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Tina Jokitalo © 2019

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IN BETWEEN - Mitt i Siltä Mellan Väliltä (2008 - 10)

3 series + 1 video

From the past, a frozen moment in time, depicting a framed reflection, the

purpose of its existence. In what dimension does it live? What is a memory in

comparison to photography?

A journey took its course with my camera and the photographs from my childhood

family album. I asked the questions, what did I, as a third culture generation

inherit and what arises out of it. What is home?

Tina Jokitalo was born in Sweden and lived there for most of her childhood. Her

parents re-immigration to Finland brought her to Kokkola and today she lives and

works in Tampere.

A Matter of Pride 2010

Ylpeyden Aihe - ... en sak att vara stolt över

Duration: 3 min. 5 sek. (loop) Aspect ratio: 4:3

This video is a collection of photographs from a family album and 8mm film, it

considers the family identity and the value of a home from a Sweden Finn point of

view, with echoes of the past. Rootlessness and a sense of non-belonging have

driven me to look into my past, in order to understand it ś legacy.

Volvo is more than just a car, it symbolically represents success and the ability to

take root in a foreign and a new native country. It is about a matter of pride,

where the car is as important, as the children in the photo album.

The photographs of me and my little sister were taken by my father in 1974, -75

and -77. In between, we see 8 mm film glimpses of the every year vacation from

Sweden to Finland, when Abba was playing on the car cassette player.

The length of this video is the same length as the song “Money, Money,

Money” (03:05) made by Abba.

Screenshot from video

Between the Lines 2010

Editions 7+AP

Between the lines of pixels, encompasses the past, today and the moment

of the capture. Diving in between realities. It is the urge to understand

something that is intended but not expressed. The past is written in light, the

visual documentary gives statements to my memories. But what is real and

what is illusion? What does the red thread reveal?

I wanted to play with the visual reality of the photography. I photographed

myself with the camera in front of the screen of my computer. The only real

physical object that is appearing between the screen and the digital

camera is the red thread I am pulling, attached with tape on the screen.

The ‘photo booth’- program ś window shows what the computer ś camera

is viewing. In the background of the ‘photo booth’-window, I had opened

the dvd-player ś window and during the photo session, I let the dvd play in

slow-motion the 8mm film called KAITA (from my childhood).

Art of Photography Show, 2010 Catalog: Judge forward

“Complicated pictures that push the boundaries of traditional photography,

such as Tina Jokitalo ś document of her performance with the inbedded

camera on her computer, are a welcome surprise.”

Natasha Egan, Associate Director and Curator Museum of Contemporary

Photography at Columbia College Chicago, USA

Focus (and aim)

Frame (the moment)

Close-up (close on)

Refraction (and surrender)

Trigger (the past)

At home (in the presence of family) 2009 - 2010

Editions 7+5+2

What is home? Can we separate the concept of family from their physical

home? I wanted to capture the everyday life within four walls and at the

same time mirror the questions that awoke when looking at photographs

from my own childhood family album.

Frida likes to play home in her room

The heart of the home

Frank also likes to play - something else than home though

Twice a week

Leaving home for daycare

Growing pains

A princess is a bride when wearing a veil

On the Threshold 2010

I present a journey in a new light. Weaving a net, enlightening life in

photographs and memories, by staging a story on the stage of a scale

model. The two-dimensional photographic images are projection

transparencies, interacting with three-dimensional space, light, reflections

and physical objects.

Strongman (1975x2), 2010

Contacting surface (1974, 2009), 2010

Motherhood (1974), 2010

On the other side (2008x2), 2010

I fell silent... (1977 x2, 2008 x2), 2010


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