Bed and Birding Accommodation Guide 2019

Guide to leading birdwatching lodges, hotels and cottages around the world - homes made for birders.

Guide to leading birdwatching lodges, hotels and cottages around the world - homes made for birders.


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Great Places


Great Birding


Welcome to Bed & Birding

Pavel Simeonov and Paul Goriup

Based on our own experience of searching for suitable accommodation as bird guides,

we launched the “Bed & Birding” accommodation network in 2013 and have been

representing our partners at the British Bird fair since 2014. After five years, we are

pleased that our network continues to expand in numbers as well as geographically

– as you will see from this Guide. We have had to redesign our web site three times

in order to cope with this expansion as well as new digital platforms. We are now

approaching the critical mass of partners where we hope to introduce a joint booking

management system for the network.

We have also learned a lot about what our partners expect in terms of presentation

and marketing, as well as the needs of our birding guests. For example, many partners

are actively engaged in bird conservation work themselves, and many birders who stay

with them greatly appreciate their work. From this brochure Guide, we will feature

examples of this great contribution to bird conservation.

We are proud that this year Swarovski Optik have given us their support; such recognition

is a real boost for our network and bodes well for our future development.

Bed & Birding - Homes Made for Birders ®

Discover a Distinctive World of Birding

Bed & Birding” is a steadily growing global network of accommodation providers

that have been carefully chosen in accordance with our service quality criteria.

Our partners not only provide comfortable and memorable accommodation, but also

pay careful attention to the specific needs of birders, including: bird-friendly surroundings,

site information, expert local guides, logistical support, and log-calling


For travelling birders, individuals as well as tour companies, the Bed & Birding network

helps you to select locations and make bookings simply. Our partners embrace

a huge diversity of internationally important wildlife areas including Mediterranean

islands, the Danube Delta and other Black Sea wetlands, the east and west Atlantic

coasts, uplands of England, the Baltic Sea and taiga, as well as pristine rainforests

in the Amazon basin and Guinea highlands. Use our online bird checklists to find

partners where you can see your target species. You can even plan your travel to link

up several bases inside a country or across countries in order to produce a fantastic

birding itinerary, confident that you will stay in places that understand your needs

and will strive to meet them.

For potential partners, Bed & Birding is an enterprise that targets the large market

segment for ecotourism in general, and birdwatchers in particular (over 10 million

worldwide). Moreover, it can generate business during the off-peak periods of the

main tour season. We work with all types of accommodation to help them integrate

the Bed & Birding criteria in their existing business models.

Bed & Birding licenses partners to use its branded identity and materials in order

to market their services to birders. The company provides training and know-how

where necessary, promotes the partnership and maintains a corporate web site that

features all partners, and through which booking enquiries can be made. The application

procedure, and terms and conditions, are available on our web site. Take a look

at our current list of partners presented in this brochure – and perhaps you would like

to feature in the next edition!



Bed & Birding founders, Pavel Simeonov (right) and Paul Goriup (left), on the Black Sea shore.


We are delighted to announce that Swarovski

Optik, the premier supplier of optical equipment

for birders, has become a corporate partner of

Bed & Birding. Such support demonstrates the

progress we have made over the last five years.

Our partners will now be able to benefit from the

kudos of having Swarovski support our network.


Directory of all

Bed & Birding Partners




South Africa

The Bahamas



Caribbean Sea
















New Guinea


Bed & Birding Accommodation Category Criteria

Our partners are scored according to the crtieria in the table below.

The number of “birds” awarded depends on the total score obtained

The Bed & Birding category is assigned 1 2 3 4 5

according to the following thresholds:

