The Female Playground

Portfolio by Tina Jokitalo

Portfolio by Tina Jokitalo


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Tina Jokitalo

Tina Jokitalo © 2019<br />

All rights reserved

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Female</strong> <strong>Playground</strong> (2011-13)<br />

- three series and two videos<br />

DRIFTING SWEEP (the alternative edition, 2011-12)<br />

<strong>The</strong> echoes of a girl, a faded memory. She is the voice of the poem ‘Self of a girl’,<br />

that was inspired by the book 'Creme Fraiche' by Suzanne Brøgger and the notorious<br />

assertion by Simone de Beauvoir; 'One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman'.<br />

CONUNDRUM (2012) - including video RAG THE DOLL<br />

<strong>The</strong> 'Conundrum' - series is exploring feminism and the concept of the female object in<br />

visual arts.<br />

STATE OF MIND video (2012)<br />

Inspired by the life and destiny of Hypatia, this video is a compilation of the<br />

projection material that was made for a play called 'Hypatia'.<br />

ACT OF IMPRESSION (2013)<br />

‘Act of impression’ - series is acting out the female presence, disguised as mother<br />

nature. Alongside the knowledge that the impressionists were inspired by the<br />

photography itself, I reversed the state of impression into the language of a lucid<br />

illusion, dismantled and staged in four acts. 'Act of impression' celebrates the strength<br />

of being a woman, but it is also questioning the myth of the female role.

I want to try to understand<br />

how a dance on a tightrope<br />

may be a condition of life.<br />

A burden of one’s own choice.<br />

A must. Perhaps an escape.<br />

Suzanne Brøgger wrote,<br />

that even the best parents are for a child<br />

Self of a girl<br />

- a limitation.<br />

Once you are an adult, anything is possible<br />

only then you can be a child.<br />

So I wonder about this girl,<br />

who has given place to the woman<br />

and the mother,<br />

how they can live in peace and joy;<br />

when the wind howls and swing the rope.<br />

I console myself,<br />

that however the world may sway,<br />

we take hold of each others hands<br />

before the following step.



Detail: Sleeping Beauty<br />

PS. wind up my beauty sleep

Try again, Butterfly

Fly away Little Bird


Pin-up<br />

(scanned petals à la<br />

inkblot test)

Reflection of girl behind sunglasses

Make Up


Editions 3<br />

Etymology<br />

<br />

A word of unknown origin, probably<br />

coined in burlesque imitation of scholastic<br />

Latin, as 'hocus-pocus' or 'pajandrum'.<br />

- A difficult question or riddle, especially<br />

one using a play on words in the<br />

answer<br />

- A difficult choice or decision that must<br />

be made<br />

Source: Wiktionary<br />

Rite of regression



Cruise Her Fiction<br />

Installation view of ‘Rag <strong>The</strong> Doll’ -video


Digital photographs animated as one minute loop<br />

Screenshot from video

STATE OF MIND Video, 1min 56 sec<br />

Screenshot from video<br />

“Hypatia, My Dear<br />

Bear in Mind, state of mind<br />

Fearless girl of a woman<br />

Take the key to Her Future”


ACT I: <strong>The</strong> Rose Garden • PRUNE • (I Never Promised You)

ACT II: Niche • LURE • Where the Wild Roses Grow

ACT III: <strong>The</strong> Woods • HOOK • ... do us part

ACT IV: Freeze • SHOVE • Rose among the Roots


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