Enjoying the sights is about the only entertainment he gets<br />

on the road.<br />

“I love driving a truck,” he said, “but don’t get me wrong. I love driving a<br />

truck, but I drive a truck to make a living.”<br />

And making a living at trucking takes discipline, he said. In a way, it<br />

sometimes feels lately like he isn’t making any more than he made when he<br />

started, or at least not getting further ahead.<br />

“Those E-logs slowed us down” this past year, he said. But he’s more<br />

concerned lately about the rates he’s been getting. They’ve dropped<br />

considerably in the last few months.<br />

“I don’t understand how it could have gone down so much. To me, it<br />

seems the brokers are getting too greedy,” he said.<br />

Part of being a professional is looking at the bottom line, Jones said. “If<br />

I’m not making a living, I’m not going to be driving your truck very much.”<br />

That said, he has no doubt after all these years in the business, he’ll<br />

always be driving a truck.<br />

“Once you start driving it gets in your blood.”<br />

16<br />

Big Money Trucking<br />

Hundreds of Jobs www.TruckJobSeekers.com





Volvo Trucks North America says it is further<br />

strengthening its portfolio of uptime-boosting<br />

services by enhancing its remote diagnostics<br />

with an advanced analytics platform from SAS.<br />

SAS’ analytics support Volvo’s artificial intelligence<br />

efforts and provide even greater capabilities for remote<br />

diagnostics users, allowing for more precise analysis and<br />

decision-making, according to Ash Makki, Volvo Trucks<br />

North America product marketing manager.<br />

“Working with SAS has helped us further refine our uptimeenhancing<br />

remote diagnostics through greater processing<br />

power to the data behind diagnostic codes,” Makki said.<br />

“We’ve been able to expand the parts and trouble codes<br />

we monitor and recognize situational patterns that help us<br />

improve accuracy and obtain better insight into root causes.<br />

These enhancements ultimately mean Volvo Action Service<br />

(VAS) agents receive more precise data that allows them<br />

to better analyze trouble codes and provide actionable<br />

information to decision-makers and repair facilities, helping<br />

maximize vehicle uptime.”<br />

18<br />

Big Money Trucking<br />

Hundreds of Jobs www.TruckJobSeekers.com


“Machine learning and artificial intelligence are areas<br />

we’re putting a lot of emphasis on right now, utilizing the<br />

SAS platform,” said Conal Deedy, director of connected<br />

vehicle services for Volvo Trucks North America. “We’re<br />

uncovering hidden insights in our data and merging that<br />

with the truck knowledge from our engineering group.<br />

Together we are in a much better situation to understand<br />

exactly what the data is telling us and integrating it into<br />

the Remote Diagnostics service. We are already seeing<br />

the benefits and the future is extremely exciting. With<br />

the SAS platform in place, Volvo can process millions<br />

of records in real-time, expanding Volvo’s remote<br />

diagnostics capabilities, which on average helps reduce<br />

diagnostic time by 70 percent and repair time 25<br />

percent.”<br />

Jason Mann, SAS vice president of Internet of Things,<br />

said Volvo Trucks and SAS have worked together to<br />

create a robust, flexible analytics system.<br />

“Trucking is a key part of the global logistics system that<br />

makes our economies work. Improving performance and<br />

lowering costs helps everyone across the value chain,”<br />

he said. “Using a variety of analytical<br />

techniques from SAS to extract value<br />

from IoT data flowing from each vehicle,<br />

Volvo Trucks delivers for its customers —<br />

literally and figuratively.”<br />

Since 2013 all Volvo trucks with<br />

Volvo engines have come standard<br />

with factory-installed telematics<br />

hardware that provides connectivity for<br />

remote diagnostics, Volvo’s diagnostics<br />

and monitoring of critical engine,<br />

transmission and aftertreatment trouble<br />

codes. Upon detecting a code, sensors on<br />

the truck collect streaming data in real<br />

time to provide context. Data points and<br />

operating conditions, like truck location,<br />

altitude, ambient air temperature, truck<br />

gear, RPM level and torque load help give<br />

the information needed for more precise<br />

diagnosis.<br />

The same standard connectivity<br />

hardware powering remote diagnostics<br />

also allows customers to perform<br />

powertrain software and parameter<br />

updates over-the-air with remote<br />

programming, which helps improve uptime and vehicle<br />

efficiency without taking the truck out of service. Remote<br />

programming of software and parameter updates<br />

provides a significant time savings when compared with<br />

the 2.3-day industry average when a truck arrives at a<br />

bay, is plugged in, and manually receives updates.<br />

Deedy said support for Volvo trucks is provided 24/7<br />

by highly trained VAS agents, who monitor critical<br />

vehicle codes.<br />

“If an issue is detected, VAS agents will assess the<br />

severity and provide the vehicle’s designated contact<br />

with actionable information to determine whether<br />

to keep operating the truck or take it for immediate<br />

service,” he said. “All details from the service process<br />

are captured and tracked through ASIST, Volvo’s online<br />

service management and communication platform. This<br />

gives the driver, customer contact and dealer real-time<br />

visibility to case status, repair scheduling, and parts and<br />

service bay availability. Remote Programming updates<br />

are also facilitated by VAS agents.”<br />

For more information, visit www.volvotrucks.com.<br />

20<br />

Big Money Trucking<br />

Hundreds of Jobs www.TruckJobSeekers.com

Boyle Transport.............................................5, 13<br />

Carrier One....................................................9, 23<br />

Central Marketing Transport.......................... 17<br />

Clark Transportation....................................6, 15<br />

East West Express............................................ 2-3<br />

NuWay.................................................................19<br />

P.I.&I. Motor Express........................................ 11<br />

Roehl.....................................................................7<br />

Star Freight.....................................................8, 21<br />

UPS Freight........................................................24<br />

How to play: You must complete the Sudoku puzzle so that<br />

within each and every row, column and region the numbers<br />

one through nine are only written once.<br />

There are 9 rows in a traditional Sudoku puzzle. Every row<br />

must contain the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. There may<br />

not be any duplicate numbers in any row. In other words, there<br />

can not be any rows that are identical<br />

There are 9 columns in a traditional Sudoku puzzle. Like the<br />

Sudoku rule for rows, every column must also contain the<br />

numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Again, there may not be any<br />

duplicate numbers in any column. Each column will be unique<br />

as a result.<br />

A region is a 3x3 box like the one shown to the left. There are 9<br />

regions in a traditional Sudoku puzzle.<br />

Like the Sudoku requirements for rows and columns, every<br />

region must also contain the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and<br />

9. Duplicate numbers are not permitted in any region. Each<br />

region will differ from the other regions.<br />

22<br />

Big Money Trucking<br />

Hundreds of Jobs www.TruckJobSeekers.com




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