Minimum score needed per category 35 55 75 100 125


Branta Birding Lodge

Bulgaria,Varna, Northern

Black Sea coast – over 300

species recorded in the area


St George Complex

Bulgaria, Burgas, Southern

Black Sea coast – over 320

species recorded in the area

Strandja Tourist Centre

Bulgaria, Burgas, Strandja

Natural Park – over 160

species recorded in the area

General category criteria


Library of bird and other wildlife books and checklists 3

Natural vegetation around 1-15

Close vicinity to wildlife areas (nature reserve, park, wetland...) 5-15

Terrace with panorama 5

List of species recorded in the area (month by month) 3

Birders lounge 5

Drying room 3

Garden attractive for wildlife 1-10

Equipment available to hire

Wet weather attire 3

Bicycles 2

Telescope 4

Binoculars 3

Tripod 2

4WD vehicle 5

GPS receiver 3

Boats (if you have water around) 4

Bird hide 4

Camera 3

Horses 4

Other (please specify in email) 1-5


Early breakfast 3

Access to a local avian specialist / guide 5

Other (please specify in email) 1-10


Wastewater disposal system 5

Waste recycling 3

Low flow water supply system 3

Locally sourced food, when possible 3

Local construction materials 5

Use of renewable energy - e.g. solar panels 5

Electric boat engines used 3

Electric vehicles used 3

Conservation activities undertaken/supported 3-5

Branta Birding Lodge © A. Ivanov

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Branta Birding Lodge, birthplace of

the Bed and Birding concept, operates

a variety of bird tours along

the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and

Romania. It offers spectacular views

over woodlands, farmland, marshes,

seaside and the famous Durankulak

Lake. The area lies on an important

migration route as well as providing

a range of habitats for a wide range

of birds. Birding is good throughout

the year. Knowledgeable English

and French speaking bird guides are

available on request.


Red-breasted Geese © Bed & Birding

St George Complex

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

St George and its neighbour Relax

Hotel are located in the quiet village

of Sarafovo, just a few miles north of

Burgas, a migration hot-spot where

soaring birds gather in large flocks

before setting off down the Bosphorus.

The complex overlook the Black

Sea and are flanked by gardens which

attract large numbers of migrating

passerine birds. Short journeys deliver

you to bird-rich salinas (5 min.

drive from the complex) including

the renowned wetlands of Atanasov

-sko, Pomorie and Burgas Lakes.


Broad-billed Sandpipers © Bed & Birding

Tourist Complex Strandja

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Strandja Tourist Centre is located

in south-east Bulgaria, in the heart

of the Strandja mountains, about 30

km from the city of Burgas. Strandja

Natural Park is widely recognised as

one of the most ecologically pristine

regions in Europe, boasting a rich diversity

of plants, animals and birds

(especially woodpeckers and raptors).

It is within easy reach of the

Black Sea coastal wetlands and Burgas

international airport.


Middle Spotted Woodpecker © V. Kucherenko






Bulgaria & Romania

Srebarna Guesthouse

Hotel Mursal

Nature Travel

Albena Beach Villa

Hotel Arabella Beach

Cormoran Complex

Bulgaria, South Dobrudja,

Lower Danube – over 240

species recorded in the area

Bulgaria, Western Rhodope

mountains - over 180

species recorded in the area

North East Bulgaria, Suha

reka protected area– over 180

species recorded in the area

Bulgaria, Albena Sea Resort,

west Black Sea coast - over 280

species recorded in the area

Bulgaria, Albena Sea Resort,

west Black Sea coast - over 280

species recorded in the area

Romania, Danube Delta,

Uzlina Island - over 260

species recorded in the area

Srebarna Guesthouse

Hotel Mursal

Nature Travel © Sergey Panayotov

Albena Beach Villa

Hotel Arabella Beach

Cormoran Complex

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Srebarna Guesthouse is located beside

Lake Srebarna, recognised as

an internationally important area by

UNESCO. It is just two hours drive

from the airports of Bucharest (Romania)

and Varna (Bulgaria). The

colony of Dalmatian Pelicans at Srebarna

Biosphere Reserve is the last

remaining in the Lower Danube and

the only one in Bulgaria. The wetlands,

meadows and riverine forests

at Srebarna support a wide range of

birds typical of the Danube floodplains.


Hotel Mursal, built in traditional

Bulgarian mountain style, is situated

loftily at 1400 m altitude in the

heart of the western part of the magical

Rhodope Mountains. Perched

just above the charming village of

Yagodina, it offers stunning views

on all sides. The impressive Trigrad

canyon - kingdom of the exquisite

Wallcreeper - is just 40 minutes

drive away. Nutcracker, Capercaillie,

Hazel Grouse and White-backed

Woodpecker are also present. Golden

Eagle, Honey Buzzard and Peregrine

are among notable raptors.


The birding cottage is situated in

the village Ognyanovo, North of the

town Dobritch. There is an extensive

list of bird observations with some of

the highlights being European Roller,

Golden oriole, European Bee-eater,

Hoopoe, Hawfinch , Wryneck, Syrian

and Middle Woodpeckers, different

shrikes and buntings. Our specialty is

bird photography and bird watching

from specially designed hides near

places where birds live. Currently

we have 7 hides, 2 of them are in the

backyard: photo tower and hide with

drinking and feeding station.


