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The Collège de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière is the 5 th oldest French high school in

North America and has always been a significant pillar of education.

• Our motto: Facere et docere (Do and teach)

• Our slogan: Forts et unis (Strong and United)

• Our mission: Enable our students to develop their talents and skills

Our institution is well-known throughout the province of Quebec for the high

quality of education it has always provided. In the Ministry of Education exams,

our school:

• Placed first in Eastern Quebec among all other educational institutions in the

past 5 years

• Showed a success rate of 98.6% and a general average of 80.5%

Our students are also offered a wide choice of specialised programs and

concentrations (Science, Art, Music, Sports, Leadership training, International

cooperation, etc.)

In order to assist international students’ preparation for the school year, our institution

offers them the opportunity to attend 2 non-mandatory preparatory programs:

• 5-week French immersion program (in the summer)

• 3-week school year preparation (after the 5-week summer program)


The Collège de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière is located off the banks of the

St. Lawrence River, less than 65 minutes from Quebec City, in the Frenchspeaking

province of Quebec, Canada. La Pocatière is a small town offering a great

variety of services such as a hospital and other medical centres, a shopping centre

and various shops, restaurants and recreational facilities, in a calm and secure



Rich with more than 190 years of history, the Collège de Sainte-Anne-de-la-

Pocatière plays a significant role in its region and throughout the whole province of

Quebec as a leader in education. Having placed first in Eastern Quebec among all

other high schools, our institution has proven to be the best place to prepare for

post-secondary studies while providing an environment that is just as enriching

and stimulating as it is safe and secure.

Studying in our Collège means attending a school committed to the success of its

students while being supervised by competent, available and dedicated teachers.

International students will most certainly be enchanted by our high-class residency

offering WI-FI access in newly-renovated and modern accommodations located

inside the school.


Our French High School Studies Program is intended for students aged 12 and

over (grades 7 to 11), regardless of their French proficiency.


5-week summer program 2019: July 1 st to August 2 nd

3-week school year preparation 2019: August 5 th to 23 rd

Fall semester 2019: August 26 th to December 20 th

Winter semester 2020: January 7 th to June 19 th


To register, please contact us:

Stéphane Lemelin

Executive Director

Director of the French Immersion School

Telephone: 1 418 856-3012, extension 245

E-mail: stephanelemelin@leadercsa.com


high school studies

with francisation

Diane Sénécal

Deputy Director

French Immersion School

Telephone: 1 418 856-3012, extension 341

E-mail: dianesenecal@leadercsa.com

100, 4 e Avenue Painchaud - La Pocatière (Québec) G0R 1Z0 • 1 418 856-3012

learningfrench@leadercsa.com • frenchimmersionschool.ca

French high school studies

with francisation

All international students are welcome to enroll in the Collège de Sainte-Anne-dela-Pocatière

for French High School Studies, regardless of their French language

proficiency. Whether it be for one semester or for the whole school year, our

Collège offers francisation lessons to students who wish to join our local students

in order to follow our regular French High School curriculum in French. Moreover,

this program could lead students to get a high-school diploma – under certain

conditions – and obtain the possibility of attending university or other educational


Our institution offers a 43-week French High School Studies Program which

allows all international students (from beginners to high advanced) to improve their

language proficiency and to attend regular French classes.

Furthermore, international students are offered 2 extra non-mandatory

preparatory programs in order to be fully equipped for the school year!

• Summer French Immersion Program (5 weeks – non-mandatory)

5-week summer program offering 90 hours of communication-oriented French

classes (in all levels) along with a great deal of workshops, activities and


• School year preparation (3 weeks – non-mandatory)

A 3-week program offering 50 hours of academically-oriented French

classes (in all levels) which help students prepare for the regular school year.

Extracurricular activities and excursions are also included.

In addition, our Collège offers optional programs and a great variety of

extracurricular activities from which students are welcome to choose should they

wish to develop their skills or uncover their talents.

Choosing the French High School Studies Program of the Collège de Sainte-Annede-la-Pocatière

is choosing to discover a fascinating culture and meet great people

while studying in a reputed school and opening the doors to a bright future.

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