Albena Beach Villa, overlooking

the Black Sea, is located in the wellknown

Albena sea resort, just 40 km

from Varna airport. It is another great

place for a family holiday combined

with excellent birding and particularly

well situated for observing the Via

Pontica flyway migration of soaring

birds. In Spring, the picturesque

wooded hills behind the villa, are

alive with the songs of Golden Oriole,

Nightingale, Eastern Olivaceous

Warbler and flycatchers and many

other woodland birds.


Hotel “Arabella Beach”, overlooking

the Black Sea, is located in a secluded

part of the well-known Albena

sea resort. It is situated on the wide

sandy beach itself, with a back-drop

of picturesque wooded hills. It is particularly

well situated for observing

the Via Pontica flyway migration of

soaring birds from its rooftop platform,

as well as sea birds such as

Yelkouan Shearwater, Arctic Skua

and Mediterranean Shag. It is given

particular charm by the neighbouring

alluvial forest of “Baltata”.


Cormoran Complex is located in the

Romanian Danube Delta, just on the

large meander in the Sfintu Gheorghe

branch, near Murighiol. The site

offers a range of accommodation options

(self-catering cabins to suites)

and is very well landscaped. Local

birdlife includes pelicans, herons,

gulls and turns. In addition to the

excellent birding (within and around

the grounds, as well as by boat) there

are opportunities for other activities

such as fishing and horse riding.



Dalmatian Pelicans © Bed & Birding

Wallcreeper © Bed & Birding

Golden Oriole © Sergey Panayotov

Scops Owl © Bed & Birding

Lesser Spotted Eagle © Bed & Birding

White Pelicans © Bed & Birding


Limneo Hotel

Greece, Lake Kerkini,

Serres region - over 300

species recorded in the area



Forest Inn Ecolodge

Greece, Dadia village,

Evros region - over 250

species recorded in the area

Ichnilatis Guesthouse

Greece, Koryfoudi village,

Serres region - over 300

species recorded in the area


Bugacpuszta Lodge

Hungary, Great Hungarian Plain,

Kiskunság national park - over

260 species recorded in the area

Hungary & Ukraine

Iris cottage

Ukraine, south-west Odessa,

Lower Danube Lakes and

Delta with area list 200+

Karawaika Cottage

Ukraine, south-west Odessa,

Lower Dniester National Park,

with area list 200+

Limneo Hotel

Forest Inn Ecolodge

Ichnilatis Guesthouse

Bugacpuszta Lodge

Iris Cottage

Karawaika Cottage

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Limneo Hotel is a friendly popular

establishment located just near

the famed Lake Kerkini - a Greek

Wonderland and most important

wintering ground for the globally endangered

Dalmatian Pelican. It also

offers spectacular views of majestic

snow-capped mountains raising towards

neighbouring Bulgaria. The

Greater Flamingos and Dalmatian

Pelicans being the main attraction of

Kerkini. There is an outstanding bird

tally of over 300 species recorded in

the area.

The Forest Inn Ecolodge lies right

next to the Forest of Dadia-Lefkimi-

Soufli National Park, where 36 of the

38 species of the European raptors

have been recorded! It is located 67

km from the city of Alexandroupolis

and is nestled in the foothills of

south-east Rhodope Mountain, just

along the Bulgaria-Greece border.

The lodge offers 20 standard double/

twin rooms, facing either the garden

or the forest.

Ichnilatis Cottage is the perfect base

for exploring Lake Kerkini and its

surrounding plains and wooded hills.

The largest national park in Greece

and one of the top birding sites in

Europe, it is wonderful at any time

of year not only for birds but for a

wealth of plants and other wildlife.

Greater Flamingos and Dalmatian

Pelicans are the main attractions, but

there are also many other breeding

birds including Pygmy Cormorants,

grebes, herons and ducks. In winter,

Lesser White-fronted Geese and

Spotted Eagles can be seen.

Our lodge tents are located in Bugacpusztaháza,

30 miles away from the

Danube river and 60 miles from the

famous lake Balaton. The neighbouring

Kiskunság national park is one of

the oldest in the country and protects a

great array of habitats, each with their

specific birdlife. The national park is

one of the most important breeding

sites of great bustard in Europe. It’s

also a key habitat for several notable

raptors including red-footed and saker

falcons, imperial eagle, long-legged

and rough-legged buzzards...

Iris Cottage, owned by the Anglo-

Ukrainian company Salix Ecotours,

is situated in the small town of Reni.

It is close to the last single stretch of

the Danube, and borders Moldova

and Romania. The self-catering cottage

is constructed with traditional

materials and has a small garden

where Collared Flycatchers, Golden

Orioles, Icterine Warblers and Black

Redstarts are frequent visitors. It is

just a short walk to Lake Kagul, a

Ramsar-listed wetland.

Karawaika Cottage is very conveniently

located in the riverside town

of Mayaky, overlooking the Lower

Dniester National Park. It has a terraced

garden with a view of the river

and its huge reedbeds from where

bitterns can be heard booming. The

Park includes marshes, lakes, riverine

woodlands and steppe areas,

supporting a wealth of birdlife. The

cottage is situated about 30 minutes

by car from the Odessa International









Greater Flamingos © David Pattyn

Black Vultures © Forest Inn

Lesser White-fronted Geese © I. Zafirov

Imperial Eagle © Mladen Vasilev

Pallas’s Gull © Bed & Birding

Glossy Ibis © Bed & Birding


Minges Lodge

Lithuania, Nemunas Delta

- over 280 species recorded

in the area


Lithuania & Finland

Pakalnes Vingis Lodge

Lithuania, Nemunas Delta

- over 300 species recorded

in the area

Airport Hotel Oulu

Finland, Kempele, Oulu

- over 340 species

recorded in the area


St. Martin’s Spa and Lodge

Austria, Lake Neusiedl

Seewinkel region - over 350

species recorded in the area

Austria, Poland & Belarus

Wejmutka Manor

Poland, Bialowieza National

Park - over 250 species

recorded in the area

Doroshevichi Lodge

Belarus, Pripyatski NP

- over 230 species recorded

in the area

Minges Lodge

Pakalnes Vingis Lodge

Airport Hotel Oulu

St. Martin’s Spa and Lodge

Wejmutka Manor

Doroshevichi Lodge

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Minges Lodge is perfectly located

at Minijos river shore, adjacent to

the Nemunas Delta Regional Park -

the most important breeding ground

for the globally endangered Aquatic

Warbler (245 singing males in 2015).

Large numbers of water and marsh

birds breed here and hundreds of

thousands of migrating birds stop to

rest. The Lodge also features majestic

evenings at the Lithuanian “Venice”

- the Minges village and sunsets

over Kniaupo Bay waters.

Pakalnes Vingis Lodge is perfectly

located at the heart of Rusne Island,

adjacent to the Nemunas Delta Regional

Park - the most important

migration stopover site for the many

endangered birds (320 species of

birds). Large numbers of water and

marsh birds breed here and hundreds

of thousands of migrating birds stop

to rest. The Lodge also features majestic

evenings at the Pakalnes River

and sunsets over Curonian Lagoon


The Airport Hotel is sited close to

Oulu at Kempele, only seven minutes’

drive from the airport itself

and 15 km from the internationally

important wetland at Liminganlahti,

the best birding site in Finland. The

great variety of habitats (sea coast,

wetland meadows, bogs, lakes, rivers

and various types of forests) ensure a

high number of typical far north species,

including Taiga Bean Goose,

Red-necked Phalarope, Boreal Owl,

Siberian Tit, Siberian Jay, Parrot

Crossbill and Rustic Bunting.

St. Martin’s Spa & Lodge is located

directly at the Neusiedler See -

Seewinkel National Park, a UNESCO

World Heritage Site. The resort combines

the premium atmosphere of 4-

star superior accommodation with

pristine nature. Personal guided safaris

are one of St. Martins‘ strengthstailored

to your needs. Just recently

Austria’s first bird photo hide has

been installed on the lodge’s property.

With more than 350 species of

birds recorded, the region is a prime

destination in Europe for wildlife


Wejmutka Manor is a wonderful place

in the heart of the magical primeval

forest of Bialowieza (UNESCO site),

offering boundless opportunities to

enjoy nature in peace and comfort.

Birdwatching starts right on the verandah,

then the back garden and a

few steps away into the forest itself:

Wryneck, Nutcracker, Thrush Nightingale

and Scarlet Rosefinch just to

start with..., and after a good day out,

there is the outstanding local hospitality

to savour.

Pripyatski National Park has only recently

come to the attention of birders

and naturalists in the west, yet it

is unquestionably one of the richest

wildlife regions within geographic

Europe. Doroshevichi Lodge,quietly

located at the edge of the park, provides

immediate access to the great

Pripyat River, combining very highstandard

comfort and cuisine with

viewing elusive avian treasures

- from its very doorstep: Azure Tit,

Terek Sandpiper and Great Grey Owl

are among species to be found.








Long-tailed Duck © Boris Belchev

Aquatic Warbler © Boris Belchev

Three-toed Woodpecker © Bed & Birding

Great Bustard © Anita-Huszti

European Bison © Adam Vajrak

Azure Tit © Bed & Birding


Hacienda El Santiscal

Spain, Sierra del Santiscal

mountain range - over 300

species recorded in the area



Pine Walk Apartment

Spain, Mallorca, s’Albufera

Natural Park - over 300 species

recorded in the area

La Pajarona

La Siberia, Extremadura - over

350 species recorded in the area


Spurn Bird Observatory

England, Kilnsea Hull - nearly

400 species recorded in the area

England & France

North West Birds

England, Cumbria - over 270

species recorded in the area

La Claverie Guesthouse

France, Atlantic coast,

Marais Poitevin - over 250

species recorded in the area

Hacienda El Santiscal

Pine Walk Apartment

La Pajarona

Spurn Bird Observatory

Barn Close

La Claverie Guesthouse

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Hacienda El Santiscal is a very

quiet rural-style green hotel located

in the cliff-hugging town of Arcos

de la Frontera, near to Grazalema

Nature Park in the foothills of the

Sierra del Santiscal mountain range.

The mountains to the east have

Bonelli’s Eagle, Griffon & Egyptian

Vulture while the lagoons to the west

hold Marbled Teal, White-headed

Duck, Spanish Imperial Eagle and

Red-knobbed Coot. Moreover, the

famous Coto Donana National Park

is within easy reach of the Hacienda.


Located in Puerto Pollensa, in the

north-east of Mallorca, this cosy

apartment is the ideal base for birdwatching

around the whole island.

Bonelli’s Eagle, Eleonora’s Falcon,

Black and Griffon Vultures, Crested

Coot, the endemic Balearic Warbler

and Balearic Shearwater, Audouin’s

Gull, Moustached Warbler, and Beeeater

can be seen easily. Endemic

plants and orchids add to this amazing

biodiversity. Experienced local

guides are available on request.


La Pajarona is located in the charming

village of Siruela, deep in the beautiful

countryside of northern Extremadura

- one of the best birdwatching regions

in Europe. Local birdlife includes

Great & Little Bustards, Black Storks,

Griffon and Black Vultures, Golden,

Bonelli’s & Spanish Imperial Eagles,

Thekla and Calandra Larks, Pin-tailed

and Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Eagle

Owl, and Lesser Kestrels in the village

itself. Much of the surrounding area is

included in the Special Protection Area

of La Serena y Sierras Periféricas.


Spurn Bird Observatory is Britain’s

most exciting east coast birding location

and has provided accommodation

for nearly sixty years for thousands of

people who enjoy watching birds and

other wildlife. Within walking distance

from the Observatory are a number of

reserves: Kilnsea Wetlands and Beacon

Ponds support thousands of waders.

During autumn thousands of birds descend

upon the area having completed

their migration across the North Sea.

Rarities are always possible, providing

mega highlights such as Pine Bunting,

Siberian Accentor or Masked Shrike...


North West Birds is a bed and breakfast

establishment based on a large

family house, Barn Close, with 0.5

ha of garden in a lovely spot just

above the River Bela on the edge of

Beetham village.

Typical birds here include Dipper,

Ring Ouzel, Hen Harrier, Merlin,

Barn Owl, Black & Red Grouses,

Nightjar, Dotterel, Bearded Tit and

Twite, while autumn sea-watching

produces views of Leach’s Petrel.


La Claverie is located close to La

Rochelle and the Atlantic coast, and

provides great birding from a very

comfortable guest house. The “Baie

de l’Aiguillon” is only 5 km away,

and many other natural reserves are

nearby. This area has many habitats

(salt meadows, wetlands, mudflats,

marshes and streams) and is one of

the most important places in Europe

for migratory birds. It offers four

very comfortable and clean rooms

– each with ensuite bathroom and

toilet. Guided bird tours on request.


Great Spotted Cuckoo © Bed & Birding

Black Vulture © Lasse J. Laine

Azure-winged Magpie © Richard Steel

Spotted Redshank © Bed & Birding

Hen Harrier © Bed & Birding

Purple Sandpiper © Lasse J Laine



Alamo Inn B&B Gear & Tours

USA, Alamo, South Texas

– over 540 species recorded

in the area


USA & South Africa

Stone Farm

USA, Vinalhaven,

Maine - over 340 species

recorded in the area

!Xaus Lodge

South Africa, Kgalagadi

Transfrontier Park - over 270

species recorded in the area


Bellavista Cloud

Forest Lodge

Ecuador, Tandayapa Alta,

Quito - over 450 species

recorded in the area

Ecuador & Panama

Canopy B&B

Panama, Soberania National

Park, over 400 species

recorded in the area

Al Natural Resort

Panama, Panama, Bocas del

Toro archipelago - over 700

species recorded in the area

Alamo Inn B&B Gear & Tours

Stone Farm

!Xaus Lodge

Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge

Canopy B&B

All Natural Resort

Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Alamo Inn B&B features a range of

private suites located in the center of

the richest birding area in the U.S.

It is clean, quiet, romantic, and the

perfect spot for bird and butterfly

watchers. Whether you’re coming

to stay with us for the birds or

buterflies, or just for our comfortble

atmosphere while you’re away

on business, we strive to make your

experience a great one. Join us to

experience Texas’s best birding: neotropical

migrants, tropical specialties,

wintering temperate species, resident

temperate species, and rarities, plus

butterflies and other wildlife.


Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Stone Farm is an historic building

dating from 1820 situated on the island

of Vinalhaven ( the larger of

the two Fox Islands) in the Gulf of

Maine. It is surrounded by a wonderful

rocky landscape of spruce forests.

Vinalhaven’s coasts, open space and

numerous conserved areas make it

a haven for migrating, breeding and

overwintering sea and land birds.

The area is particularly well known

for Ospreys as well as Atlantic Puffin,

Razorbill, Black Guillemot, Bald

Eagle and Great Blue Heron.


Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

!Xaus Lodge, overlooking memorable

setting of a dry salt pan and

red sand dunes, is a tranquil escape

with abundant wildlife, remoteness,

and silence. It is a unique, exotic and

beautiful safari camp in the middle

of a dessert – miles from anywhere,

offering close up views of lions,

leopards, cheetahs, jackals, hyena,

antelopes, and a lot of birds. There

are over 270 bird species recorded

from the park including the globally

threatened Ludwig’s Bustard, 5 species

of vultures and Black Harrier.


Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Located at the top of a ridge overlooking

the deeply-forested Tandayapa

Valley, Bellavista Cloud

Forest offers unparalleled access to

northwestern Ecuador´s colourful

and diverse birds. Ecuador is South

America´s prime birding destination

having the highest number of birds

per square km in the world.

Bellavista provides 17 comfortable

rooms with private bath. Some of

them are for families. Pleasant standard

rooms include the unusual Bamboo

House, Mirador Suite, and the

half-timbered Trailhead House…


Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

The Canopy B&B offers a comfortable

place to stay in the heart of central

Panama. It is located in the historic

Canal Zone town of Gamboa,

on the banks of the Panama Canal.

Surrounded by Soberania National

Park and the biological corridor of

extensive lowland rainforest of central

Panama, the Canopy B&B is the

perfect location to explore the tropical

rainforest while based at a comfortable

retreat. Our friendly staff is

available to assist our guests with

anything they may need, including

arranging tours and transportation.


Hotel category:

Bed & Birding category:

Al Natural Resort is a rustic oasis in

the haven of the Caribbean. A private

and very comfortable retreat it

is located between tropical forest and

the sea, ecologically integrated into

the lushness of surrounding nature.

This little unit of paradise lies next

to Bastimentos Island Marine National

Park, where pelicans may be

watched diving into the sea directly

in front of your accommodation. It

really is a Home Made for Birders…

away from home!




Great Northern Diver © Lasse J Laine

Yellow-billed Hornbill © A. Arabadjian

Giant Antpitta © Tui De Roy

Crimson-backed Tanager © Dt

Brown Pelicans © Bed & Birding


Manu Birding Lodge

Peru, Madre de Dios, Manu

National Park - over 600

species recorded in the area


Peru & Papua New Guinea

Karawari Lodge

Papua New Guinea, East Sepik

Province - over 220 species

recorded in the area

Ambua Lodge

Papua New Guinea , Southern

Highlands - over 215 species

recorded in the area


Rondon Ridge Lodge

Papua New Guinea, Western

Highlands - over 180 species

recorded in the area

Papua New Guinea

Lake Murray Ecolodge

Papua New Guinea, Western

Province - over 170 species

recorded in the area

Bensbach Wildlife Lodge

Papua New Guinea, Western

Province - over 190 species

recorded in the area

Manu Birding Lodge

Karawari Lodge

Ambua Lodge

Rondon Ridge Lodge

Lake Murray Ecolodge

Bensbach Wildlife Lodge

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Manu Birding Lodge is situated in

a spectacular setting on the bank of

Madre de Dios River, next to Manu

National Park. It is accessible with an

enjoyable boat trip from Boca Manu.

The accommodation is charming,

with all facilities and special services

tailored by birders for birders (with

special regard for photographers).

Festive Coquette, Reddish Hermit,

White-chinned Sapphire and Blackeared

Fairy are amongst local hummingbirds.

Visit this exclusive Bed

& Birding place with our friendly

and experienced local guides.

Standing majestically on a lone ridge,

300 meters above the banks of the Karawari

River and overlooking an endless

expanse of dense tropical rainforest,

is Karawari Lodge. It is accessible

only by small charter aircraft that arrives

and departs from a private airstrip.

The veranda offers magnificent

views over the river with its stilted

villages, and the Sepik lowlands. The

rainforest around the lodge has an

impressive range of birds, including

the elusive 12-Wire Bird of Paradise,

cockatoos, parrots, hornbills, cormorants

and other water birds.

Ambua Lodge, located at 7000 feet

(2100 meters) in the Tari Gap area,

borders on pristine mid-montane

rainforest and the beginning of the

valley grasslands. A perfect location

for birdwatchers and nature lovers,

and offering great opportunities for

visiting nearby Huli villages, where

Bird of Paradise feathers are used in

local ceremonies. In fact, there are an

amazing 13 species of Birds of Paradise

to be found around the lodge, as

well as Dwarf Cassowary, parrots,

flowerpeckers and whistlers.

Rondon Ridge Lodge is situated in a

remote rural setting overlooking the

Wahgi Valley and the city of Mount

Hagen in the Highlands of Papua

New Guinea. It is approximately 60

minutes’ drive from Kagamuga Airport,

which has several daily flights

from Port Moresby, making it easily

accessible for international arrivals.

Rondon Ridge is home to Birds of

Paradise, Bowerbirds, Parrots, Honey-eaters

and many others. Birding is

done primarily from the lodge on well

groomed trails that climb through the

mountain rainforest.

Nestled among the trees on an island

spit, Lake Murray Ecolodge overlooks

the beautiful Lake Murray, the largest

lake in PNG. It is the newest member

of the Trans Niugini Tours portfolio.

We arrange excursions around the lake

in 8-seat river boats to visit top birding

locations and local villages. Western

Province is home to over 50% of New

Guinea’s total bird fauna and Lake

Murray is one of the best birdwatching

sites in the Province. In addition to a

host of migratory birds, several birds

of paradise species, pelicans, hornbills,

eagles, parrots and numerous other

specialities are found here.

The remote and sparsely populated

south-western corner of Papua New

Guinea is home to Bensbach Wildlife

Lodge. Access to the lodge is by

charter aircraft, either from Cairns and

Horn Island, Australia and then Daru

or through Mount Hagen. It is approximately

10 km from West Papua,

the Indonesian half of the island. The

sweeping flood plains teem with herds

of deer, wallabies, reptiles and wild

ponies. It is a vital stopover place for

thousands of migratory birds and river

boats from the lodge are available for

birding tours.







Cock-of-the-rock © S. Llactahuaman Northern Cassowary © TNT Mountain Peltops © Lasse J. Laine

Brehm’s Tiger Parrot © Lasse J. Laine

Blyths Hornbill © Lasse J. Laine

Sacred Kingfisher © Lasse J. Laine



Conservation stories - Bulgaria

Srebarna Biosphere Reserve (and Ramsar site) is situated beside the south bank of the Danube River

(north-eastern Bulgaria). It supports the last breeding colony of the red-listed Dalmatian Pelican in

the country. An excellent example where conservation is having a positive impact is the Dalmatian

Pelican Conservation Project in Srebarna, with the financial support of Swarovski Optik and technical

assistance from Branta Birding Lodge and Srebarna Guesthouse; featuring two of the oldest partners

of the Bed & Birding network (see pages 7 and 8).

Swarovski Optik has funded the project since 1998, with annual work focusing on the maintenance

of a fence protecting the colony and mowing part of the reedbed around to ensure enough space for

breeding and a peripheral zone where predators could approach nests without being seen.

Over the years and at various different times, a total of 12 two-metre high wooden pile breeding platforms

have been built, on which the pelican nests are protected from predators and high water. In

parallel, three artificial rafts and a 120 m tunnel to approach the observation hide were also set up

in the colony as part of a joint research and conservation programme in the colony. With an increase

from just 50-60 pairs when the project began in 1998 to over 120 in 2017, despite several set-backs

from the depredations of predators and flooding, the success of the Pelican Conservation Project in

Srebarna shows that with the right management and targeted financial support there is still hope for

this large and beautiful waterbird.

Conservation stories - Ukraine

For the past six years, Salix EcoTours have provided free winter-time accommodation at their

Iris cottage, one of our our B&B partners in Ukraine (see page 11) for engineers from British

company BioFare who are working with the Ukrainian biomass company BioTop.

These two companies are testing a pilot production facility to make pellets from reeds harvested

from a nearby reedbed beside the Danube River that has invaded open waters and

reduced the numbers of breeding birds such as ferruginous duck, pygmy cormorant and

glossy ibis.

As a result of carefully controlled harvesting, paid for by the sale of the pellets produced,

these and other birds (as well as water plants and amphibians) have benefitted. The improved

numbers and visibility of birds in turn make Iris cottage a better location for birding.

Moreover, local people now have a reliable and low carbon alternative fuel to gas.

Tall, dense reed that excludes many open-water birds

Open water patches recreated and maintained at

Lake Kagul, located 20 min walk from Iris Cottage.

Artificial platforms for breeding Dalmatian pelicans

Low-ground pressure harvester at work in winter

at Lake Kagul

Reed pellets produced from harvesting reed straw

20 21

Conservation stories - Peru

We at Manu Birding Lodge (page 18) are personally involved in conservation: we are determined to

save and preserve a sustainable piece (over 500 hectares) of this fine rainforest and its wildlife before

it disappears forever. We believe that we have found the perfect formula. Our land comprises a birdrich

piece of lowland rainforest, and as an important part of our conservation plan we have built the

comfortable and convenient Manu Birding Lodge, which is owned and run by Amazon Birding. Our

trails and scenery, our flora and fauna, will delight everyone who enjoys experiencing nature first

hand. Our birds, mammals, butterflies and moths provide endless opportunities for wildlife photographers

and benefits from ecotourism are reinvested in conservation activities.

In addition to managing our own forest and land, we are working with people in nearby communities,

seeking economic alternatives to the slash and burn agriculture that threatens the area´s remaining

rainforest. In time we hope that Manu Birding Lodge private reserve will become a recognised base

for scientific inquiry into ornithology, zoology, botany and other biological fields, within our own forest

and in the nearby Manu National Park as well.


The Lodge of:

that nature is an early bird.

We are just a handful of people. Our backgrounds and training differ, but among our various talents

we are all dedicated conservationists and birders; we have been involved professionally in birding for

many years. Our driving force is conservation, not profit. We shall maintain our commitments to forest

conservation and to running a fine lodge, returning profits to the land, and we find that responsibility

to be an exciting challenge. Visit this exclusive Bed & Birding place to help save Peru’s Rainforest!

Festive Coquette (Lophornis chalybeus)

Sharp shooters - conservation style along the Madre de Dios river


E-Mail: safari@stmartins.at

Telephone: +43 2172 20500

Im Seewinkel 1

7132 Frauenkrichen


Different species of birds – from

majestic white-tailed eagles to

rare great bustards and Eurasian

spoonbills – await discovery on

a Seewinkel safari with the

St. Martins Rangers. To find out

which of the 300 species can

be seen where and when visit













The new binocular BTX spotting scope offers the

most natural viewing experience ever, allowing you to see

the action more closely with both eyes, crystal clear

in every detail, and ensuring your comfort for hours on end

with an innovative forehead support and angled view.

Enjoy moments even more – with SWAROVSKI OPTIK.



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